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7 Mushroom Substitutes That Have The Same Great Taste

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Mushroom substitute

Looking for mushroom substitutes? You are in the right place!

Mushrooms have a special taste and are also rich in nutrition. Unfortunately, mushrooms aren’t always the cheapest foods to purchase, nor are they liked by everyone. They can also become a little difficult to cook with at times.

Cooking is a fine art. From selecting the perfect seasoning to learning how to correctly prepare salmon for sushi, there is a lot that goes into creating a balanced and nutritious meal. You can check out the following link to learn more – http://www.fanaticallyfood.com/how-to-defrost-salmon-for-sushi/.

Because so many dishes feature mushrooms as a key ingredient, it can be tough to work out mushroom substitutes that have the same great taste.

Here are 7 of the greatest mush-try substitutes!

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes were very popular in the early 1990s. However, this vegetable appeared to go off the radar with most people choosing ‘normal’ tomatoes at the time. That doesn’t take away their relevance as a replacement for the unique features and taste of mushrooms, though!

They’re seasoned with spices and herbs and are then dried to form extraordinary (and highly tasty) extras. You can use these as a mushroom topping substitute or within a recipe itself. 


Tofu is one of the most suitable mushroom substitutes available. This soy-based food made from condensed soy milk is rich in nutrition and is known for its soft feeling and general versatility.

These white blocks make for a brilliant mushroom substitute, especially for mushroom sauces. It doesn’t resemble the flavor of mushrooms but the texture is equal enough to the point where it may be completely unnoticeable in terms of the taste of the dish.

Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)

Chickpeas are a core part of many global dishes including Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. They’re also a very popular replacement for mushrooms in multiple dishes – and we just couldn’t leave them out of this list!

There are two main chickpea variations. One is much bigger and is characterized by its cream color. As a result of this, it is a very popular choice in tins on grocery shelves or salad bars. The second is much smaller and darker.

Both of these substitutes are ideal for many mushroom-based hot or cold dishes.


Another amazing replacement for mushrooms is zucchini which comes from the squash family. It’s primarily consumed as a summer vegetable and has a sweet flavor and soft flesh that pairs perfectly with pasta dishes and Mediterranean cuisine. 

Its texture is pretty similar to mushrooms. However, you must slice, chop, or cut young and fresh zucchini into small pieces before you begin tossing them into the mixture. This makes it easy to consume and digest. 


Eggplant is a staple part of many dishes around the world and makes for a brilliant mushroom replacement thanks to its delicious flavor and soft texture. 

It’s important to note that eggplant is a bit of an acquired taste and not everyone likes it. However, this chef’s favorite is packed full of vitamins and sweet flavors. But if you do want to use it as a mushroom substitute, it’s important to cut it into small pieces.

Eggplants are easily overcooked so you must keep an eye to make sure it doesn’t become soggy while you’re preparing your meals!

Russet Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the most in-demand foods out there. As such, there are many different varieties out there for people to try, such as the Russet potatoes.

These potatoes are typically much drier than other grown varieties. As a result, they can absorb quite a lot of liquid.

This means they make for a brilliant mushroom substitute in dry dishes such as fried or baked potato slices. However, they are not a great mushroom substitute in sauces or soups as they may cause your recipes to go a bit soggy.


Tempeh is a fermented product that is typically made using soybeans. It has an earthy, mushroom-like flavor that varies depending on the beans used during the fermentation process.

Tempeh is considered to be a huge source of protein — especially for vegans or vegetarians – and has a hearty texture that makes it a perfect mushroom substitute. It’s best for soups and stews and works by soaking up the flavors from other ingredients, much like mushrooms.


These are the 7 best mushroom substitutes that have the same great taste. Whatever the occasion, you can explore your culinary creativity and enhance the flavor of a meal by substituting mushrooms with any of these options.

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