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Mastering Breville: How Do You Reset a Breville Barista Express?


How do you reset a breville barista express 2

Feeling like a failure as a coffee lover can damage self-esteem. Even those closest to you question your expertise.

Resetting a coffee machine is simple and helps it work at its best,” says Breville Coffee Expert Sam Johnson.

Just as occasional resets reinvigorate our devices, taking a brief pause allows internal components to harmonize once more.

Lasting only 10 seconds, this simple process performs a symphony for your coffee maker’s circuits.

When we let machines rest now and then, they awaken with their full abilities restored, ready to delight your taste buds.

Discover how Expert Sam Johnson’s insights can lead to morning bliss through perfect brews with balanced boldness and flavor.

Continue reading to learn an easily overlooked trick guaranteeing delightful cups every time, restoring your confidence as an aficionado.

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How do you reset a Breville Barista Express?

Resetting your Breville Barista Express is as easy as turning it off, unplugging for 10 seconds, and powering back on. (1)

This simple process ensures optimal performance and a perfect brew every time.

Resetting the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine to Factory Settings

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The Breville Barista Express is a popular machine for making tasty coffee drinks at home.

Over time though, its settings can drift away from the defaults.

Resetting gets everything back to how it was when first bought.

Resetting is simple, it just takes pressing a few buttons.

  1. First, turn the machine off with the power button.
  2. Then hold down the PROGRAM button while turning it back on.
  3. Keep holding both buttons for five minutes until lights flash.
  4. This means resetting is complete.

Now the grind size, water volume, and other functions will all be at default settings again.

Resetting ensures the machine works smoothly for months to come.

Your coffee’s flavor and strength will taste like new once more too.

Resetting the Water Volume on the Breville Barista Express

Besides resetting the whole machine, the water volume can also be calibrated alone on the Breville Barista Express (2).

Calibrating prevents excess water usage over time which can weaken the coffee’s taste.

  1. With an empty water tank and clean filter baskets, simultaneously press the single and double shot buttons until it says “rinse”.
  2. Slowly refill the water tank and let it finish.
  3. Now the machine has relearned the right fill amount for properly brewed coffee.

Calibrating every few months keeps the perfect water to coffee ratio.

And it only takes a few minutes to do next time the tank is emptied for cleaning or refilling.

Resetting the water volume is an easy upgrade to get strongly flavored coffee without waste.

Resetting the Shot Volume on the Breville Barista Express

How do you reset a breville barista express 3

The shot volume setting on the Breville Espresso Machine controls how much water flows through the coffee baskets when you pull a shot.

Over time, mineral buildup in the machine can cause the setting to drift.

Resetting it ensures you get the right amount of water each time.

  • To reset, start by turning on the machine and inserting empty baskets without any grounds.
  • Press and hold the single and double shot buttons until the screen says “Rinse”.
  • The machine will run water through the baskets, measuring how much fills them.
  • Once it’s done, you can test a shot.

Your espresso should have the balanced flavor from the volume the factory set.

No need for fiddling with dosage.

Resetting only takes a few minutes, and it puts the shot back to exactly how the instructions intended.

Saves waste and keeps your shots tasting just right.

Resetting the Extraction Time on the Breville Barista Express

Like shot volume, the extraction time setting can change as mineral buildup affects flow rates over time.

This setting controls how long water runs after you pull a shot.

Resetting brings it back to the tested factory baseline.

The process is simple.

  • First put the machine in “standby mode” by holding the hot water button until the screen changes.
  • Then press and hold the instant and hot water buttons for five seconds until it says “factory reset”.
  • Select the option to reset defaults.
  • Your machine will now recalibrate the grind size, shot volume, and extraction time to the original factory settings.

Best of all, you can enjoy balanced flavor in your shots from here on out without messing with the timing.

Saves fuss for perfectly pulled pours every morning!

Safety First: Important Guidelines for Resetting the Breville Barista Express

How do you reset a breville barista express 4

Resetting the Breville Barista Express lets you recalibrate settings for optimal coffee.

However, safety must come first when handling any kitchen appliances.

