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Best Lunch Boxes for Construction Workers

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Are you looking for the best lunch box for construction workers? In this guide, we’ll show you several solid options you can use on the job site.

Review of Construction Worker Lunch Boxes

Under Armour Soft Cooler

There is a sleek, black design to the under armour. This is actually one of the better options available. Lunch boxes made of this material are obviously strong and durable. Everything about it screams “construction,” from its appearance to how many compartments it has.


  • The lunch bag offers a variety of compartments, which makes it extremely useful when you want to store something other than just your lunch in it. Water/snacks or other, more important things can be included.
  • The bag is extremely high-quality, and it provides superb protection for anything it contains. The bag is so sturdy that even if a whole wall fell on it, half the food would probably still be in tact.
  • The high-durability plastics inside make it extremely easy to wash on the inside despite its sturdiness. Additionally, the bag is completely waterproof and leakproof.


  • The insulation can sometimes be lacking, as some users have complained, despite others having no problems.
  • There are some low-quality zippers, but that isn’t going to break the deal with this item.

Ice Mule Classic Cooler

Simple is the best way to describe IceModule classic. It does not have any other compartments, settings, zippers, etc. As a matter of fact, it is entirely devoid of peripherals. There is only a strap and an inner cooling system.


  • If you find that having a million compartments is overwhelming for you, a bag like this with no compartments might be the right choice for you. Alternatively, you might find that simplicity makes things more difficult to break down.
  • It has excellent insulation. IceModule classic keeps ice frozen for more than 24 hours. Imagine how well that kind of insulation will keep your food warm? Extremely well, that’s right.


  • It’s not huge. You will be sorely disappointed to learn that this bag is far too small to carry your breakfast and lunch in it.
  • Some might find the lack of compartments to be quite a downside despite the simplicity.

Superhandy Commercial Grade Cooler

It is expensive to buy the SuperHandy Ice Cooler. There’s no getting around that fact, but it remains on this list. That means this bag is among the best on the market today. In fact, when it comes to quite a few factors, it is by far the best option.


  • It can keep ice frozen for up to ten days. Yes, you read that right. This bag will keep your ice frozen for 10 days at a time. If you work in a steaming-hot environment and cut that in half, you’ll still keep your ice frozen for 5 days, and your lunch frozen for days.
  • It probably could take a bomb and still keep your pizza intact. With a price tag that high, the durability of the SuperHandy should be out of this world.
  • It’s quite large. In the SuperHandy, you could easily carry all three meals for the day along with drinks and snacks. Even then, you may still have some space left over.


  • In such an expensive bag, one would expect a number of compartments. There aren’t any for users of the SuperHandy, which is disappointing.
  • Although  the SuperHandy is quite handy, it is also very expensive.

Igloo Playmate Ultra Elite Lunch Box

The Igloo playmate is quite the looker. Its sleek design and name speak to its simplicity. While simply designed, the bag features many features other bags with a higher price tag likely don’t.


  • There are some rare features found on the Igloo Playmate that are much appreciated. A soft-grip handle, for example, makes it much easier to carry than other, similar bags. Additionally, the lid has a push button for convenient one-handed operation. While you’re working on construction, you’ll rarely have both hands free at once.
  • You can open it from both sides, which will save you some time and frustration. It is hard to find anything worse than a frustrated construction worker, partly because an angry mistake can cost you and your coworkers your lives.
  • This container is quite large, it’s big enough to hold a full day’s worth of food, along with a few liters of water. Despite not being the largest bag on this list, it has one of the most compact, yet spacious designs.


  • There are no additional compartments on the Igloo Playmate. It can leave users frustrated if they wish to store anything other than food in it.
  • However, most users received refunds after experiencing latch closure problems.

Mier Double Compartment Large Cooler Lunch Box

An excellent cooler bag to consider is the MIER double compartment bag. Although it features a sleek and good-looking black design, the bag still maintains a respectable size and dual carrying options, comfortable for both your hand and shoulder.


  • There are quite a few compartments, and even a delegation between “hot” and “cold”. For professionals wishing to enjoy different types of food on the job, this can be extremely beneficial. It might be nice to keep your hamburger warm, but you wouldn’t like to have the same thing happen to your ice cream.
  • It is quite leak-proof and easy to clean.  All three of these things make it ideal for anyone looking for a no-nonsense, excellent lunch bag. It’s as easy as rubbing it a few times with a cloth if you spill something in it. 
  • The bag is quite spacious and lightweight. Construction-oriented lunch bags rarely feature this combination. The smaller a bag is, the lighter it is. It is now possible for MIER to make the bag both large AND lightweight at the same time.


  • Customers have expressed concerns about the stitching near the hand straps. Many people haven’t experienced this issue, but it’s still worth keeping an eye out.
  • Since it has a soft bottom shell, it will often topple, and this also makes it quite sub-par for many construction site applications.

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