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8 Best Freezer Baskets For Organization

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Best freezer baskets

Running out of space in your freezer? Let us help you!

Here’s the best freezer basket you could ever find in markets!

Best freezer baskets
source: lovefoodhatewaste.co.nz

How To Organize Your Freezer

Containers Should Be Considered

If your food is stored with too much air, it will freeze-burn sooner.

You could also use freezer bags squeezing out excess air or containers that are…

…virtually the same size as your items.

It will keep frozen food fresh longer since freezer bags…

… are thicker than regular plastic bags.

The air in freezer baskets is also kept out so that you can maximize your storage space.

Freezer basket
source: image.made-in-china.com

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Make Sure You Understand What You Can Freeze

You have to understand what you can freeze before you can make use…

… of these storage solutions effectively.

You can store food in the freezer for a longer period of time and make it last longer.

Even with proper storage, some things will not last in the freezer.

The freezer does not do well with produce that is very moist, such as watermelon.

When there is enough moisture in the air, it quickly turns into ice.

It’s also not a good idea to freeze milk or most dairy products…

… (ice cream, though, is another matter).

Furthermore, fried foods cannot be frozen well.

There are some foods that you can freeze, however, which may surprise you.

Several of these items can be prepared in bulk and frozen, such as…

… broths, stocks, soups, and stews. It is also possible to freeze fish

… and meat to preserve them.

Freezer basket
source: cookinglight.com

You need to read this…

Make an Inventory of the Freezer

Grocery shopping becomes simpler if you make a list of what’s in your fridge…

… and cross out what you need as you go.

Keeping an eye on expiration dates is a good idea, as well.

The organization you need to identify what items you have…

… and create an inventory won’t be possible without freezer baskets.

A good inventory management system can lead to you spending less on groceries…

… and cooking more efficiently.

If you know what you have on hand instead of forgetting about them…

… and throwing them out or buying duplicates, you will always know what you have.

Freezer basket
source: th.gorenje.com

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Similar Items Should Be Stored Together

You don’t have to stuff your freezer with random items.

Create a section in your freezer for meats, soups, and vegetables.

It is now even easier to find the right items.

As an alternative to storing things by type of ingredient, recipes can also be used.

When you make lots of smoothies, for instance, you may want to dedicate a basket to…

… fruits, vegetables, and nuts that you want in it.

Instead of digging around for something you don’t have, you’ll know right away…

… if you’re running low on ingredients.

Freezer basket
source: thespruceeats.com

New hacks, huh…

Sort out the small items

Small items should be placed in a freezer basket since they are more likely to break.

With a freezer basket, you will be able to find your spice mixtures easily…

… without worrying about freezing your hands while searching for them.

Freezer basket
source: thespruceeats.com

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Food Should Be Flattened

To store food items in the freezer, flatten them if you can.

You will be able to fit them much more easily into the freezer baskets…

… and make better use of storage space.

Putting soup into a sealed freezer bag and laying it on the freezer bottom…

… is an excellent way to freeze it.

You can easily stack it inside an open basket without wasting any space…

… since it will set in a flat shape.

Freezer basket
source: realfoodhomestead.com

Let’s find out more!

Freezer Baskets

Organizing your frozen foods is easy using freezer baskets.

Stacking baskets and boxes makes it easier to spot things in your freezer…

… so you can make the most of it.

As grocery shopping has become more sporadic these days…

… it’s great we can take advantage of the freezer.

Additionally, keeping our storage organized looks nice.

The easier it is to store things, the more you can group like items together.

Several baskets come with a space on which a label can be placed or a space…

… to mark with a freezer marker. 

Your choice of storage may depend on whether you have side-by-side…

… or bottom-slide-out freezers or top-slide-out freezers.

You can easily take out wire baskets from a lower freezer to access what you need.

You can easily see into these bins to find the item you need…

… in your side-by-side freezer or upper freezer if they are see-through.

Getting the right storage layout for your most frequently frozen items…

… is a matter of measuring your freezer first.