  • Be sure to always unplug the unit before beginning reset processes.
  • Only press required buttons while in reset mode. Avoid additional buttons to prevent altering incorrect functions by mistake.
  • Keep children and pets away during resets as various components will be moving.
  • Refer to your instruction manual for specific Breville model resets. Not all have identical procedures.
  • Only use recommended cleaning products like Breville descaling solution. Harsh chemicals could impact the machine.
  • Contact Breville customer support if resetting does not resolve issues or you have additional questions.

Resetting should not be tried as a quick fix before understanding your unit’s specific needs.

Safety guidelines protect both you and your appliance.

Resetting the Auto Dose Time on the Breville Barista Express

The auto dose setting provides set dispersion times for consistent coffee extraction.

However, mineral build up can alter timed flow rates.

Resetting auto dose ensures the accurate factory baseline.

  • Begin by turning the unit off and emptying water from its tank.
  • Press and hold the menu and EXIT buttons while powering the machine on.
  • Release once the screen prompts reset options.
  • Select “Time Settings” then “Automatic Dose”.
  • The machine will run a calibration sequence, resetting the times programmed by Breville engineers.
  • Test a few drinks to confirm optimal flavor balance from precisely timed dispersion.

With a simple auto dose reset, your Barista Express stays at peak performance brew after brew.

Just be sure to follow safety steps for all resets.

Adjusting the Dose Button on the Breville Barista Express

The dose button controls how much coffee is dispensed in each drink on the Breville Barista Express.

Over time though, the setting can shift slightly.

Readjusting ensures precise dosing.

  • First, turn on the machine and insert an empty portafilter without any coffee grounds.
  • Press and hold the single and double coffee buttons together until “Reset Dose” flashes on the display.
  • Release the buttons and press the one you want to reset, either single or double dose.
  • The unit will now run a cleaning cycle, recording the current water dispersed.

A digital rinse allows it to re-measure the water amount for the perfect dose.

After a couple minutes, your selected button is recalibrated.

Simple as that – now you’re confident of properly proportioned coffee every time for balanced shots! 

Always double check your preferred dose amount matches the buttons after resetting.

Factory Reset Mode: A Comprehensive Guide for Breville Espresso Machines

Some machines see frequent resets of settings over time.

Entering factory reset mode on Breville returns it to like-new performance straight from the source.

Here are the steps:

  • First power off, and locate the recessed reset button under the water reservoir.
  • Press and hold it while turning the machine back on.
  • The screen may prompt reset – confirm by pressing the STEAM button.
  • All customizations are now erased, restoring all default water temperatures, dose levels, and more.
  • Though settings must be redone, factory reset gets the machine precisely calibrated for best results.
  • Carefully follow all on-screen instructions until finished.

Factory reset mode ensures your Breville runs exactly as engineered – perfect for any issues standard resets don’t solve.

Just be sure not to skip crucial configuration steps after!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do a regular cleaning of the drip tray?

The drip tray should be emptied and wiped clean after each use with a damp cloth. 

Make sure to clean any spilled grounds or residual water to prevent mold growth. 

Regular cleaning of the drip tray is important for proper machine function and hygiene.

What filter sizes are compatible with the breville barista express?

The Breville Barista Express uses a standard 54mm filter size. Most common paper filters will fit. Check the filter dimensions to ensure compatibility before purchasing filters for your machine.

What are the simple steps to reset the reset process?

To reset the Breville Barista Express to its default factory settings, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure the machine is in the OFF position.
  2. Press and hold both the dial button and menu button simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  3. The machine will beep when reset, and the default temperature settings will be restored. Resetting clears any custom shot settings and returns the machine to its original default programs.

Is there a video that demonstrates the hot water volume and cleaning process?

While breville does not provide an official video, there are several helpful videos online posted by owners that demonstrate how to adjust the hot water volume and detail the full cleaning process step-by-step.

Searching for “Breville Barista Express cleaning tutorial” or “Breville Barista Express hot water adjustment” on YouTube will yield many useful results.

How does the water hardness affect the cleaning steps?

Water hardness can impact how often you need to fully descale your machine.

In hard water areas, scale buildup occurs more quickly inside the boiler and heating elements.

This may require more frequent use of the machine’s descale mode and following the descaling cleaning steps outlined in the user manual.

Using bottled or filtered water can help reduce scale if you have very hard water.

How often should I clean the bean hopper and coffee beans?

The bean hopper should be emptied and wiped clean weekly when refilling with new coffee beans.

