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How Working From Home Has Extremely Changed Lunch Habits, Know The Facts! (2023)


Lunch habits while working from home

How was your lunch habits before pandemic?

Since the world witnessed an unprecedented pandemic, a lot has changed. How we communicate with each other, our working patterns and even our eating habits have been influenced. People continue to work from home now, and it has significantly affected their eating schedule. What was a definite lunch break earlier is now a lunch break of convenience. It is no more ruled by the schedule of your coworkers. You may also be curious to find out whether the lunch has gotten healthier or not. In this article, we will take you through how working from home has changed people’s lunch habits. 

Increased Home Deliveries

Many people avoid cooking food for a lot of reasons. These reasons could range from not having the required cooking skills to being lazy. Whatever the case, the easiest resort is to order food online, and this need only got fueled up when companies asked employees to shift from working from the office to working from home. Let us be very real, home delivery of food as opposed to cooking seems more of a convenient option. Therefore, this has affected the lunch habits of people, and, as a result, many remote workers are ordering food online. This has proved to be a boon for online food delivery companies. Their businesses have skyrocketed, and they are competing with each other as to who delivers the food fastest. 

It is not a surprise to see this surge in home deliveries of food orders, as, thanks to technology, you can order anything of your choice online and get it delivered within an hour. Uber Eats and DoorDash are among some of the most popular applications when it comes to the swift delivery of your favorite food to your doorstep. Apps like these have played a major role in luring people to order their lunch habits online instead of cooking it themselves. 

College students also have significantly benefited from these online food delivery services. A quick munching while doing assignments or preparing for exams can give you the energy you need to get the job done. Besides food, modern students tend to rely on the internet for their assignments. This is why students often check out Writing Universe, which provides online academic writing services at student-friendly prices. It allows you to hire writing experts to write essays, research papers, and articles for you. 

Enhanced Focus On Nutrition 

As more people work remotely, they get more time to think about their health and body. Due to the rush of going to the office daily, there was a constant ignorance about eating healthy. However, by working from home, workers can easily plan their lunch habits and other meals of the day. This has led them to eat more healthily and have a balanced diet. 

No Time Constraints

When you work from the office, there is a designated lunchtime where all the employees take out their lunchboxes or go out to eat together. This is not the case when you are at home, in front of your laptop. You can advance or postpone your lunch as per your wish. You can even munch while working. Interested to this new lunch habits?

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Improved Work-life Balance 

Working from home has also given people the opportunity to better maintain a work-life balance. As most of the time one is at home, one can plan their activities accordingly. This convenience provides people to break free from the rigid structures of working a 9 to 5 job and having lunch or dinner at the scheduled time only. When you are working remotely, you can manage your time your own way. If you do not feel like having lunch in your designated break, you can have it later and instead do some other activity in this time frame. You can finish off your pending tasks and have lunch later at your convenience. 

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Final Words

Going through a pandemic resulted in several consequences. It altered the living patterns of people across the globe. What it also did was change the way people were having their meals. As people were forced to work from home, their lunch habits underwent several changes. Our article above describes in detail how working from home affected the lunch habits of employees and their life in general. 

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