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Top Kitchen Shears on Amazon: Your Guide

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Best Kitchen Shears

No matter how well equipped your kitchen is with knives…

…odds are that you will run into situations…

…where it’s better to use kitchen shears instead.

The cost of shears isn’t nearly as high as that of kitchen knives.

 Additionally, they offer many convenient uses, including being quite easy to use. 

Kitchen hears are useful for handling herbs, produce, meat, shellfish…

… and fine bones in addition to pizza, quesadillas, and quesadillas.

Before purchasing a pair of kitchen shears…

…it’s important to consider what you’ll be using them for…

…how much you’re willing to spend…

…and whether you plan to sharpen them yourself…

…or have them professionally sharpened.

It is quite important to know what type of kitchen shears you should buy…

…before taking the plunge and buying a pair.

Before we move into next section, let’s hear Janet’s story…

Having recently moved to California to attend college, I have just started living alone.

Having to cook for myself now that I live alone means no more mom’s cooking for me.

It feels a little sad to be away from my parents for the first time. 

I will miss the meals my mom cooked and helping her in the kitchen.

My parents visited me last week, and they brought me a gift.

A pair of kitchen shears!

This tool will help you prepare your meal much quicker than the kitchen knives that I have.

I am so grateful for this gift, I use it every day and it is very helpful!

Now that we know kitchen shears are very helpful to prepare our meal, let’s see which kitchen shears are best for you…

Our Top Picks for Kitchen shears

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Let’s go through them one by one…

OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen shears
credits: amazon.com

With good reason, these affordable, easy-to-use kitchen shears are a fan favorite.

From cutting through meat and fine bones to cutting herbs and produce…

…they can do just about anything.

It’s not always necessary to drop a bunch of cash on kitchen shears…

…that are capable of handling any job you throw at them.

This tool features stainless steel blades…

…which are hard-wearing and long-lasting…

…as well as a rubber grip that’s comfortable to hold and won’t slip while using it.

As you use the kitchen shears, the blades’ micro-serrated edges…

..a.lso prevent any unwanted slipping.

Unlike heavier-duty poultry shears, these scissors can handle a range of basic tasks.

They may not be as impressive as solid poultry shears…

…but they are a great place to start. 

Shears are advertised as dishwasher-safe…

…but it’s recommended that they be washed by hand in warm, soapy water.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Sharp, durable blade
  • Versatile


  • Not as strong as poultry shears
  • No added features like bottle opener or nutcracker

Shun Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears
credits: amazon.com

The shears are well-made and can comfortably deal with a variety of jobs.

Aside from slicing, snipping, and cutting…

…the model also includes a nutcracker, jar opener, bone notch, lid lifter…

…and two screwdriver tips.

That’s a kitchen tool you’ll definitely want to have.

If you’re cutting through skin, the micro-serrated stainless steel blades won’t slip.

Plastic over-mold on the handle is extremely comfortable and non-slip…

…so you won’t have to worry about it falling out of your hands…

…while you’re using it.

You can easily remove the blades to clean or sharpen them.

The sharpness and durability of the blades…

…are extremely impressive to reviewers.


  • Sharp, long-lasting, quality blades
  • A nutcracker and a jar opener are built-in


  • Expensive

Keep reading…

J.A. Henckels International 2-Piece Kitchen and Herb Shears Set

Kitchen shears
credits: amazon.com

Having a pair of shears dedicated to herbs may be ideal…

…for a cook who does a lot of herb preparation in the kitchen…

…(or perhaps you have a flourishing garden).

Having an entire tool dedicated to herbs snipping is provided by this two-piece set..

…which includes kitchen shears and herb shears.

With the herb shears, you can turn a large pile of herbs…

…into a finely chopped pile for garnishing.

For easy cleaning, the kitchen shears can be placed in the dishwasher…

…though they can also be hand washed in warm, soapy water.

Its large, comfortable handles fit well into your hands and are easy to grasp.

Especially for herb-loving cooks, this two-piece set is a great value.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Two-piece set


  • No added features like bottle opener or nutcracker

Go on…

Wüsthof WU5558 8-Inch Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears
credits: amazon.com

A pair of shears that’s easy to clean…

…and maintain depends on whether the two blades are separate.

The blades on this pair from Wüsthof can easily be disassembled…

…so that each blade can be cleaned or sharpened individually.

It’s also very easy to put the blades back together.

High-carbon stainless steel is durable and lasts a long time.

Designed for both right and left handed chefs…

…these shears also include jar and bottle openers.

The shears are able to handle heavier tasks like cutting chicken bones and cartilage. 

Many reviewers, however, advise against using this for users with larger hands…

…because of the size of the loops on the handles.


  • It is easy to take apart the blades
  • Capable of cutting through tougher meat cuts
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for larger hands

KitchenAid Professional Series Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears
credits: amazon.com

A pair of KitchenAid shears is perfect if you’re looking for a pair of shears…

…to fit a professional kitchen.

In addition to the double-serrated…

…stainless steel blade and the super comfortable…

…firm plastic handle, this knife offers excellent cuts…

…and is extremely easy to maneuver.

The shears are equipped with polished steel rivets…

…which reinforce and strengthen the blade.

This multi-purpose tool can do it all…

…from cutting bacon to snipping herbs to ripping through pizza and bread.

Every chef should have this tool in their toolbox.

“Multi-purpose kitchen shears are available with professional-grade carbon steel blades — which often are coated with stainless steel, chrome or nickel to prevent rusting — or stainless steel, which also are rust-resistant, but are less sharp and more difficult to sharpen than carbon steel blades.”

EA Stewart, MBA, RD – Dietitian and Nutritionist


  • Stainless steel is durable and long-lasting
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Versatile


  • No bottle or jar opener

Last, but not least…

Global Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears
credits: amazon.com

These are far and away the most expensive pair of shears that you can purchase.

While they come with a high price tag…

…they are a top performer with a sleek, appealing design.

Its design is intended to prevent hand fatigue…

…so you only need to exert as little effort as possible to do your kitchen prep.

It is made of stainless steel of the highest quality…

…and is extremely sharp and durable.

Furthermore, the blades are finely serrated to prevent any unwanted slippage during use.

Double-beveled edges can accommodate users of both left- and right-handed grips.

The fulcrum of the shears is located quite low…

…which makes maintaining balance and creating leverage easier.


  • High-quality, Japanese stainless steel blades
  • Double beveled edge for right- and left-handed users
  • Micro-serrated blades

Handles lack non-slip grip


Sum Up!

Due to the shears’ versatility and nice for the everyday cook…

…we gave the OXO Good Grips Multi Purpose Kitchen Scissor the top spot. 

It is highly recommended for anyone who frequently cooks…

…with herbs beyond meat and bones…

…to select the J.A. Henckels International 2-Piece Kitchen and Herb Shears Set.


There you have it, our top picks for kitchen shears.

Have you decided which one you are going to purchase?

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