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Wood Pellet Grill Flavors Explained – The Ultimate Guide

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The following are some general guidelines for which foods go well with wood pellet flavor, and you can choose the best wood as you needed.

Wood Pellet Flavor: Alder

Because of their mild flavor and aroma, these pellets are the most versatile. Alder wood produces a lot of smoke without overpowering even the mildest flavors, such as chicken, fish, or baked goods. When you want to add that perfect wood-fired flavor to your Alder pellets, try these Bacon Wrapped Scallops. Alder is a great place to shop.

Wood Pellet Flavor: Apple

Apple wood pellets, which are most commonly used with poultry and pork, provide a light fruity smoke that complements mildly flavored meats. Apple pellets elevate this Smoke Roasted Apple Pie to new heights of deliciousness. Consider this: apple wood smoked apple pie. Unbelievable. Apple is available for purchase.

Wood Pellet Flavor: Cherry

Cherry wood is one of the more flavorful pellets, making it ideal for applications that require a hearty smoke flavor. These Marinated Beef Ribs are a must-try. These flavorful ribs don’t need any sauce to be exceptionally flavorful, thanks to the marinade and cherry smoke. Cherry is a great place to shop.

Wood Pellet Flavor: Hickory

Hickory pellets are probably the most commonly used pellets in barbecue, and they have a strong flavor that goes well with most meats. Some people prefer to mix hickory with a milder pellet like oak or apple because it can be a little strong. The addition of hickory pellets to this Anytime Pork Roast is sure to impress. Hickory is a great place to shop.

Wood Pellet Flavor: Maple

Maple pellets are mild with a hint of sweetness, and they’re especially good on pork and turkey. When you smoke your holiday Herb Roasted Turkey with maple pellets, your family will beg you to cook it every year. Maple is a great place to shop.

Wood Pellet Flavor: Mesquite

Mesquite pellets, a Texas BBQ favorite, infuse your meat with a hearty smoke flavor. That smoky flavor is perfect for dishes like these Southwestern Stuffed Peppers, which are in desperate need of a little something extra. Mesquite is a great place to shop.

Wood Pellet Flavor: Oak

Oak is a great middle ground as far as smoke intensity goes. A little stronger than cherry or apple, and a little lighter than hickory, Oak is great to use with fish and veggies or — like with Mahi-Mahi Shish Kabobs — both at the same time.

Wood Pellet Flavor: Pecan

Deliciously nutty and even a little spicy, pecan pellets are great with beef, pork, or poultry. They add a great depth to baked goods as well. Be sure to try this recipe for Mom’s Best Pumpkin Bread and enjoy the added nutty flavor from the Pecan smoke.

Wood Pellet Blending Inspiration


Hickory, cherry, and maple come together to achHickory, cherry, and maple combine to create a classic BBQ blend that complements any classic BBQ dish. Use this wood pellet blend to smoke your favorite foods. It has a full-bodied flavor that is sure to impress thanks to a special blend.


This mild smoke flavor blend adds a nice gentle touch of smoke to seafood, vegetables, and desserts, making it a go-to for seafood, vegetables, and desserts. Drizzle some olive oil over a tray of your favorite vegetables and roast them; snap peas, asparagus, and/or Brussels sprouts would be particularly good with the sweet smoke flavor. It’s also a nice addition to corn on the cob, salmon, or your daily catch.


Pair it with Leinenkugel’s Wood Pellet Blend if you have a favorite summer spice blend or marinade. This pellet blend combines alder, maple, and a hint of citrus flavor to enhance mild flavors while also adding a hint of citrus zest. Seafood lovers should try it with a skewer of shrimp and peppers, or finish off lobster tails with it. It goes well with savory and sweet poultry, fish, and vegetables. A must-have for beach barbecues.


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