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BBQ Party Favorite: Chicken Sausage Skewers Recipe

Chicken sausage skewers

Chicken sausage skewers taste yummy off the grill. Chef Mike says “They’re easy party snacks.” 

I agree, but first-timers need help. My guide shares pro tips I’ve learned over decades of grilling. 

Keep reading to craft perfect skewers your friends and family will love. You’ll be the barbecue star! 

But beware of mistakes that ruin the flavor. My secrets help you get it just right.

Key Takeaway

Chicken Sausage Skewers are a grilled appetizer made with chicken sausages that have been cut into pieces and skewered. They pair grilled chicken sausages with colorful vegetables for a tasty appetizer.

How to Make Chicken Sausage Skewers

Over decades at the grill, I’ve learned some valuable lessons about crafting the perfect chicken sausage skewer. 

Through many successes and failures, I’ve developed a method that consistently delivers amazing results. Making chicken sausage skewers is an easy and scrumptious way to enjoy grilled meats! 

Here is a simple guide to crafting these savory skewers that even beginner chefs can follow:


  • 1 package of chicken sausage (your favorite flavor)
  • 1 bell pepper (any color), cut into 1-inch pieces
  • 1 zucchini, cut into 1/2-inch rounds
  • Mushrooms (your choice), quartered
  • 24 wooden skewers, soaked in water
  • Oil or butter for grilling
  • Salt, pepper, Italian seasoning (or favorite herbs) to taste
  • Equipment Needed:
  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Skewers
  • Grill or grill pan


  1. Soak wooden skewers in water for 20 minutes to prevent burning. This is crucial!
  2. Cut sausages and veggies into uniform bite-sized pieces for easy grilling and consumption. 1/2 inch to 1 inch pieces work well.
  3. Thread the veggies and sausage pieces alternately onto the skewers. You want about 5 to 7 pieces per skewer. Leave a little space between each piece.
  4. Brush the skewers all over with oil or melted butter. This helps them brown nicely on the grill.
  5. Season the skewers generously with salt, pepper, and any favorite herbs. I love the savory flavor combo of Italian seasoning. Get those seasonings right into the nooks and crannies.
  6. Preheat an outdoor grill to medium heat and close the lid, or heat a grill pan over medium heat. You want the grates or pan very hot!
  1. Place the skewers on the grill. Cook for 8-10 minutes, turning occasionally, until the sausage is cooked through and veggies have nice grill marks. Adjust heat if necessary to avoid burning.
  2. Remove skewers from grill and serve hot off the grill. Perfect for an easy weeknight meal or casual entertaining! Garnish with fresh herbs if desired. Enjoy!

By following these simple steps, you’ll be grilling up delicious chicken sausage skewers in no time. 

The smoky flavors of the grill paired with the savory sausage and fresh veggies make for one satisfying and healthy kebab. 

Get creative with your ingredient combos and have fun with this versatile recipe.

Benefits of chicken sausage skewers

High in protein and low in fat

As someone who loves cooking healthy meals, I’m always on the lookout for recipes that are packed with protein but won’t break the calorie bank. 

In my experience, chicken sausage skewers are one of the best options around. Each skewer gives you a SOLID 10 grams of lean chicken protein. 

That’s enough to keep you full for hours! At the same time, the fats are super low. We’re talkin’ about only 5 grams of total fat from the sausage alone. 

No need to worry your pretty little head over excess calories from grease. 

Chicken sausage skewers clearly provide a good deal of muscle-building fuel without busting your diet (1). They’re a real sweetheart of a swap if you ask me!

Easy to prepare

Let me tell ya, if there’s one thing this grill master hates, it’s fussin’ over complicated recipes. Thank goodness, chicken sausage skewers are a total BREEZE to throw together. 

All it takes is slicing the sausage into pieces and alternating them with veggies like sweet peppers and onions on the sticks. 

The whole shebang comes together in under half an hour from start to finish, promise. No fancy techniques or degrees required! 

Even I can hack it. The stripped down process means less time in the kitchen stressing and more time relaxing with people you love. Now if that ain’t the life, I don’t know what is!

Fun to eat

Unlike those plain ol’ chicken breasts, chomping down on chicken sausage skewers is a real FIESTA for the senses. 

When you wrap flavorsome sausage and fresh veggies onto skewers, you’re engagin’ sight, smell AND taste all at once. 

Biting into an explosion of tastes with every mouthful is way more exciting than dull plates if you ask me. 

And eaton’ with your hands gives cooking a fun social vibe that regular cutlery just can’t compare to. It honestly makes dinner time somethin’ to look forward to instead of a chore. Bless their hearts, but the kiddos are sure to love tryin’ new foods this interactive way too. Betcha can’t eat just one!

Chicken sausage skewers are an easy and delightful solution for gettin’ your protein fix without any of the fat or fuss usually involved (2). Simply grill up some skewers for a satisfying meal everyone can enjoy. Don’t be a stranger now, ya hear!

Tips for perfect chicken sausage skewers

Use wooden or metal skewers and soak in water first to avoid burning

When throwin’ a barbecue, burned fingers are the last thing ya need. I always soak my skewers before cookin’ to prevent nasty flames. 

Wooden skewers in particular will char right up if they ain’t soaked good and proper. Even metal skewers can do with a dip as extra insurance. 

Just submerge those sticks in a bowl of cool water for a half hour prior and your skewers are sure to come out juicy, not charred. A small step that makes for stress-free grilling, you ask me!

Cut pieces to similar sizes so they cook evenly

For skewers to brown up nice without some pieces being done way before others, all the bits need to be roughly the same size. 

