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Cake Decorator’s Paradise: Kosbon Kit Review

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You will find everything you need for baking and decorating in the KOSBON Cake Decorating Kit. From baking to final touches in decoration, this set has all the tools needed.

Think about the time and energy you would spend looking for cake pans, whisks, spatulas, and serrated knives first. Then you are on your way to find decorating tools; whew! It would have taken so much time and effort to find and gather all of them.

With this set, you won’t have to deal with all that hassle, and the price is very affordable.

The KOSBON Cake Decorating Kit comes with 276 pieces and each tool has many great features. We will discuss these features later. But before we do that, we would like to tell you a bit about the brand behind this product.

Features of the KOSBON Cake Decorating Kit

Among the many features of the KOSBON Cake Decorating Kit are:

Springform Cake Pans

Included in this kit are 4 springform cake pans. There are four sizes, four heights, and each is four inches high. These are made of top quality carbon steel material and are nonstick. Also included are an easy-release latch and a detachable base.

With these pans, you can bake beautiful confections without any hassle or stress. However, make sure you wash with care to ensure that the nonstick coating will not be damaged.

Cake Turntable

This set includes a 10.5 inch cake turntable. Cake turntables rotate smoothly so you can reach all sides of your cake without turning your body. You can decorate your cake with ease and convenience.

Piping Bags

The set includes 50 disposable piping bags and 2 reusable silicone piping bags. With disposable bags, you can easily use and dispose of the bags without having to wash them. The silicone bags, however, can be washed and reused multiple times, because they are reusable. When icing is of a denser consistency than regular icing, silicone piping bags are a great choice.

Each of the 48 piping tips in this set is made of stainless steel and is numbered. The numbers on the tips make it easy to recognize and use.

Russian piping tips

Creating large flowers in a short period of time without stress can help you. Rather than piling each petal individually, the flower is created in a single motion. A set of seven Russian piping tips is included with this set.

Russian Tips Tri-Color Couplers

Also included in this set are two regular couplers that are compatible with all 48 regular piping tips. With these couplers, you can quickly change piping tips. Especially when you are working with multiple colors of icing, these couplers make your job easier and faster.

The piping tips couplers in this set are bigger than the regular-sized ones and they are compatible with the Russian piping tips. The three-color ones allow for affixing three piping bags of different colors of icing to one Russian tip.

Smooth the fondant on your cake after it has been covered with fondant. You can do this with your palms, but it’s not recommended. Due to the warm palms of some people, the cake and fondant would be negatively affected.

To smooth your fondant, you need a smoother. You can achieve a smooth surface on all sides of your cake with it.

The set also includes three icing scrappers that you can use to remove excess icing from your cake as well as smooth it. Among the tools, there is one with a large serrated edge and one with a smaller one. It’s the icing comb. Cakes can be decorated with it by adding patterns or designs.

There are two spatulas in this set, one angled and one straight. Cakes and other baked goods can be iced with icing spatulas. Cake decorators also use them to smooth out icing on cakes (but this requires a certain level of skill).

straight and angled spatulas are useful for different tasks of coating and applying icing on cakes.

Cake Slicer/Leveler

A cake knife is known by many names, including cake knife, bread knife, or serrated knife. Cake levelers are also known as cake slicers. Cakes can be sliced or torted with both tools, or leveled using either one.

In most cases, you notice that your cakes are topped with domes. The tools are meant for leveling them out before decorating.

The cake knife can be compared to a manual tool, whereas the cake slicer is more automated. In other words, you can choose how many inches you want to cut off the cake with the cake slicer. The inches you want to divide the cake into. After that, you run the slicer through the cake.

However, with a knife, you have to do the work manually, which requires more skill and precision.

Use a knife if you are steady with it and can get an accurate level all the way through. It is easier and safer to use the cake leveler if you aren’t very precise and accurate with a knife.

Mixing ingredients with forks, spoons or spatulas is not effective for some ingredients. Mixing those ingredients effectively is made easier with an egg whisk. Additionally, you may have recipes that require a hand mixer, but the batch is too small for a mixer; an egg whisk will work.

Two egg whisks are included in this set for maximum ease and functionality.

Flower Scissors

It all depends on your tools when creating icing flowers; it can either be challenging or rewarding. Flower nails make icing flowers easy and stress-free. Sugar flowers can be ruined during the process of attaching them to the cake after you have painstakingly created them. A flower scissors prevents this from happening.

This set includes a flower nail and a flower scissor for easy flower creation and risk-free attachment.

Cake decorating pens are used for writing, drawing lines, or making intricate and fine designs on cakes. One of these wonderful tools is included in this set.

Included in this set are 9 modeling tools. Each of these tools is dual ended and is useful for adding different designs and accents to fondant decorated cakes. They also come in handy for creating sugar flowers and all forms of sugar craft and modeling.

Extra Features of The KOSBON Cake Decorating Kit

  • Muffin/Cupcake Pan – This set comes with a heart-shaped muffin pan that has 15 cavities. Silicone is used to make this muffin pan.
  • Cupcake molds made from silicone – There are 8 silicone cupcake molds and they are reusable unlike paper cupcake molds.
  • Cupcake Molds – This set contains 60 disposable cupcake molds.
  • A cake server is useful for cutting up and serving cakes that have already been decorated.
  • As well as scraping down ingredients in a mixing bowl, a spatula is useful for many other mixing tasks.
  • Dry ingredients can be sieved with a mesh strainer.
  • A cake board is included in the set to help you transfer cakes to and from the turntable.
  • A cleaning brush is useful for cleaning out piping tips after use.
  • The decorative flags included in this set are perfect for jazzing up your cakes and cupcakes.
  • Pattern Chart – The pattern chart gives you the picture of the design that each piping tip would produce. This helps you to easily choose which piping tip to use per time.

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