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Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Induction Cooktop Brand Review: Why You Should Buy?

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Looking for the best Induction Cooktop on the market?…

….Feeling hard to find the right Induction Cooktop for your kitchen?…

…Said less!…

…In this article we will give you the best review of Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Induction Cooktop that could elevate your cooking game…

…So, stick around!

But before we continue, let’s hear a story from Denise!

Here’s from Denise

I was just moving in into my new apartment…

But apparently something is missing…

I couldn’t find any stove in my kitchen….

….I’m extremely confuse what type of stove that could fit in just well at my apartment…

….Then my friend gave me a suggestions to buy Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Induction Cooktop since it’s known for the most easy to use and clean induction cooktop….

When it came, I really glad that I found the best Induction Cooktop ever…

It really melts my heart how efficient this Induction Cooktop are and really elevate my mood when cooking!

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.

Harriet Van Horne, American Writer

Let’s get back to the topic….

Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Induction Cooktop Brand Overview


This is a relatively new Duxtop offering, having been released at the end of 2018…

…This is a two-burner portable Induction Cooktop; it is not a substitute for a built-in cooktop….

…However, it is a very nice double portable induction cooktop with a lot of great features.

This Duxtop double cooktop is no exception to the company’s reputation for producing high-quality, low-cost portables…

….It has the same high-performance features as Duxtop’s single burners, such as a wide temperature range and 20 power and temperature settings for precise control…

…It also appreciate the 60-second delay shutoff, which is uncommon on portables…

…If you take a pan off the burner, it won’t turn off for another 60 seconds…

…If you’ve ever used a portable burner without this feature, you know how inconvenient it is to have to reset the burner every time you move a pan.

You might think to yourself…

Why Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Induction Cooktop Worth To Buy?

Induction cooktop

Its Amazing Features

  • Standard 120V outlet
  • 1800W
  • Great Duxtop features including auto safety shutoff for overheating (above 460F), high/low voltage warning, and error code message system
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Digital readout shows temperature, timer, and error codes
  • Power sharing to automatically adjust power levels when both burners are being used
  • 60 second-delayed shutoff when pan is removed
  • 20 temp settings from 100-460F
  • 20 power settings from 100-1800W
  • 10 hour timer, settable in 1-minute increments (will run for 10 consecutive hours)
  • One-touch Boil and Keep Warm shortcut buttons
  • Pan sensor: unit won’t switch on if no pan is detected
  • Cooling fans run continuously while in operation
  • Easy to clean

Its Amazing Controls

When both burners are in use, the 9620LS uses power sharing to automatically adjust power levels…

…The left burner has a 1,800W maximum power and the right burner has a 1,000W maximum power….

….When one burner’s power is increased, the power available to the other burner is reduced.

With a maximum total power of 1,800W, this is a common feature on double induction cooktops..

…it’s how they keep power shared between the two burners.

Shortcut keys for Boil/Keep Warm are available on the 9620LS LCD…

…After 10 minutes, the Boil shortcut key turns off the burner.

Both burners have their own timers that can be set for up to 10 hours of continuous use…

..Both burners have an auto shutoff feature after two hours of use if no timer is set.

Its Safety Features

  • Sensor for automatic pan
  • Auto-shutdown (60s delay if pan after pan is removed; 2 hrs if timer is not used)
  • Settings that can be locked
  • The error code is displayed


To Sum Up

In RVs, tiny homes, and other small spaces, double induction cooktops can be used full-time or as additional burners as needed…

….This Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Induction Cooktop is 1800 watts and use a standard wall outlet…

…making them easy to use while still being powerful enough to deliver good results.


In conclusion, this Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Induction Cooktop is such a great investment to your kitchen…

….It has all amazing features that you could ever ask in an Induction Cooktop!

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