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Electric Dough Roller Machine – Efficient Rolling


Electric dough roller machine
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Do you sometimes feel like the dough is just too heavy to handle? Well, fear not! With the help of an electric dough roller machine, you can easily and quickly roll out dough without having to worry about it breaking or becoming too stiff.

What is a dough roller machine, and what are its different features? In this blog post, we will discuss all of these questions and more. So, stick around for a comprehensive guide on dough roller machines!

Electric Dough Roller Machine

What is a Dough Roller

A food preparation tool called a roller docker, also known as a rolling docker, dough docker, roto-fork, or just a docker, resembles either a small, spiky rolling pin or a small rotating tiller.

To prevent over-rising or blistering, it is used to penetrate bread dough, cracker dough, pizza dough, or pastry dough.

What is a Dough Sheeter

The introduction of dough sheeters changed the game of cooking pizza and brought simplicity to your kitchen.

A dough sheeter is a piece of equipment of professional grade that cooks can use to quickly roll out large quantities of dough. It is perfect for eateries and pizzerias that often receive large quantities of pizza, spaghetti, bread, and pastries.

Nothing can compare to the dough that skilled bakers roll out by hand, but if you have a dough sheeter in your kitchen, you can make accurate, even, and silky dough with little effort and time.

We have an article about the best dough roller sheeter machine on our blog here: The Best 3 Dough Rolling Machines

How does a Dough Sheeter Work

Rolling dough between two rollers is all that is required to operate a dough sheeter. Two or more cylindrical rollers of identical length are mounted parallel to one another in the dough sheeter.

The dough that needs to be processed is put between these two rollers and adjusted to the proper thickness.

The dough is compressed as it passes through these rotating rollers. Until you achieve the proper thickness, you can put the dough through the rollers several times.

You can now cut the sheet into the required shape after obtaining the proper thickness. For pizza bases, a circular shape is typically favored, however other shapes can be cut.

Over time, air pockets form in fermented dough, which can lead to a thick and moist pizza crust.

By squeezing the dough between the rollers, rolling removes such air and gas pockets. After baking, this flat, silky pizza skin transforms into a thin, crispy pizza crust.

The dough sheeter is able to carry out a number of tasks that can be quite useful for those working in the commercial food industry.

It can transform individual batches of dough into one huge sheet. From this sheet, you can cut as many pizza skins as you’d like in the desired size and form. Additionally, you can combine several layers with various flavor characteristics to create one layer.

Difference Between a Dough Roller and a Dough Sheeter

The terms “pizza dough roller” and “dough sheeter” can be used interchangeably. You may run upon phrases like “dough docker,” “rolling docker,” etc.

Each of them has been designed specifically to roll any type of dough into the proper shape. However, the productivity ratios and efficiencies of various devices differ.

The primary distinction between a dough roller and a dough sheeter is that the latter is made to make uniformly thick dough sheets that are smooth and consistent throughout, offering the best quality.

The primary focus of dough sheeters is business. On the other side, the job of a dough roller is to roll the dough, whether it be with a small rolling pin or another useful tool. In general, it is not incorrect to state that every dough roller also sheets dough.

This equipment is offered in a variety of variations on the market.

Some are automatic with cutting-edge technology, some are automatic with electricity, and some are manual. The ratio of food produced by your restaurant or kitchen at home will come after the decision.

A pizza dough roller can serve you well if you cook at home. These are the perfect ingredient for flatbread and pizza skins. However, you must choose an electric or automatic dough sheeter if you are a restaurant or pizzeria owner and prefer large production volume.

These tools will speed up production while ensuring accuracy and consistency each time.


In this blog, we have explained what an electric dough roller machine/sheeter machine is and how it works.

By reading this blog, you will be better equipped to choose the right dough roller machine for your bakery or kitchen.

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