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Arnica Tea, Amazing 4 Benefits About This Beverage

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Arnica Tea Overview

Arnica tea is an infusion made from the dried flowers…

…of the arnica plant, the most common species of which being Arnica montana. This plant, also known as wolf’s bane, leopard’s bane, and mountain tobacco, is related to sunflowers and is distinguished by its enormous yellow blooms.

Having stated that, despite the fact that it is referred to as a tea, this infusion is not meant for internal use under any circumstances. Because one of the active components, helenalin, is potentially poisonous and lethal if ingested, this infusion is never taken orally.

What Exactly is Arnica?

Arnica is a plant that is occasionally used to flavor dishes. When taken in excessive quantities, it can be toxic. Arnica gel can be used to treat osteoarthritis of the skin. Arnica’s active compounds may relieve swelling, discomfort, and function as antibiotics. However, unless used in homeopathic dilutions, arnica can be dangerous when taken orally. Homeopathic medicines contain extremely dilute concentrations of active substances.

Arnica is most often used to treat pain caused by osteoarthritis. It is also used to treat bleeding, bruising, and swelling after surgery, among other things, but there is no strong scientific evidence to back up these claims. Arnica is often used in drinks, candies, baked goods, and other foods as a flavoring agent.

4 Incredible Arnica Tea Benefits

This beverage is a unique drink that should only be used topically, but it may have a lot of interesting benefits!

Improves Immunity

Because this flower contains antibacterial and antiviral components, it is believed to boost immune system strength and lessen the strain on your system caused by allergic responses.

Care for the Skin

Scars, acne, and pimples can all be reduced by drinking arnica tea. It also aids in the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema ivy, which causes severe itching and irritation.

Pain Relieving

When applied to hurting joints and muscles, this tea gives immediate anti-inflammatory relief. It also aids in wound healing and edema treatment.

Stress Reduction

The majority of individuals use arnica tea as a foot soak to unwind. It contains calming qualities that can help you relax and revitalize.

What Is the Best Way to Make Arnica Tea?

Arnica tea is simple to create at home because the ingredients are widely accessible in most natural health stores or specialized tea shops. Let’s have a look at the recipe right now.


  • 1 tbsp powdered dried arnica flower
  • 8 oz. water
  • 1 teaspoon honey (optional)


Add 1 tablespoon dried arnica flower powder to a tea infuser or teapot to produce arnica tea.

  1. Meanwhile, heat a pot of water and pour it over the powder.
  2. Allow the tea to brew for 5-6 minutes before filtering.
  3. If you wish to sweeten it, add a teaspoon of honey. Honey is a better choice.
  4. The tea can be served hot or cold.
  5. To keep the tea cool, place it in the refrigerator for a few hours.
  6. Allow the hot infusion to cool somewhat before adding cold water or ice to make an iced tea variation of the same.
  7. Once the infusion has cooled, you may apply it to the skin to help it recover from a wound.

Side Effects of Arnica Tea

Excessive intake of arnica tea can result in stomach discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea, disorientation, and neurological problems, among other negative side effects. Risks External use of this tea to damaged skin or an open wound might result in toxicity and irritation. Excessive usage of this tea might also result in psoriasis and skin rashes. Before adopting any new dietary changes, consult your doctor for the best outcomes.

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