Let’s Hear Marina’s Story!

“I have a big family. When I say big…

… I mean really big.

My family consists of 10 people.

My parents, and my other 8 siblings.

I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters.

Can you imagine?

Everthing in our house comes in bulks.

Milk, bread, vegetables, you name it.

Our main problem is storage!

We have a big refrigerator and also a freezer.

But it never seems to fit our stuffs.

Our freezer is always out of space.

Until one day my father bought a simple wire basket.

He said it would organize our stuffs…

… and we will have 20% more space.

We tried to organize our stuffs, and to my surprise…

… it does really make our freezer spacious.

Freezer baskets are a wonder for us.

If you have troubles with freezer space like us.

You should try buy some freezer basket. 

Guaranteed you will be satisfied!”

Here’s the real deal!

Our Best 8 Freezer Baskets Recommendation

Set Of Two Freezer Baskets With Built-In Handles

Featuring a durable rust-proof finish and a farmhouse vibe…

… these baskets are made of sturdy steel.

When you need the entire basket, you can slide them out…

… from a pick-up with their built-in handles.

The handy-sized basket is perfect for serving popsicles, baked goods, and smoothies.

Approximately 12′′ x 6′′ x 6′′ deep, they are sold individually.

Chrome and white versions are also available.

Freezer basket
source: amazon.com

Our recommendation!

Farmhouse Style Graphite Baskets

A durable rust-proof finish covers these sturdy steel baskets…

… with an appealing farmhouse feel.

When you need the entire basket, you can slide them out from a pick-up…

… with their built-in handles. The handy-sized basket is perfect for serving popsicles…

…baked goods, and smoothies. This product is sold individually and is 12″ wide…

…by 6″ high by 6″ deep. Chrome and white versions are also available.

Freezer basket
source: ubuy.com

You will be satisfied!

Set Of Four Wire Freezer Baskets

These four storage baskets will save you time and space in the freezer.

Each measure 15.6 x 11.4, and each measures 16 x 11.4…

… allowing you to see what is inside the lower basket – perfect for storing…

… frozen vegetables or juice concentrate.

Freezer basket
source: amazon.com

Surely, you will love it!

Organizational Trays

The trays measure 16.1 x 8.1 x 3.6 inches deep.

Our shallow baskets are available in chrome, bronze, and graphite colors…

… and each one has a built-in handle.

Freezer basket
source: amazon.com

Great for your freezer!

Four Pack With Space For Basket Label

These three sizes of baskets include slots for adding a card to label contents.

Do you freeze homemade meals? Label them for the days of the week.

They come in matte black, satin, and bronze. 

Freezer basket
source: amazon.com

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Linus Design Modular Freezer Bins

Organize your freezer space with this bin by adding other products…

… from the same manufacturer.

The contoured edge handle is an added bonus.

This is part of a line of freezer and pantry storage systems.

Freezer basket
source: containerstore.com

Hang in there…

Ventilated Six Pack Of Freezer Baskets

Each of these six freezer baskets has ventilation and easy-to-grasp handles…

… for moving items from the freezer to the refrigerator.

They are 13.75″ x 10.75″ x 5″, which is a great size for many kinds of items.

Freezer basket
source: amazon.com

Last but not least!

Plastic Shallow Storage Trays

You can choose from six plastic storage trays in this pack.

Despite their shallow depth, these are wide and quite long.

You can use them to package frozen meat or vegetables.

Designed for easy movement, each tray measures 11.22′′ by 7.87′′ by 2.76′′ (L*W*H).

It has built-in handles for moving it around.

Freezer basket
source: amazon.com


To Sum Up

Freezer basket is a helpful tool for you who have problems…

… with space in your freezer.

In order to choose the perfect freezer basket, you have to know what you need first.


So, we already gave you 8 recommendation of the best freezer baskets.

Now it’s clearly up to you and your freezer need.

Whether you want a wire baskets or a plastic baskets.

It’s all up to you!

Comment and let us know what freezer baskets you choose!

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