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Electric Plug-In Lunch Box Review

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An office worker can rejuvenate and gain energy with a nutritious lunch during a stressful workday. But it is expensive, unsafe, unhygienic, and disease prone. Many office workers to consider preparing their own home-cooked meals to bring to work, both for nutrition and safety reasons. Therefore, the heat-keeping box or the plugged-in lunch box also soon became popular, becoming one of the hottest products on the market.

What Is A Warmed Lunch Box?

Using an electric hot-plug lunch box provides consumers with the opportunity to eat hot food while ensuring nutrients and taste. In the past, warmed lunch boxes were favored by office workers and offices, but now they are popular with students, patients, and children attending school.

Benefits of Warmed Lunch Box

Warming Lunch Box Brings Convenience

It is quite convenient to carry a warming lunch box everywhere you go, as they are designed to be quite lightweight. You can then buy clean food, cook according to your preferences, prepare dishes that suit your taste, and pack a warm lunchbox to bring to school or work very conveniently.

Saving Money

Rather than purchasing lunch outside, where hygiene and safety are not ensured, the ideal solution is to cook the lunch yourself and bring it to school in a warmed lunchbox, both adding to the cost savings while ensuring the lunch is nutritious, delicious, and safe for the entire class.

High Quality Material and Easy to Clean

Today most of the warm lunch box products on the market are made from high quality materials with stainless steel conductors. Outerly, the electrostatic PP plastic cover material is extremely safe, heat resistant, effective bearing, and environmentally friendly. By using these materials, users can also easily clean grease and bacteria after each use.

How to Choose A Good Warmed Lunch Box

Lunch Box Material that Keeps You Warm

Many people are most interested in the material of the warming box. This is an important deciding factor for whether you should buy products to ensure the dish remains nutritious, but also to maintain your health.

If you want to buy a safe quality heated lunch box, choose one with an exterior made of plastic and an interior made of stainless steel. It is also important to buy famous brands such as Zojirushi warm-up lunch boxes from Japan, Elmich thermal lunch boxes or Tiger’s keep-warm lunch boxes In order to guarantee quality.

Warming Lunch Box Design

The tiers and compartments of a warming lunch box are most likely to consist of compartments. The product design compartment will be useful for those who often bring rice to work with side dishes for lunch.

For floor-warming reheat boxes, the volume is larger, for those who eat a lot of lunch or bring more raw materials to make simple meals. You can choose the most suitable one from design to price based on your needs.


Poor quality products will negatively affect your health if you buy cheap ham but buy warm lunch boxes. You should choose products from reputable brands and address of origin.

3 Best Warming Lunch Boxes for Office Workers

Toursion Electric Lunch Box

The electric launch box can be used at home, at work, in a car, or on a truck. It comes with a 12V adapter for use in a car or truck, and a 120V adapter for use at home or at work. It includes a sealed outer container with a utensils tray, 2 types of cables for car and home, a user manual, and a free spoon and fork. With a removable stainless steel container made from stainless steel 304 it is made from food-grade PP plastic.

At the top, there is a spoon storage box and an indicator that shows the heating status. The dimensions of this container are 9.45*7.09*4.33, and it holds one liter. In the container, there is a 600ml section and two 200ml sections on either side.

Three layers of detachable design make up this electric launch box. You can easily eat and clean with it. You can clean the stainless steel container with water after taking it out.

You don’t have to wait in line for the microwave. When you plug in your electric lunch, your food will be warm after a short period of time. Students, employees, workers, and drivers who need to carry food can benefit from it. It can be useful for delivery drivers or Uber drivers.

VOVOIR Electric Heating Lunch Box

Electric lunch warmer or heater with a large capacity and a removable stainless steel food container. With two types of power cables, it can be used both at home and at work.

In addition to the electric lunch box, the package includes a US power cable, a car charger power cable, a spoon, and an instruction manual. The lunch box has a large 1.5 L stainless steel tray and a plastic salad box with a capacity of 0.45 L. It comes with a 110V power cable for the office or home and a 12V power cable for the car. In addition, it can be used to heat food at school, on the road, or in a truck.

When you are driving for a long time, you can heat your food in a vehicle. PP plastic is food-grade and heat-resistant. 304 stainless steel is used for the steel container, which is removable and easy to clean. A high-efficiency PTC heating system prevents overheating. Food is kept at the right temperature.

Warming your food normally takes 20-50 minutes. If the food is at 25 degrees centigrade, it can warm it in 25 minutes. If your food is taken out of the fridge, the heating time will increase. The size of the lunch box is 23.5x11x15.5 cm or 9.3×4.3×6.9 inches. The device is portable and easy to use. Before using, please read the using tips and warnings to make sure you’re safe.

Gideon Heated Electric Lunch Box

For your vehicle, a portable 12V electric heated launch box stove. Heat your food quickly to 300 degrees. A car lighter can be used to heat your food. The heat-resistant case keeps you cool outside and gives you a cool feeling when you touch it. With a front closure that ensures a tight seal, it will prevent food spillages.

A wipe is all that is necessary to clean the interior’s nonstick aluminum surface. Additionally, it is well insulated to lock in the temperature. Keep your food warm for a longer period of time. It measures 10x8x6 inches on the outside and weighs 2.5 pounds. It has a 6ft power cord and a fold-flat carrying handle on top.

The device does not have an electric plug for home use. Take a look at it if you want to warm your food only in your car. If you want to use this heated launch box in your home, then you will need an electric plug with a 12V outlet.

Notes When Using Warmed Lunch Boxes

You can use a lunchbox that’s plugged in in the following way:

It is quite easy to operate a heating box. Simply place the food in the tray, cover with a cover, plug in the power and turn the button on.

The vents should be opened before you reheat food. Use the power plug after carefully grasping it.

Tips for using warmed lunch boxes:

The warmed lunch box has a minimum of two compartments and a maximum of four compartments. As a result, you should store food separately, preventing the situation of mixed food, which will cause rapid rancidity.

  • Never store a warm lunchbox in a refrigerator or microwave. Since this is an electrical device, it is both dangerous to the user and damaging to the bento device.
  • Do not immerse the warmed lunch box in water directly, as it will shorten the internal power. Furthermore, do not use strong detergent to clean the lunch box.
  • Whenever you prepare to heat rice in a warmed rice box, you open the openings to ensure the food inside does not steam, the box will not deform if the temperature is high.
  • Let the food cool slightly before storing it in the bento box. Giving too much, or just enough, is not good.

Those are a few things to consider when using a warmed lunchbox at work. I hope you have a wonderful lunch in your thermos lunch box. If you would like more options of electric lunch boxes, you can find them in a guide we have compiled.  


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