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KitchenAid KMT223 Toaster: In-Depth Review

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It is necessary to keep in mind different types of factors before making a purchase when looking for a modern toaster. The price of some modern toasters is higher than regular ones due to the additional features they offer. A LED display, better toasting settings, and a wide range of other features are among the most common features of these toasters.

In comparison with other toasters available on the market, all of these features provide comfort and relaxation. One of them is the KitchenAid KMT223 2-Slice Toaster with One-Touch Lift Lower and Digital Display.

BEEP System

The beeping system in this toaster is also different from many others. When toasting begins, there is a single beep, and when the toasting is complete, there are three beeps that indicate that the toast is ready.

There are several different functions available here, as well as an LCD display on this modernized 2-slice toaster. Since it remembers the last shading and toasting function, you don’t have to enter all the data again. As well, there is a digital countdown timer so you know when your toast will be done.

One Touch Control

This button allows you to see the progress of your toasting process, in case you are unsure of the setting you applied. Click on this button and your toast will be brought out midway through the cycle. Later, it can be lowered again. You can have easy rectification as well as proper toasting with the different functions of the bagel, defrost, and reheat.

With the extra wide slots of the KitchenAid 2-Slice Toaster with One-Touch Lift Lower and Digital Display Review, you can comfortably toast bread that is wider in diameter. In addition, it is available in two different colors, Onyx Black and Silver, so you can select one that matches the design of your kitchen. It has a metal construction, so you can expect to have a long-lasting and durable machine with you.

Specs and Features

  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.8 x 8.3 inches
  • LCD progress bar
  • Model: 2-slice
  • Origin: China
  • Color: Onyx Black/ Silver


  • There is a cord storage device
  • BEEP system keeps you alerted
  • A wide range of slots is available
  • Constructed entirely of metal
  • Bagel, defrost, and reheat functions are available
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Different colors and a stylish design


  • Slight differences in toasting on both sides

If you would like more options of KitchenAid toaster, you can find them in a guide we have compiled. 

How to Clean the Inside of the Toaster

It’s important to take a step-by-step approach when cleaning the inside of your toaster.

  • Unplug the toaster. Make sure the toaster is unplugged and cooled off before putting anything else in it.
  • Shake out the crumbs by flipping the toaster over so the top faces the ground. It is always best to use this over a garbage can or even outdoors.
  • Add a few drops of dishwashing detergent to the sink and fill it with water.
  • Pull the tray gently out of the bottom of the toaster.
  • If there are any remaining crumbs in the garbage, shake them off and place them in the water to soak.
  • Brush any crumbs or residue from the inside with a large, flat, clean paintbrush or pastry brush. Working downward is best.
  • Wash the crumb tray with a cloth and let it dry.

You don’t need a crumb tray, just give the toaster a few extra shakes to get all the crumbs out.


The verdict for the KitchenAid KMT223 2-Slice Toaster with One-Touch Lift Lower and Digital goes out in the positive because you are getting so much for such a low price. With this toaster, you get a good toaster that works well with different types of bread and different functions. An LCD display provides you with accuracy, and it makes sure that every morning you get a great breakfast. On both sides, there might be slight differences in the toasting, but they don’t matter too much. 


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