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Japanese dishes are an outstanding at itself. From cutting-edge technology and exciting mangas to amazing landscapes and shrines, Japan is famous for plenty of things. However, those are not the only reasons that made people from around the world fall in love with the country. Among many things, it’s the craving for authentic Japanese food that makes visitors go back again and again. It’s no wonder why Japanese restaurants spring up like mushrooms in various countries, and it’s due to the demand for Japanese cuisine.

People can’t get enough of gyoza, tempura, sushi, ramen, and more. Some would even resort to recreating popular Japanese dishes using miso paste, a mirin substitute if the store’s out of the real thing, bonito flakes, and many more. But something is missing if the food isn’t prepared by a Japanese chef, isn’t it?

Why are Japanese Dishes Popular Worldwide?

If you haven’t been to Japan and sampled any dish yet, you’re missing out a lot. In Japan, food is a serious business, and they made sure to deliver food with beautiful presentations and delightful flavors. In this article, let’s find out the top reasons that made Japanese food popular. 

1. Aesthetics

One thing that you will notice in any Japanese dish being served is the presentation of the food. From the plate to the plating and colors, the chefs see to it that everything is beautifully laid out. Though it may hurt to ruin what’s served in front of you, you can’t help but devour it because of its mouthwatering aroma.

And it’s not just freshly cooked food that’s beautifully presented because even ready-made bento boxes are so pretty. While convenience stores serve bento boxes, most people rave about the bento boxes called ekiben available in trains and train stations. Made from local food specialties of particular areas, they’re easy to eat and a must-have when you’re in Japan.

2. State-of-the-Art Technology

Japan has produced advancements in the field of television display technology, automotive, video games, and more. Even some of the world’s coolest inventions came from this country, such as conveyor belt sushi, self-service technology, food manufacturing, and packaging.

While Japanese technology made the process of manufacturing and packaging food in large quantities easier, many still prefer the human touch when it comes to preparing sushis and other delectable Japanese dishes. Sushi vending machines may be widely available, but something is captivating when you see the chef in front of you slicing the fish, cooking rice, and making each sushi by hand.

3. Quality of the Food

Have you been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately? If you are, you may have watched documentaries detailing the process of Japanese chefs when preparing ingredients for the food they’ll serve for the day. For example, sushi chefs will wake up early in the morning to get the freshest ingredients from the market.

Kitchen apprentices are also only allowed to create dishes to be served to diners after working in the restaurant for years. It ensures that they learn the best practices and standards, which may be hard to replicate in Japanese restaurants abroad. That is why it’s a must to try Japanese cuisine when you’re in the country.

4. Flavors

People who want to eat Japanese food and prepare it at the same time won’t be having much of a hard time since you can find most ingredients in supermarkets and Japanese convenience stores near your area. While some may not be available, with you resorting to a different brand of soy sauce or vinegar, a mirin substitute, and others, you can still replicate these dishes. What you will notice may be lacking is the flavor as some chefs would use carefully selected ingredients and seasonings to bring out the flavors in a dish. This is why you sometimes find it difficult to replicate dishes.

5. There’s a variety of food offered to diners

The Japanese are not only great technology inventors and innovators, but it also translates to Japanese cuisine. The desire to be different and offer dishes different from the competitors led to the growing variety of food available. From bread with noodles to sodas in different flavors, there are plenty of things you can only see and eat when you visit the country.

And every meal consists of not only one or two items but a variety that offers health benefits to diners as well. If you want to try different dishes, then Japan is one of the best places to start your journey because you’ll be able to sample traditional food and even new ones here.

Key Takeaways

Japan is truly a beautiful country, and they make you fall in love with the traditions, technology, and food. If you’re thinking of a place to visit, then make sure the country is on your bucket list. You will be able to see for yourself why these are the top reasons for the popularity of Japanese dishes even the beverages worldwide.

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