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Mozzarella Cheese: 7 Types to Satisfy Your Cravings

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Cheesy, stretchy, soft, mozzarella cheese…. Who doesn’t love that?

All About Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella cheese is a soft, stringy cheese from the pasta filata family…

… which includes other cheeses like Queso Oaxaca and Caciocavallo.

Pasta filata translates to “spun paste”, referring to the method of kneading…

… and pulling used to create the distinctive mozzarella balls…

… we find at the grocery store.

All cheeses are made in the same general way .

They start out their life as milk from a cow, goat, sheep or even a buffalo.

Once all water is removed it leaves behind a cheese.

From there different processes are used to create all of the cheeses…

… we have come to know and love.

Mozzarella cheese is a type of cheese that can be eaten right away.

It usually tastes a little sour and has to be eaten quickly before it becomes hard.

Mozzarella is a cheese and it needs to be eaten soon after being made.

This kind of cheese is usually used on pizzas.

The reason for this is that when you cook the cheese, all of the water boils off.

This makes bubbles in the cheese and when they pop, steam comes out.

The cheese browns and tastes better!

Other types of cheese have either too much oil or too little water content…

… to form the bubbles needed to allow the cheese to brown properly. 

It tastes really good.

Mozzarella cheese is not as healthy as other types of cheese…

… but it is better for you than other types.

You might have heard of different types of mozzarella cheese.

Fior di latte is the traditional kind made from cow’s milk…

… but there is also Mozzarella di Bufala which comes from buffalo’s milk.

Mozzarella di Bufala has a creamier texture and it can be used for pizza making.

The U.S. has its own type of mozzarella too: mozzarella with low moisture content…

… that you usually find in pizza restaurants.

We also have reviews about best cheese for pizza list for you.

You will see it in several forms when you’re in the mozzarella section of the grocery.

Let’s listen to Kayla’s story!

“I love mozzarella cheese!

But I don’t know it has a different types of it.

When I found out, I tried them and I fell in love with them.

My first favorite was the fresh mozzarella balls which are my absolute favorites…

because you can eat them straight up without anything on it like bread or crackers.

The other type that’s really good is the creamy mozzarella sticks fried…

to perfection and sprinkled with salt for an extra kick of flavor.

It was so hard to choose between these two but after tasting both of them…

they were equally as delicious!”

Types of Mozzarella Cheese for Your Cooking!


It will turn into mush before it goes through the grater.

When you buy preshredded cheese, it does not have as much fat in it…

… and so it holds its shape better than whole-milk mozzarella and grates more evenly.

Shredded cheese is put on a dusting of potato starch, cellulose…

… or cornstarch before it is packaged.

This keeps the cheese from getting too wet and sticking together.

At least for melted cheese, shredded mozzarella cheese melts the best.

Usually you will see it in plastic bags, pre-shredded mozzarella cheese.

This type of cheese is very low in humidity and is often covered in cellulose…

… a food additive to prevent clumping of the shreds.

source amazon.com

More and more…

Fresh in Brine

Fresh mozzarella cheese might be excellent for pizza…

… but some preparation is needed.

You will definitely be left with cheese-water pots after cooking…

…. which can weaken your cassava and muddle the sauce if you take them…

… straight out of your brine and put them on your pie for cooking.

It is hard to shred cheese when it is at room temperature.

The answer?

Before using it on your pizza, make sure that you dry and drain fresh mozzarella…

… for at least 15 minutes and tear it in smaller pieces.

It’s very fresh and milky, but it does require that extra time and attention…

… to keep your pizza structured and flavoured!

Visually you’ll get these melty mozzarella pools, as opposed to an all-over coverage…

… with fresh mozzarella (e.g. broccoli and sausage or meatball pizza).

Make sure you keep your eye on this one…


This is a special kind of cheese.

It is made from the mozzarella cheese leftovers.

They soak it in cream and the butterfat percentage might be hard to understand.

The name means “buttered” as well, so you will need someone to help you..

… eat a piece of this cheese.

First, open the shell.

Then, you will see the creamy center and can scoop up it with crusty Italian bread…

… or let it drip over ripe tomatoes.

You can also serve sweet potatoes in this way during the holidays.

If you want to introduce a new dish that is better for your health…

… use burrata instead of marshmallows.

When you break it open be careful because it does not stay fresh long…

… and you will not have any trouble eating all of this delicious food!

Drizzle with some olive oil, sprinkle some pepper flakes…

… and fennel pollen and you’ve got a great pie on your hands.

Lovely, isn’t it?


Stracciatella is a creamy, delicious food.

You make it by heating cheese to make “shreds.”

Then you mix the cheese with cream and it becomes like ricotta.

People can put this on bread or they can add it to egg drop soup.

Keep on reading…

String Cheese

String cheese is made from part skim mozzarella.

The lower fat content of string cheese makes it melt more even…

… and the proteins are in a good order.

If you heat curd to 130 degrees, the milk proteins don’t line up…

… and this makes string cheese not behave how people might…

… expect it to when pulled.

Heating the curd to 140 degrees and not using whole milk…

… will move the proteins into a line.

They will split and cleave naturally.

Surely this is the best…


Mozzarella cheese is made by heating, stretching, and forming the cheese…

… until it’s shiny and tight.

Scamorza cheese is like mozzarella but differs because the curds…

… are not removed from the whey for stretching after they have been separated.

They stay in the whey for two hours to five hours before being stretched.

There, the cheese cures a little bit.

It tastes like vinegar.

The curd is then pulled and made into balls.

The balls are strangled around the middle to make them dry.

Then they are cut into slices to eat them.

There’s more…


source: amazon.com

These cheese balls are a great choice for pesto pasta salad or on a skewer.

They are small and easy to find in the refrigerated cheese section…

… or antipasti/olive bar.

You can buy them plain or with sometype of flavor like olive oil…

… vinegar, minced garlic, chili flakes and fresh herbs.

Last but not least…

To Sum Up

Cheese is the most staple food in Italian and French cuisine.

Cheese has so many types and varieties it hard to keep up.

The world’s famous cheese is mozzarella.

To our surprise mozzarella also has many types!

There are pre-shredded, fresh in brine, burrata, stracciatella, scamorza…

… string cheese, and bocconcini!


To be honest, we can’t tell you what’s the best mozzarella type to use.

It really depends on your cooking!

If you want to cook something sweet and delight, you should choose stracciatella.

If you want to cook pizza you should usepre-shredded, burrata, or string cheese.

If you want to put cheese on your salad you should choose bocconcini.

It really depends on you and your taste!

Comment and tell us what your mozzarella choices!

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