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Phoenix Club Mimosas: Champagne Delight

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The Phoenix Club

Every so often, the author of a well-crafted English cookery book will reflect on the fact that in many countries, champagne and other alcoholic beverages are more popular than water.

Certainly in Spain and Italy, for example, where the habit of drinking wine is known to be among the most popular in the world, champagne enjoys something of a mystique. You will find another reference of best champagne for mimosas to give you lot of option. Although the drink is consumed on a daily basis, many people go the extra mile on their wine drinking by using an extra white before dinner on some fine food or desserts, or even on their iced desserts.

Perhaps the most surprising use of Champagne in recent times is in the world of empanadas. ‘Empanadas’ are popular pastry shells invented in the early 20th century and now primarily made with yeast, eggs, flour, oil and shortening. The sacrificed yeast culture in the empanada dough is what gives it its lightness and fluffiness and the texture of the ‘Empanada de Olive’ and the ‘ Empanada de Marinera’ (idered the best empanadas in the world).

Abbric Copycat Restaurant in Phoenix

A new champagne and cocktail bar has opened its doors to the Phoenix area. The astutely named ‘ spirits ‘ bar is exquisitely modern, with exposed brick, high ceilings and clerestory windows. Young, hip and hip-to-eye set design work in, with colorful posters and stylized photographs of the city’s glamorous class. ‘The spirit bar’ has several varieties of beer, wine, whisky and champagne. Cocktails include an amalgamation of shots and cocktails, most commonly served over a glass of champagne or other alcohol. Food pairings range from grilled fish, to vegetarian fare and, of course, the traditional pub food.

What’s on The Menu?

The menu for the ‘ spirits ‘ bar ‘ at the Phoenix Talking point is as varied as a customer’s appetite. But, no matter what they order, each entrée helps present a tempting palette of flavors. To start with, the house ‘Fish and Chips’ comes with a pot of Coo-coo, a form of fried fish, as well as chips and a small pot of peas. An authentic ‘Fish and Chips’ dinner, however, will have theledbetter quality fried fish, including fish in a batter filled with batter and deep-fried. After all that, there’s the highly satisfying fish and chips dinner that has been honed by thousands in the local streets.

The next-best place in town for a good fish dinner is, of course, the Workman’s Club bookstore and deli. Here, books and specialty teas make great gifts and one of the most popular is the Phoenix Microwave Undercounter Lunch Set. This set contains everything you need to make a perfect sandwich, including not just the bread, but a storage container, two pre-cut sausages and, of course, your meat of choice. The set also comes with a gravy boat, two sauce bottles, mustard, spot on green beans, low sodium sadame and iceberg lettuce sandwich wrap.

If you like fresh cold fruit salads, there’s a nice little market called Progressive Market in downtown Phoenix. They have a nice assortment of local grown stuff. And yes, they melt. It’s pretty amazing how something so small can pack so much goodness. These are just a few of the great things happening in Phoenix and it only takes a little bit of imagination to see even more opportunities. What if the Phoenix weather guy confirmed that actually bacon was an aphrodisiac? What if he told me there was a way to get more bang for my buck after lunch? I’m willing to pay a premium for my lunch. Would you be willing to pay that little bit extra for my sake? I have a nice schedule for bacon-fryer dates, by the way. I’m happy to say it was less of a date and more of a meet and greet.

After all, it’s only one meal and it was way more peaceful. I’m hoping to go back to work next week and take on some additional responsibility, after having spent some gentle time with you, my dearest fellow redditors. Have a happy and safe day!

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