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TONIGHT! Bone marrow with shrimp chips, pickled mushroom, parmesan, kusho pesto, umami gastrique

Today is MilkWood’s 2nd birthday. You have these charming faces to thank. Cheers! @outer_stace @kbashworth @chefedwardlee

It’s a sausage fest in here. House made gochujang and salami that is.

Shigoku oysters with brown butter mignonette for all you lovahs tonight.

Fully stocked with Chef’s Collaboration Bourbon & Rye from @chefedwardlee and @Jeff’sBourbon. This 2nd Batch of sweet sweet nectar is available now so come and get it!

Kathy Botroff Farms’ Red Wattle pork loin smoked, served with house made red pepper spaetzle, frisée, and a pancetta vinaigrette with a pistachio flán and Chef Lee’s hot sauce. Oh mah gawd.

Vietnamese Lamb Sausage – Texas toast, red boat aioli, carrot slaw, herb salad.

Crispy Fried Souse – MW hot sauce, pickled vegetables, celery, mozzarella.

Lamb Rack – cous cous, preserved lemon yogurt, red pepper harissa.

Nori Wrapped Crispy Tofu – squash purée, heirloom tomatoes, Thai basil, aged balsamic.