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Cowboy Coffee, The Best American Classic in 9 Easy Steps

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Make good-tasting cowboy coffee that won’t leave you with coffee grinds in your mouth.

What happened to simply ordering a cup of coffee? I can’t keep track of all the coffee recipes out there since there are so many. Waiting in line for a simple cup of coffee has evolved into a five-course dinner.

I’m confident that no one anymore orders a cup of black coffee. Crazy speciality coffees have even infiltrated the world of camping. I watch as a french press, a science lab cylinder, and special adapters for jet boils are whipped out while camping with friends and family. In case you are looking for best camping coffee pot for the best camping experience, we have some recommendation you can check.

Then, at the campsite, my friends begin the long and painful process of producing specialty coffee. I just don’t think it’s proper. If you ask me, I believe that making plain old black coffee the way it was designed to be made tastes better and is more pleasurable. Especially during a camping trip!!! I’m not going to lie and say I never have a fancy cup of coffee because you caught me. I love a pumpkin spiced latte with extra whip cream on occasion, but reserve it for dessert in town, not at the campsite.

Cowboy coffee, camping coffee, dirt coffee, or whatever you choose to name it, has long been a part of American culture, representing the rough and tough, industrious American attitude we all admire. However, it has recently received a terrible rap. People complain about the harsh taste, the ease with which it burns, and the fact that you invariably spit out coffee grounds. Today is the day to resurrect this American custom at the campsite and on the stove.

I’ll show you how a few minor tweaks may let anyone produce great-tasting black coffee. Coffee that isn’t burnt, doesn’t have any coffee grounds in it, and doesn’t require milk or sugar. Making that hot cup of coffee on a chilly camping morning

Gear Needed for cowboy coffee:

  • Camping coffee pot
  • Access to water
  • Coffee cups
  • Coffee grounds (fine or coarse are personal preference)
  • Tablespoon or a way to measure (optional, but easier)
  • Good gloves to handle the

How to Make Cowboy Coffee Step 1: Make a Fire.

To raise your water to a boil, have a good fire going and some good hot coals to set your pot over. With the coals from the previous night’s fire, it’s usually very simple to start the morning fire.

How to Make Cowboy Coffee Step 2: Measure Coffee and Boil Water

You can either measure or estimate the amount of water you put in the pot. Obviously, the more precise you are with the amount of water and coffee you add, the stronger or weaker the coffee will be. 2 tablespoons for every 8 ounces is a decent rule of thumb; your Nalgene holds 32 ounces, making it convenient to use for measuring.

I’ve done it so many times that there’s a small coffee line within my pot that I use as a guide. Just eyeball it if you’re not finicky about coffee flavor. If you’re among a group of coffee lovers, however, measure carefully. Place your pot over the fire on a grill or some logs and wait for it to boil.

How to Make Cowboy Coffee Step 3: Remove the pot from the fire.

Remove the saucepan from the heat as soon as it reaches a rolling boil and let it aside for 30 seconds to a minute. If it’s very chilly outside, 30 seconds should enough. During the hot summer months, you can leave it to cool down a little longer. The ideal temperature for brewing coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees. This is the most common blunder, and it’s what gives coffee its bitter flavor. If you put coffee in hot water, it will burn. It’s palatable, but the flavor is awful.

How to Make Cowboy Coffee Step 4: Adding Coffee Grounds

Add your coffee grounds after 45 seconds. To add, many people swear by two separate grounds. Some people recommend using very fine grounds, while others recommend using very coarse grounds. I’ve tried it both ways and got relatively comparable results, although I think coarse grounds worked better for me. I’ve only had a few small grounds in my cup when I’ve used fine grounds. There’s nothing strange or off-putting about it, yet coffee with no grounds is the greatest.

How to Make Cowboy Coffee Step 5: Stir in grounds and wait 2 mins

Stir the grounds in well, cover, and let the pot sit for 2 minutes. Stir again and wait 2 mins, Stir the grounds again once the 2 minutes are over, since they will climb to the top while the coffee brews. Allow another 2 minutes for the coffee to steep.

How to Make Cowboy Coffee Step 6: How to get rid of grounds.

This is the most critical step in keeping coffee grinds out of your cup. The traditional practice of sprinkling a few drops of cold water into the pot is the first choice. I normally just squirt some cold water into the saucepan with the palm of my hand. The grinds will cool and sink to the bottom as a result of this. It works reasonably well, but not flawlessly every time.

The second approach is to place a stick under the pot and tilt it slightly towards the spout. It only takes an inch or two. Allow 3-5 minutes for the process to complete. The coffee will cool slowly, and the grinds will collect at the bottom of the pot, on the spout side.

Both work, however it depends on the outdoor temperature and how long you want to stay.

How to Make Cowboy Coffee Step 8: Pour Coffee Slowly and Remove From the Grounds

Slowly pour the coffee into your cup, being careful not to stir up the grounds you’ve worked so hard to keep out. Pour the remaining coffee into a thermos to keep it hot while preventing it from cooking in the grounds.

How to Make Cowboy Coffee Step 10: Enjoy this American Tradition

Sit back and enjoy this American staple the way it was meant to be enjoyed: naturally and authentically. Cowboys have been brewing this simple black cup of coffee while camping all over this magnificent nation for generations.

Remember to give this procedure a few tries and don’t be frustrated if the coffee isn’t up to par at first. Although this procedure is easy, it can easily go wrong if you are not familiar with it. You’ll enjoy brewing Cowboy Coffee for your camping guests after you’ve learned the recipe, and they’ll appreciate it even more than the best latte on the market.

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