Slofoodgroup Gourmet Vanilla Beans, 25 Grade A Ugandan Vanilla Pods, Vanilla Beans For Cooking, Baking and Homemade…

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  • Gourmet Vanilla Beans Grade A Ugandan Vanilla Planifolia 15 cm and up Premium vanilla beans
  • Bourbon type Vanilla Beans Sealed in Vacuum Pouch for Freshness a must have for baking, dessert needs, making vanilla extract and more
  • Ugandan Bourbon Vanilla Beans Rich Oily beautiful aromatic for all your baking and flavor needs
  • Slofoodgroup Vanilla from Boubon vanilla from Uganda contain notes of fig, chocolate, creamy a Gourmet Vanilla Beans that is a great alternative to Madagascar vanilla with high Vanillin content
  • Great tasting Vanilla Beans that are ethically sourced for cooking or making homemade vanilla extract