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Why You Need A Coffee Scale – 5 Reasons Why This is an Important Tools For Coffee Lovers

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So, why you need a coffee scale?

Getting the coffee to water ratio correct is one of the most important aspects of brewing outstanding coffee at home. Without a coffee scale, this is difficult to accomplish. When measuring coffee with a scoop, you’ll almost always be a little over or under.

The weight of a coffee bean fluctuates depending on the roast and how fresh it is, so even if you use the same scoop every time, the weight may vary.

Because you undoubtedly already know how expensive coffee beans are, using the best coffee weighing scale to measure out your coffee can also help you save money. Looking for the best coffee scales? we have compiled some reviews you can use as reference.

A coffee scale will assist you in achieving the proper water to coffee ratio, whether you prefer pour over coffee, espresso, french press coffee, or other coffee brewing methods.

As a result, your regular cup of coffee will be more consistent. You may already have kitchen scales for cooking and baking, so you’re probably thinking why you’d need a separate coffee scale. Of course, you can use regular kitchen scales. However, there are a few unique qualities that make it worthwhile to invest in the best digital scale for coffee.

Why You Need A Coffee Scale: Precision

Every gram, even a tenth of a gram, matters when it comes to preparing the ideal cup of coffee. Coffee scales are significantly more accurate than regular kitchen scales when it comes to weighing coffee beans.

Why You Need A Coffee Scale: Auto Shut Off Override

Standard kitchen scales typically include an auto shut down mechanism to conserve battery life, but weighing and preparing coffee takes time. It’s aggravating when your scales stop working in the middle of a brew.

The finest coffee scales don’t have an auto shut-off feature, have an override function while the timer is on, and have a longer period before the auto-off feature is engaged.

Timers aren’t found on most kitchen scales, however they are found on many coffee scales. A coffee scale with a timer can also assist you time your pour in the case of pour over coffee, or even your shot in the case of espresso, during the extraction process. This way, you’ll always know when it’s the right moment to pour your coffee.

Why You Need A Coffee Scale: Water-resistant

There is no such thing as a waterproof coffee scale. To be honest, a waterproof brewing scale isn’t necessary. You won’t be weighing coffee under water, after all.

You might want it to be water-resistant, though. You won’t destroy your scale if you spill your espresso shot on it or miss the mark when preparing a pour-over.

Why You Need A Coffee Scale: Auto Shut Off

An auto shut off function on your coffee scales is wonderful for saving battery life, but some of the greatest coffee scales don’t have one. The reason for this is that if you use a manual coffee brewing method, the scales may turn off before you finish brewing.

If you make pour over coffee at home, the finest coffee scale for pour over will include an override function when the timer is on so that your scales don’t shut off in the middle of the brew, or at least have a longer period before shutting off.

A Reason to Invest In the Best Coffee Scales

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Coffee scales are a must-have for any coffee connoisseur, or for anyone who wants to take their coffee sipping beyond dumping a few teaspoons of coffee into a cafetiere.

With the rise of specialty coffee around the world, thousands of home baristas and consumers learning to appreciate the quality of specialty coffee have emerged.

Before the coffee reaches your kitchen, it has gone on an astonishing journey, one that is meticulously tracked at every step. In many coffee-growing regions, coffee is grown all year and only collected when the coffee cherry is ripe enough to be picked (which is why it is such a labor-intensive crop: each coffee tree may have to be revisited six times during each harvest to ensure only the ripe coffee cherries are picked).

After the cherry is plucked, it is depulped, dried, and processed in the farmer’s preferred method. It is stored for a period of time before being transferred to the exporter, importer, and roaster at controlled temperatures. The roaster next meticulously roasts the beans to a profile that best highlights the coffee’s characteristics, after which it is rested and purchased by you (maybe in one of our coffee subscription boxes). To non-coffee drinkers, weighing your coffee brewing might seem a little tedious, but it’s such a shame for the coffee to have been properly chosen, processed, and roasted only to be over- or under-extracted at the last hurdle.

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