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Is a Garlic Press a Valuable Kitchen Tool?

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Will a garlic press worth to make your life easier or more miserable?

Except the physical task to cut it, I love it all about garlic. It’s not tough nor hard, it’s tedious – especially in a restaurant where several heads of garlic are thinned at a time. You go away with adhesive hands that smell like spicy allium no matter how often you wash it.

I have tried all I can to avoid mincing garlic, including pulsing it in the food processor and grilling it over a micro-plane, but until now everything is not as fantastic. This is due to the fact that the fragile cells of the garlic are quickly harmed and that grated or processed garlic can be easily burned.

Nevertheless, I’m ready to try anything to come out, so I bought up the Orblue Propresser Stainless Steel Kitchen Garlic Press (Amazon $14.97) to see if it was enough. Will my stinking prep blues be solved by a garlic press?

The Gadget in Question

A garlic press can be used for fast processing of garlic, as an useful culinary item. They are generally not utilized in the professional kitchen but among home cooks they are popular. While they have had a negative press because they are a “single tasker,” no one has a can opener therefore that’s not a basis for disregarding it!

There are not really any bells and whistles in a garlic press, hence the Orblue Propresser Stainless Steel Garlic Press was chosen because it appeared simple and strong, and the highest of all Amazon garlic presses. The gadget can be used easily: Slide into the hopper a peeled garlic clove, then shut the arm shut to close the press, and squeeze it. There comes out very small hairy garlic—smaller than I can even thin out by hand, and I spend a lot of time doing my knife skills!

The Everyday Alternative

Instead of handcrafting garlic, I would perform any other prep chore. Sticky and stinky, you can’t hardly avoid holding your hand or knife It’s almost difficult (or both). This isn’t hard to accomplish and I can also take an additional 30 seconds if I take the time to peel a garlic clove.

I enjoy smashing the garlic with my knife’s flat edge first. That makes it easier to remove the peel and it makes me start cutting the garlic. This does two things. After it’s skinned, chop, chop is all you have to do. Move your chef’s knife over the garlic repeatedly and shake the knife over the garlic clump.

These were the Final Results

I was hoping and dreaming and wishing a garlic press was better than the knife, but sadly it was not. The hinged hopper of the gadget forced the nail through the little holes, but smashed the garlic. The result was a pile of gooey, sticky sliced, particularly strong garlic. In comparison, the cell structure of the hand-hopped garlic was distinctly visible, making the contents of a garlic press look even more like garlic juice blended into a thick paste.

The bits clung to the apertures of a garlic press, which reduces the amount of hairy garlic used. Not to mention the cleaning – the gadget should make life easier, but it was nearly impossible to clean all that garlic goo out of the press!

The Winner

It wasn’t a contest when it came to results. The sticky and rubbery garlic came out. It is not possible that they can compete with the distinctly shaped edges of the hand-cutting garlic, and it showed when I cooked both batches.

While I always choose the finer garlic, the best garlic press is undoubtedly a convenient way to avoid stuck, stinking hands. However, I’m not the less than fantastic result and I think I can also cut up the garlic if I chop my vegetables anyhow for dinner.


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