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Zeny Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer Review

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On a hot summer’s day (or any time, come to think of it) if you and your family really love the taste of homemade lemonade and orange juice, you should really consider investing in a juicer that is up to the task. Citrus juices such as oranges and lemons can be juiced at any time of the year, and medical practitioners endorse the practice for their health benefits and ability to support stable metabolic rate.

Of course, citrus juicers are delicious as well as nutritionally sound. Juicing is a great way to achieve your five-a-day requirement of colorful fruits and vegetables. Although you could juice your citrus fruits the old-fashioned way by hand, there are now so many easy-to-use and cost-effective juicers available that you can save yourself the time and effort by buying something that can provide fresh juice in plenty.

Additionally, you’ll soon discover that what you make at home in your kitchen is every bit as good, if not better, than the store bought juice you usually buy at the grocery store. Even better, you could save money overall, as well as improve your overall health. Let’s take a look at a product today that is of the commercial grade so is more than capable of keeping your juice flowing. This is the Zeny Commercial Grade Juicer

Zeny Commercial Grade Juicer

First of all, the price is very reasonable and won’t break the bank coming in under $50. The fact that it has a solid cast iron construction makes it even better as you can rest assured it will last and withstand the rigors of regular use. The stainless steel strainer is likewise of a high-quality grade, and it is classified as safe, hygienic, and suitable for food products.

One of the things that put people off juicing is the constant cleaning that’s needed, but this juicer has an intuitive design with an easily removable cup that’s quick and easy to clean, so you have no excuses. Easily remove the cone and funnel parts for fast and effective hand washing.

Because the cup is also height adjustable, it can be used with a range of different fruits and not just citrus. Nonetheless, the squeezing element does produce particularly great juices and cocktails from lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. If you want to make a margarita, you will need plenty of limes.

Who is This Product For?

There’s nothing better for families who enjoy the fresh taste of citrus juices than this product. It can handle everything from small limes to large oranges. Its professional quality cast iron and stainless steel construction makes it the perfect juicer for a professional kitchen or bar, a supermarket that serves fresh juices on demand, or a café. The juicer also removes the physical strain of trying to squeeze every last drop of juice from your fruits by hand, so it’s also a great option for those with weak upper bodies.

What’s Included?

You won’t find many extra bells and whistles of throwaways included with this juicer, like many other juicers you’ll see. As well as the wrenches you need for home assembly, you are going to get the actual unit with the long and light handle.

Overview of Key Features

The following are some of the key features that you can expect from your Zeny Commercial Grade Juicer.

  • Commercial quality cast iron and stainless steel juicer that can be used at home, in restaurants, and in bars.
  • An adjustable height cup makes it more convenient and practical for everyday use. It can accommodate different size fruits.
  • The cup, cone, and funnel are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. Hand wash the parts.
  • Maximize the juice extraction from all your favorite citrus fruits, no matter how large or small, so that you can enjoy the full, nutritious, and delicious flavor of fresh juice.
  • With its extended lever handle, the device is light and easy to operate and has a comfortable rubberized grip that is easy to handle even for those with limited upper body and hand strength.


Zeny’s Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer has a lot of features in common with the Rovsun Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer that is of commercial grade and stainless steel construction. We like the fact that this model has stoppers on the base that keep it firmly in place when you use it. Nothing is more annoying than constantly resetting and adjusting your juicer, and with the Rovsun you can efficiently go from pressing one fruit to another.

We also have compiled a guide that will help you choose manual citrus juicer, if you are looking for the best one.


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