When preppin’ the chicken sausage and vegetables, I take my sweet time slicin’ everything into roughly equal chunks about 1/2 an inch thick. 

The even sizes GUARANTEE everything cooks at an identical rate. No more anxiously flippin’ tiny scraps of veg while thick sausage stays raw. 

Spend a little extra effort on your cuts up front and you’ll be rewarded with flawless skewers, no fuss.

Chicken sausage skewers

Marinate longer for more flavor penetration

Now a good marinade is the keys to enhanced taste, no secret there. But what some grilling gurus miss is that the longer your ingredients soak up those bold flavors, the more intense the final product. 

When I’m lookin’ to really saturate the goods, I’ll throw the chicken sausage and veggies in a ziplock with my signature blend the night before. 

The extended marinating somehow allows the strong seasonings to seep deep inside each piece. 

Come lunch or dinner, every bite is an explosion of robust seasoning. Just remember – great flavor takes time to develop!

Oil the grill grates before cooking to prevent sticking

Nothing sabotages a perfect cook like pieces glued stubbornly to the grill. But a quick swipe of high-smoke-point oil over heated grates is my secret weapon against stuck-on disasters. 

I like to use avocado or grapeseed varieties that can take the serious heat. Just wipe the grates down with your chosen cooking oil prior. 

This forms a non-stick barrier between metal and food that stops any sticking in its tracks. Skewers slide off freely and you avoid the hassle of scraper tools and torn chunks of meat. A small trick that makes for big grill success!

So in summary folks, put these simple tips into practice for truly outstanding chicken sausage skewers each and every time. It’s the little things that make all the difference when it comes to mastering the grill.

Credit : Cook with Jina


Try different types of sausages like turkey or beef sausage

Now ya know I love me some classic chicken sausage on the barbecue, but I’m always lookin’ to switch things up too. 

Turkey and beef sausages make for a nice change of pace every once in a while. Turkey sausage is still lean but has a subtly sweeter taste than chicken. 

Beef sausage lends a deep, hearty flavor that’s perfect for colder nights. Experimentin’ with alternate varieties keeps skewers from gettin’ boring so you never tire of ’em. Life’s too short not to enjoy new flavors!

Use assorted colored peppers, mushrooms, or onions

For some real eye candy, I like jazzin’ up skewers with an assortment of colorful veggies. Along with the usual green and red bell peppers, I’ll throw in orange mini peppers or yellow squash for some pop. 

Mushrooms add meaty savoriness while onions sweeten the whole shebang. Mixing it up keeps nutrition varied and looks dang pretty on the plate too. Folks are always impressed by the variety and can’t get enough of the medley of textures. It’s more fun than plain Jane skewers, let me tell ya.

Brush with bbq sauce, pesto or chimichurri during grilling

Besides marinatin’, basting skewers as they cook is another surefire way to pack on extra moisture and zing. 

I find bbq sauce imparts that classic smoky flavor. Pesto lends bright herbiness. And chimichurri from South America adds a zesty latina twist. 

Simply brush on your condiment of choice during the last few minutes of grilling. The glaze caramelizes into each piece, totally boosting taste. 

It’s an easy way to switch up your skewers without much effort. Just one more trick to get rave reviews!

Don’t be afraid to riff off basic chicken skewers. Try new meats, veggies or sauces to discover your next favorite combination. Experimentation is the name of the game when it comes to thrilling taste buds.

Latest information about chicken sausage skewers

Skewers are popular for parties, potlucks and dinner gatherings

As someone who’s been workin’ barbecue events for ages, I can say skewers have DEFINITELY taken off as the go-to grub for any get together. 

They’re simple to throw together yet look far more festive than regular old grilled meats. With all the colors and flavors peekin’ out, skewers attract loads of attention from guests. 

Folks find ’em easy to mingle with too since they’re perfectly handheld. It’s no wonder they’re the most grabbed item at any function nowadays. Versatile and vibrant – what more could ya ask for?

Boneless skinless chicken thighs can be used in place of sausage for a healthier option

Now I won’t deny sausage skewers are darn tasty. But for those lookin’ to lighten things up, swappin’ in chicken thigh meat is one slick solution. 

Boneless skinless thighs provide similar juiciness and flavor without all the extra fat and sodium typical of sausage. 

Plus they practically melt off the bone once grilled to tender perfection. In my estimation, skewers made from lean thigh meat are just as delicious as the sausage variety, minus a few unnecessary calories to boot. A neat healthy hack!

Leftover skewers reheat well in the oven or toaster oven

One swell benefit of skewers is how they store and reheat with ease. Thanks to the sturdy sticks holdin’ it all together, skewer meals travel effortlessly. 

And come the next day, a quick pop in the conventional or toaster oven brings leftovers right back to life without mushifying veggies or drying out meat. 

The individual pieces distribute heat evenly without overcooking. It’s the perfect solution for busy weeknights spent without much time to cook. Skewers make meal preppin’ a breeze!

So whether for parties or packed lunches, look no further than versatile chicken sausage skewers. Their popularity is sure to keep growing for all these great reasons and more. Keep experimenting to find your new favorite combos!


In summary, chicken sausage skewers are a flavorful, protein-packed appetizer perfect for easy grilling. 

Alternate sausages and vegetables on soaked wooden skewers for even cooking. Grill 8-10 minutes until the sausage is cooked through and veggies have grill marks. Chicken thighs can substitute for lower fat. Leftovers reheat beautifully. 

With endless ingredient combos and handheld portability, these skewers are ideal party fare. Try different sausages, veggies, and glazes for new flavors. 

I hope these tips help you nail delicious chicken sausage skewers every time. Enjoy! What’s your favorite skewer recipe? Comment below!


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