We’re a talented group of creative individuals interested in cooking, food, and all niches in between. Get to know us and what we can do for you!

Nell VH
CEO / Founder

🍣🍠I am a food enthusiast and the cofounder of MilkwoodRestaurant.com, an food blog that can give you all tips and trick about cooking and another stuff.😁

Millan Dhillon
Marketing Director

🍖🍗🥗🥙Hi, I’m Millan. I love to eat delicious food and drink tasty beverages with people who share my passion for finding the best 🔥.

Eduard Fernando
Web Dev

📷 I’m a food blogger who loves to take my dog on adventures – especially to places with food. My dog and I are huge foodies🍚, so we have the same palate!

Fransisca Aquino
Marketing Supervisor

🍕🍔🍟I’m an explorer of food. Every time I go to a place, I must eat the most iconic and mouthwatering foods.🎉🎉