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New Star Foodservice 46878 Citrus Juicer Review

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New Star Foodservice 46878 Citrus Juicer Review

 The New Star Foodservice 46878 Citrus Juicer…

may be the ideal middleman between a traditional citrus juicer and a more advanced juicer, especially if you work with lemons, oranges, and limes on a daily basis. The manual appliance has plenty of features specifically designed to make juicing fruits easier.

New Star Foodservice 46878 Citrus Juicer

With the New Star Foodservice 46878 Citrus Juicer, homeowners can extract as much juice as possible from citrus fruits and fruits with hard rinds. The machine’s design fits perfectly between a manual squeezer and a motorized juicer because it is larger than a squeezer, but it extracts juice in the same way, making extraction far simpler.

As compared to other squeezers, it’s easy to see how this model has undergone improvements to help homeowners who would normally find squeezing citrus hard on their hands and wrists.

Who Is This Product For?

If you have been on the fence between a motorized juicer and a manual one, the New Star Foodservice 46878 Citrus Juicer is an excellent choice because it combines the benefits of both models. You won’t have to exert as much effort to squeeze the juice from fruits, and you will also have more control than if you were to use a motorized juicer.

In addition, cleaning the New Star Foodservice 46878 Citrus Juicer is easier than with other models since the juice will only come into contact with a few components as it makes its way to your container of choice. For people who do not have the time to set up, clean, and store a machine until they need it again, this is the ideal solution.

One interesting feature that makes this juicer ideal for the home chef is that it won’t bother people with sensitive skin. Citrus juice is unlikely to get on any open wounds or cuts, and you don’t have to worry about your skin becoming irritated or drying out as a result of being covered in citric acid.

What’s Included in the Package?

New Star Foodservice’s 46878 Citrus Juicer doesn’t include any extra accessories, although you may not need anything other than the device itself. Despite this, it offers a cast iron base and detachable funnel and cone parts that are easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.

Most juicers come with a cleaning brush to get into all of the crevices, but this particular model is quite easy to clean with a regular household sponge.

Overview of Features

When it comes to the New Star Foodservice 46878 Citrus Juicer, some of the most notable features include:

  • Stainless steel and cast iron construction: Since the juice will be in constant contact with citric acid, you will appreciate that the entire appliance is constructed from both stainless steel and cast iron, giving you the longevity and durability you need.
  • Ergonomic handle: If you are concerned about constantly having to press down on the handle of a manual squeezer, you will be happy to know that this juicer provides the power of 2,300 PSI with minimal effort on your part.
  • Stable base: With the integrated suction feet and heavy base, you won’t have to worry about your juicer falling over as more pressure is applied to the fruit. The juicer’s stability also makes it easier to process more ingredients in less time as you won’t need to worry about setting it up in the same position after each fruit.
  • Non-adjustable base: The main problem with the New Star Foodservice 46878 Citrus Juicer is that you cannot adjust the juicer or the base, so you’ll only be able to collect the juice in a few containers that all fall within the same height.

If you would like more options of manual citrus juicer, you can find them in a guide we have compiled. 


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