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Laminated Vs Waterproof Paper For Menus

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When you try to build a restaurant, you need to pay attention to some stuff, such as the paper of menus. Even you use the best printer, it doesn’t mean anything if you dont use the best paper as well. What paper is best for menus? In sourcing and producing menus, flyers, table top advertising, dessert menus, and restaurant special cocktail menus, restaurants, bars, cafes, and even outdoor event companies have to consider this question.

Recent advances in waterproof and durable paper technology have only brought this question to the fore in the past 20 years. Read more to find the answer what paper is best for menus!

What Paper is Best for Menus

What is Lamination?

What paper is best gor menus? The first one is amination. Lamination is a relatively effective way to protect printed materials from the elements, and has been widely used for menus, flyers, and outdoor signs. A lamination process applies a plastic film on important documents or papers so that they can be preserved. A plastic coating transforms an item into a tear- and water-proof one because it completely encapsulates it, bonded on both sides.

There are numerous advantages to this procedure. Various types of paper documents, for example, are laminated to protect them from smudges, fingerprints, and water damage. Lamination is sometimes used to improve the contrast and color of an item. Menus, identity cards, instructions written on paper, and any other item that is handled regularly can benefit from lamination. It also aids in the preservation of fabrics for many years, boosting their durability and color retention.

What is Waterproof Paper?

The next on to answer what paper is best for menus is waterproof paper. Waterproof paper is made up of strong, securely connected fibers that keep the paper from getting wet. Fibers like these keep the paper from breaking down, dissolving, or changing shape. To make paper waterproof, many types of coatings are sometimes utilized. Waterproof paper can be laminated with synthetic materials like plastics to repel water and avoid harm to the paper.

Waterproof paper is best used in circumstances where printed papers will be handled often or exposed to harsh weather. Waterproof paper is tear-resistant, long-lasting, grease- and chemical-resistant, and designed to withstand high temperature changes.

In addition, waterproof paper has the same picture quality and printability as regular paper. It can be folded, punched, or die cut to fit a variety of needs, making it useful in a wide range of applications.

Let’s look at the true differences from the standpoint of a restaurant owner now that you know a little bit about lamination and waterproof paper.

We began utilizing lamination as a restaurant owner because it was easy to clean and gave a nice application that was durable and, according to our research, would endure the enormous number of touches and interactions that our menus would receive during our busy season.

However, as the season progressed, we discovered that repeated contact with our laminated menus resulted in peeling and bubbling, compromising the clean, professional aspect of our menus while enabling moisture to permeate and harm the menus.

Is Lamination or Waterproof Menu Paper Right For My Restaurant?

If you own a fine dining establishment, then lamination is probably not the best option. Having a protected menu may make sense for family-friendly restaurants, sports bars, barbecue joints, or other restaurants which have lots of sauces and other items. Lamination or waterproof menu sheets are great choices as they’re cost-effective and last a long time.

Leather Bound or Larger Folding Menus

If you want to see the available options on this menu, you will need to open the menu like a book. There are few problems with it and it lasts for an extended period of time. The menu can also be changed and updated easily. It is possible to use standard restaurant menu paper and place it on each page.

Choosing what kind of restaurant menu paper to use depends on your budget and the style of your restaurant. The reasons above explain why fine dining restaurants should use leather bound menus with paper on the inside. Waterproof paper should be used for menus in sports bars and kid-friendly restaurants.

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