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Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker Review: Is It Worth It?

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Cuisinart has been a famous kitchen tools for a long time.

A lot of people has falling in love with their products,

and here we are, reviewing about Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker!

Natasya has an experience she would like to share with you

Natasya’s Story

Cuisinart electric pressure cooker
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I’m so into cooking meats…

However, to buy wagyu meats is not the only way to get…

…an easy-to-cut meat. So I like to do a traditional way,

by putting it on a boiling water. However, it consumes a lot of gas…

…and hours to cook. So sometimes, I just feel fed up and…

…cook salad instead. One day my son brings me a big mysterious box…

…it’s wrtiten on the box “for the love of cooking meats”

I know it is a present for me. He bought me Cuisinart electric pressure cooker!

It’s so helpful to my life! What a sweet boy I have,

If you ever experienced some things like Natasya,

you should proceed your reading!

Let’s. check it out!

Pressure Cooker Mechanism

Cuisinart electric pressure cooker
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A pressure cooker is basically a pot with a locking cove…

…and a steam pressure control valve within. 

When liquids reach a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, 

…they begin to boil in traditional cooking. 

However, as the pot heats up inside a pressure cooker…

…with a gasket-sealed cover, pressure develops in the lid, 

trapping steam and raising the temperature…

…to about 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 

When compared to other appliances, 

…this results in faster and more efficient cooking times.

Any meat that requires a long cooking time… 

….in the traditional sense is excellent for pressure cooking 

Using a pressure cooker, you may reduce the cooking…

…time from 6 hours to 45 to 55 minutes.

Modern pressure cookers are available in a variety of configurations, 

…ranging from electric countertop models to stovetop models, 

…with settings ranging from a simple push of a button…

…to greater customization for more experienced chefs. 

But, with so many models, brands, and price ranges…

…to choose from, how do you know which one to get? 

We understand how difficult it is to choose, 

…so we combed through hundreds of evaluations…

…from genuine consumers, ranging from first-time…

…users to seasoned cooks, to discover which ones they like. 

We’ve compiled a list of reviewers’ top picks across…

…a range of pricing points and expertise levels.

What Should You Consider Before Buying A Pressure Cooker

Cuisinart electric pressure cooker
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Stainless steel is becoming increasingly popular..

…because it is more durable and maintains a gleaming, 

…fresh appearance for years. It is, however, 

…somewhat more expensive than aluminum cookers, 

…because the material does not transfer heat as well.

On the other hand, aluminum is a great heat conductor. 

It’s also lightweight and a little less expensive. 

However, it is less durable, as the metal can bend 

…and the look fades with time.

A stainless steel cooker with an aluminum-clad base…

…offers the best of both worlds. This enables stainless steel’s…

…toughness to be coupled with aluminum’s excellent…

…heat conduction. As a result, these cooktop versions..

…are usually the most costly of the lot.

Is It Manual Or Electric

Electric pressure cookers are slower to reach pressure…

…than stovetop ones, taking nearly three times as long in our testing. 

They are, however, easier to use, and if you acquire a sense …

…of how long your recipes will take, they should require less supervision..

…than stovetop models. Another benefit? Other cooking options,

… such as steaming or preparing rice, are available…

…with the electric pressure cookers we evaluated.

Electric pressure cookers are almost silent for the majority…

…of the cooking process, and only make a noise when the pressure…

…is released at the conclusion. Because the electric component…

…of the pot releases pressure, the contents of the pot might spray…

…onto the lid and outside, making cleanup a bit more difficult.

Dishwasher Safe

If your pressure cooker is made out of aluminium or stainless steel,

…it is safe for it to put on a dishwasher. However you have…

… to pay attention if the pressure cooker is electric,

…you can not put the in the dishwasher, or it might…

…cause them to break all the electric use.


When it comes to a pressure cooker there are some stores…

…that sale non-original parts of the pressure cooker…

…such as the rubber that might broke over years…

…and small particles that might fade its color overtime.

For some people it might be inconvenient to find the particles all by themselves.


Cuisinart CPC-400 Pressure Cooker

What I really like about this pressure cooker is the fact…

…that I can brown my meats first and then pressure cook them.

Gravy can then be easily made when meat is done.

