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Top 5 Pizza Stones for Gas Grills

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Discover how to make wood-fired pizza on your gas grill with our guide to the best pizza stones. We’re pleased to announce that we no longer need wood-fired ovens for just one use. You can recreate the cooking art on your propane grill by using pizza stone inserts instead.

Check out these top five pizza stones for gas grills so you can start cooking dough right away!

Pizzacraft 16.5” Round ThermaBond

On our list, this 16.5-inch round pizza stone from Pizzacraft is one of the toughest options. Made of Thermabond, this pizza stone is resistant to extreme temperatures and can therefore be used on gas grills.

At 16.5 inches, the Pizzacraft is one of the larger pizza stones on our list. As a result, it makes it possible to bake huge pizzas and provides better versatility when cooking pizzas of different sizes.

This pizza stone is also available in a rectangular version from Pizzacraft. If you plan to bake more than one pizza, a rectangular stone might be the better choice. It has the same features as the round pizza stone too, so it’s a great buy for the money!

In addition to being heat-resistant, the Thermabond material is FDA-compliant. Nevertheless, a few people have experienced a chemical odor that went away after a few heating cycles. However, most buyers do not seem to mind odors, so you are unlikely to smell them.

CastElegance Round

CastElegance’s round pizza stone is a bit more expensive than the Pizzacraft stone, but it may offer better results for making pizza. Thermarite is engineered tuff cordierite, which is used to make this pizza stone. A food-safe material, it is thought to absorb moisture from the pizza better than other pizza stones, resulting in a delicious crispy crust.

As well, Thermarite is designed not to emit odors, and most people haven’t encountered any unpleasant odors. Others, however, have had to use the stone a few times before the odor went away.

CastElegance pizza stones are available in two sizes – 14 and 16 inches. If you aren’t going to make huge pizzas, then the 14-inch stone should be okay. Also, it’s cheaper than the 16-inch stone, so it’s probably a better choice for most people.

Each stone comes with use and care instructions, a recipe e-book (a nice bonus for beginners), and a 4 x 5 scraper. For its price, the CastElegance pizza stone is a great deal!

JulyPanny 15” Pizza Stone

JulyPanny’s 15-inch pizza stone is very reasonably priced for its size. It’s not the cheapest upfront, but given its 15-inch size, it is a great buy!

The JulyPanny pizza stone is made of cordierite. Cordierite isn’t the best on the market in terms of crisp (for crisp, go for clay), but it can withstand the heat of gas grills. The pizza stone is molded under 400 tons of pressure and heated at 2100 degrees Fahrenheit for hours, so it should be very durable.

Furthermore, JulyPanny claims that the cordierite allows this pizza stone to heat uniformly, so after baking, you should get a perfectly consistent, crunchy crust.

Cordierite doesn’t generally stink, but this hasn’t been the case for some customers with this pizza stone. Generally, people have had no problems with this pizza stone, but a few buyers have complained about unpleasant odors.

Hans Grill 15 x 12” Rectangular Pizza Stone

You cannot go wrong with this pizza stone if you want a crunchy pizza. Despite all picks on our top making crispy pizzas, this pizza stone appears to perform better. At least, fewer people have complained about the lack of crisp with this particular pizza stone.

In addition to looking like ceramic, the Hans Grill pizza stone also holds up well to heat and can be safely used with a gas grill. Due to its rectangular shape, this pizza stone is perfect for baking two smaller pizzas at once. It can also bake one large pizza, but not as big as our previous picks. Due to its size (15 x 12 inches), you can only bake 12-inch pizzas on it.

Hans Grill includes a wooden pizza peel board with this pizza stone as a bonus. Peel boards are pretty convenient, but you can definitely find better boards.

The pizza stone is extremely unlikely to produce any odors. Several people complained about it, but not nearly as many as with our previous picks.

Lirradight 10.5” Pizza Stone

Lirradight is offering a 10.5-inch pizza stone if you are looking to bake small pizzas. It’s relatively inexpensive and has enough strength to handle most pizza-baking needs.

Lirradight’s pizza stone is very similar to the JulyPanny stone reviewed earlier in this review. Both are made from cordierite that was molded under pressure and heated to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is a pizza stone that is extremely heat-resistant and distributes heat evenly.

At the time this review was written, no one had complained about odors coming from this pizza stone. Even though this pizza stone was less popular than others (it had only about 40 ratings on Amazon compared to hundreds for other pizza stones), it’s still a good sign that no one has complained yet.

 Furthermore, we have compiled a guide that will help you choose the best pizza stone for your oven.  


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