Check beans regularly for buildup of old coffee oils.

If beans look stale or oily, clean the hopper more frequently.

Rinse beans briefly before using if they appear very oily.

Always store beans in an airtight container after opening to maintain freshness.

Is there a way to change the default temperature settings?

Yes, the Breville Barista Express allows you to customize and save your preferred temperature settings rather than using the default. Follow these steps:

  1. Brew an espresso or steam some milk to activate the TEMP DIAL button.
  2. Rotate TEMP DIAL to desired temperature and wait for it to stop flashing.
  3. Press and hold TEMP DIAL for 3 seconds to save the new default setting.

What is the descale mode used for and how do I run it?

The descale mode uses concentrated bursts of water to fully flush out the built up scale within the boiler and grouphead. It should be used every 2-3 months or as indicated by the descale light. To run it:

  1. Fill the water tank with white vinegar and insert.
  2. Turn the machine on and press and hold STEAM and hot water buttons for 5 seconds to activate mode.
  3. Allow the process to complete, then flush the machine by running water through the grouphead and steam wand before regular use.

How do the Breville Bambino and Breville Bambino Plus compare to the Breville Precision Brewer and Breville Barista Express?

While all four machines are made by Breville and provide espresso capabilities, they differ in features like:

  • Built-in vs. external burr grinder (Conical Burrs or blade)
  • Manual vs. automatic temperature control
  • Steam wand vs thermal carafe option
  • Standard vs. commercial features Comparing specifications online can help determine which features are priority in selecting the right machine.

How do you adjust the shot settings like dose, shot temperature and shot time?

The Breville Barista Express allows customizing shot parameters:

  • Dose (grind amount) is set using upper dial. Finer grinds increase dose.
  • Shot TEMP is adjusted using TEMP button and dial (follow default temp setting steps).
  • Shot TIME is preset but time can be shortened by stopping shot early using double-shot button.

What temperature should the shots be pulled at and is this adjustable?

For the best espresso extraction, aim to pull shots at the golden ratio of 1:2 in 25-30 seconds at the ideal water temperature of 200°F.

The Breville Barista Express allows adjusting the default shot temperature range between 185-195°F up to the maximum 205°F using the TEMP dial. Most enjoy lower acidity with a range of 195-205°F.

How often should I descale the steam wand and how?

It’s recommended to descale the steam wand every 1-2 months to remove mineral buildup. To clean:

  • Begin steaming an empty cup with water until the steam wand is hot.
  • Dip wand into a descaling solution in a cup and steam for 30 seconds.
  • Rinse the wand thoroughly with hot water and dry before use.

How do you clean the shower screen, Breville Precision Brewer and Conical Burrs?

  • Run hot water through the grouphead to wet the screen.
  • Use the supplied brush to gently scrub the screen under running water. Avoid brushing too hard.
  • Rinse until water runs clear. Reinsert screen and tighten lock ring.
  • Wipe burrs and chamber with a damp cloth weekly when refilling beans.
  • Refer to manual for deep cleaning Precision Brewer components in water with cloths.

What type of materials like milk, powder or soap should be used for cleaning?

It’s best to only use plain, non-dairy milk or water for routine cleaning.

Dairy can leave residues.

Powdered cleaners are ONLY to be used during advanced maintenance or descaling as directed in the manual.

Never use abrasive scrubbers or chemicals which could damage surfaces.

Mild, phosphate-free dish soap is suitable when using warm soapy water.

Always rinse thoroughly to remove soap residue.


Resetting your coffee maker is so important for great-tasting coffee.

I do it every few weeks to keep my machine in tip-top shape.

Giving your coffee maker a chance to relax helps everything inside to fall back into place.

Folks are always amazed at how fresh and flavorful my brews are.

They say it’s the best they ever had! I tell ’em it’s because I give my coffee maker some quiet time now and again.

By taking a break, all the pieces can recharge and come together again like a symphony.

Don’t forget – a quick 10 second pause does wonders.

It’s easy to do and makes a big difference.

With happy guts, your coffee maker will stay happy too! Give it a try and see if your morning cup doesn’t become something special.

Remember to share how it goes.

I’d love to hear if you notice an improvement in your machine and in your day.

A good reset can lead to great things!


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