It is “one stop shopping” for a meal. I purchased 3 thus far,

…including two for my two daughters.

They just got theirs for their birthday and were quite excited.

I am so glad that I chose Cuisinart. It is my favorite brand.


  • 800 watts; 4-quart capacity
  • Cooking choices and pre-programmed parameters are controlled via a push button: Browning, Simmering, Sautéing, and Low & High Pressure Set the temperature to warm.
  • Timer with a 99-minute countdown and an LED countdown display: 1-minute increments from 0 to 40 minutes, 5-minute increments from 40 to 99 minutes
  • Cool touch side handles; digital thermostat
  • Dishwasher-safe nonstick frying pot

Pros :

The Cuisinart 4 Qt. Pressure Cooker makes it simple to prepare small meals..

…or side dishes fast. Toss the ingredients into the pot, close the lid,

… and let the pressure cooker take care of the rest. Before cooking, 

…brown, simmer, or sauté the food in the saucepan and keep it warm. 

Food keeps more vitamins and minerals than when cooked…

…traditionally, and it stays moist and flavorful.

Cuisinart’s brand mission is to create and sell innovative, 

…high-end kitchen goods that allow people to quickly and 

…simply prepare home cooked meals for their families, 

…from a cup of coffee to a lavish holiday feast.


Some people find it hard to place and use. 

When the cable is not places well, it will be shutted off immediately, 

…it’s also dangerous when left plugged in.

People has to read the instructions carefully to be able…

…to use it well.

Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker CPC-600


With the aid of this 6-quart electric pressure cooker,

…you can spend less time in the kitchen preparing meals..

…because it reduces cooking times by up to 70%

…when compared to typical stovetop cooking techniques.

Its tight seal seals in heat, moisture, and taste,

,,,as well as vitamins and minerals, for incredibly nutritious,

…great-tasting meals like soup, chili, and other one-dish dinners.

It’s also great for cheesecake and custard,

…because dessert shouldn’t be overlooked.

Push-button controls, easy to read digital display

…and precision thermostat are all free of BPA.

There are settings for pressure cooking, warming, and simmering.

A timer, cool-touch handles, and a cooking pot are included in the package.

There is a 3-year limited warranty on new and used cars from $113.92.


Reduce time spent in the kitchen preparing meals…

…with the help of this 6-quart electric pressure cooker

…it cuts cooking times up to 70-percent when compared

..to traditional stovetop cooking methods.

The unit traps steam inside, which builds up pressure…

…to create hotter temperatures, and its tight seal locks in heat,

…moisture, and flavor, as well as vitamins and minerals for exceptionally

…healthy, great-tasting meals like soup, chili, and other one-dish entrees.

It also works well for cheesecake and custard,

because dessert should never be left off the menu.

Push-button controls and an easy-to-read digital display

…minimize guessing, while a precise digital thermostat…

…keeps temperatures in check. Preprogrammed options for high-

…and low-pressure cooking, browning, simmering, sautéing,

….and warming are available. For pressure to rise safely,

…the cooker must be fully locked, and it will remain locked…

..until the pressure within lowers to zero.

A 99-minute timer with an LED countdown clock,

…cool-touch side handles, and a nonstick cooking pot..

…that cleans up simply by hand or in the dishwasher

…are among the other advantages.

Cooking has never been easier, quicker, or healthier.

Your Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker locks in steam…

…and nutrients, allowing you to cook hotter and quicker.

Cook with less water, and you’ll get amazing textures and flavors.

Easy touch-button controls, a countdown timer,

and a cooking pot large enough for a pot roast..

…with all the ingredients are all included. 

Cons :

On some cases the pressure looses its functions…

…after 6 months. Automation and button uses…

…on the pressure cooker is useless after some months. 

Let’s See The Comparison!

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Sum Up!

Cuisinart electric pressure cooker has some varieties of capacities…

…that you could choose. It’s varieties allows us to feel free,

…about which one should we take. This matter would affect on…

…space that we use in the kitchen.


Which one of the duo that you like the most?

Or do you prefer a stove pressure cooker?

It is totally up to you! If you live in an apartment,

that provides you electric stove, it is possible, that you might be thinking…

..to buy an electric pressure cooker from Cuisinart!


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