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Portable Espresso Maker for Camping – 3 Different Weight, Which One is The Best for Camping

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Portable Espresso maker is a good idea for you to bring during your camping days. If you’re a highly mobile person (i.e. a ‘digital nomad,’ weight may be the decisive factor in whether or not to bring a coffee brewer on your journey. Nobody in their right mind would bring a standard home espresso maker with them, yet portable espresso makers come in a wide range of weights.

While all of the espresso machines listed below are ‘portable’ in the sense that they come with carrying cases, are durable, and are small, their weight varies greatly. Some are light enough to bring on a multi-day hike, while others are better suited to lighter activities such as canoe camping or checked luggage on an airline. In case you are looking for best camping coffee pot for the best camping experience, we have some recommendation you can check.

Portable Espresso Maker Ultra Light (<340 grams)

If you want to go backpacking or hiking every day and wake up to a shot of espresso in a different area, ultra light is the way to go (unless you are a glutton for both espresso and punishment). Most travellers accept instant coffee as a suitable substitute for the genuine thing, but since we’re here to drink espresso, let’s presume that won’t be the case.

The lightest portable espresso makers weigh between 220-340 grams (8-12 ounces) and may easily be carried on a multi-day hike if properly packed. Is there going to be more than one of you? Allow them to carry some of your belongings and reward them with a shot of espresso each morning for their efforts.

This item will accompany you.

Portable Espresso Maker Light (340-500 grams)

This weight is ideal if you plan on carrying your espresso maker everywhere except on multi-day trips. Your espresso maker is light enough to throw in an overnight bag, checked luggage, or even a purse without weighing you down.

Portable Espresso Maker Portable (>500 grams)

More than weight, over half a kilogram, portability becomes a function of simplicity of use, packability, and durability. These units work best when they’re set up in a car, a camper, or at a holiday home. This is the weight class for you if you don’t mind sacrificing quality and taking it a little slower.

Does it Take Ground Coffee, Pods, or Both?

Ground coffee beans, ESE pods, and Nespresso pods are all used in the machines indicated below. ESE and Nespresso pods, in my experience, are the finest choices for camping because they are the easiest to clean.

“Leave No Trace” is a phrase that means “pack it in, pack it out.” Even if coffee grounds are biodegradable, do not leave them at your campground!

Because pods are nearly impossible to come by outside of major cities, the ability to use ground coffee is a huge plus. If your espresso maker can’t take ground coffee, arriving at your campground and realizing you forgot your pods can be disastrous. All of the models on this list can brew with ground coffee.

Some of the espresso machines on this list can also brew tea, which shouldn’t be a deal breaker because brewing tea normally simply requires hot water and a tea bag.

Don’t forget; You’ll need a Heat Source

The fact that most of these espresso machines are totally manual coffee machines contributes to their portability. This means that you are the sole source of energy for turning water into espresso. In most circumstances, this entails water heating. Some espresso machines are unconcerned about how the water is heated: microwave, stovetop, grill, or whatever. Others, such as the metal Bialetti Moka Express, are incompatible with microwaves and induction cooktops.

If you can’t find a way to heat the water, there are a few solutions that will do it for you — but they will require access to an electrical outlet.

Preheating these espresso makers improves their performance. A chilly machine, like your home espresso machine, will produce tepid and unpleasant espresso!

Why not have a peek at our video below to discover what it’s like to make coffee on the road? We go over a variety of brewing techniques that are sure to please everyone.

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