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Master Cake Decoration: Ultimate Airbrush Kit Guide

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The top 5 airbrush cake decorating kits are reviewed along with a buying guide for airbrush cake airbrush kit.

Here you are, which means you are seriously considering a new way of cake decoration: cake airbrush kit for decorating. It looks stunning and leaves people speechless when it is done correctly. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to get started, what techniques you should employ, as well as the top 5 airbrush cake decorating kits. In case you need cake decorating kit recommendation, we have the list you can check.

What You Need?

You will need to purchase three basic elements to complete this challenge:

  • Using the Airbrush
  • In the Compressor
  • Colors for Edible Airbrushes

They are essential to decorating. We will check them out separately, but every cake decorating airbrush kit includes these components, so no worries there.

Choosing the Cake Airbrush Kit

For cake decorating, there are two types of airbrush guns: single action ones and dual action ones. Let’s separate them and see which one works best for you.

  • A single-action airbrush gun is the easiest to use; it operates slowly by pulling a trigger that activates the pressure that releases the edible food color spray. In essence, everything is in the trigger; the harder you pull, the more paint you release. The gun also has a control knob that controls how much paint gets applied – turning it clockwise decreases the flow, turning it counterclockwise increases it. The spray pattern is determined by the distance from the cake surface – the closer you are, the smaller pattern you will get and vice versa.
  • The dual action airbrush gun is recommended for more experienced cake decorators. With one device, you can control all the operations at once: air pressure, spray coverage, and the volume of color released. The compressor controls the quantity of air; pulling back on the trigger releases paint; and pressing down on the trigger releases air. With different layers and spray widths, it is ideal for big productions. Spray patterns are determined by distance from the cake surface – the closer you are, the smaller the pattern, and vice versa.

Internal or External?

Air-paint mixing can take place either internally or externally. Here are the differences:

When using Internal Mix airbrushes, the paint and the air are blended inside the airbrush tip upon release; External Mix airbrushes spray more evenly and control the volume of the spray with the knob on the airbrush.

  • Gravity feed airbrush – The color is located in the small bowl on top of the gun, and by pulling the trigger it is pulled into the airflow and out through the tip. To work, this gun requires the least amount of pressure. It works slowly and is therefore suitable for detailed cake patterns. Nozzles range from 0.10mm to 0.35mm.
  • A siphon feed airbrush allows you to use a variety of different sized color cups and bottles and change them quickly. The new airbrush requires less air than the previous one. By spraying more at once, efficiency and production are increased. Nozzle sizes range from 0.1mm to 0.5mm.
  • Airbrush with side-feeding – The cup of color rests on the airbrush’s side. With this airbrush, both gravity feed and siphon feed capabilities are available. The rotating cup makes working from every angle possible. A nozzle’s range is between 0.10 mm and 0.35 mm.

Choosing The Compressor

One of the most important things about the compressor is that it can produce 15-20 PSI. It is a characteristic of every airbrush cake decorating kit, so you are safe there. In addition, every air compressor has a three-speed adjustment (low, medium, high) that controls the spray strength. This deluxe version of a compressor will regulate air flow and cycle on and off to maintain a constant pressure as you work.

Edible Airbrush Colors

Colors containing these components must be approved by the FDA and are concentrated. Usually, they contain Kosher-approved ingredients. Colors must be of the right consistency to pass through the airbrush gun without clogging. There are all sorts of colors available, from the basic colors, to seasonal and rainbow colors, as well as metallic and pearl colors. Even white opaque can give a pastel shade. Cakes, pastries, sugar paste, icing, gum paste, fondant, isomalt, and so on.

If You Are a Beginner

Learn the basics with a simple airbrush kit instead of buying the “Ferrari of airbrushes.”. Make sure your airbrush kit combines a sufficiently powerful air compressor with a single or dual action airbrush gun. For complete beginners, the single action gravity fed airbrush is recommended, as it allows slower application and lets you test out the equipment. Once you master this one, you can move on to gravity fed, dual action, internal mix airbrushes. When you become a complete professional, get an airbrush with a siphon feed.

A Few Simple Tips

When using an airbrush gun for decorating, the possibilities are endless. You can use stencils, silhouettes, create lace, leaves, patters, stems, dew drops, curls, and even faces. There is no limit to what you can achieve.

When using an airbrush for decoration, here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Cover the surface to prevent color overspray or mixing spills.
  • Wash the paint cup with warm water. Make sure the airbrush is clean as well.
  • The gun should only be sprayed with air after it has been dried out.
  • Make sure the colors are edible and FDA approved.
  • The distance between the airbrush gun and the cake should be 6-8 inches.
  • The airbrush nozzle should be held at 45° angle when drawing soft, wide lines; at 90° angle when drawing sharp, defined lines.
  • Spray the color and re-spray until it reaches the desired color.
  • Clean the pipes and needle between the colors with a squeeze bottle of hot water.


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