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How To Use A Cooking Torch? 4 Superb Steps To Use It

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How to use a cooking torch? Most of us have heard about the benefits of using a cooking torch for grilling and other indoor cooking. If you are curious about how to use a cooking torch, then this article is for you.

We will be taking a detailed look at its various parts and functionality in order to give you an idea on how to use it safely and effectively. In this blog, we also have an article about best culinary torches on amazon that you might want to read about it.

Produced as a finishing tool for baked goods, this utensil is most often used to add the golden tan surface to crème brulée desserts by caramelizing sugar sprinkled over the top.”


What is cooking torch?

Cooking torch is a special tool used for cooking. This can be used for different purposes, like preparing food, cooking vegetables, and even to light the fire. It has a long handle that can be used to lift the pot or pan and keep it in place while cooking. This tool also has a small flame that can be used to cook food. The flame can easily reach deep into the bottom of the pan. Cooking torches come in various sizes and shapes. Some have two flames on each side, some are single-flame models.

They usually come with an adjustable nozzle and you can adjust them according to your cooking needs. You can buy these tools online. There are many brands available. You can choose from any brand you want. However, make sure you buy from trusted sources only. Below, I will show you about how to use a cooking torch.

A cooking torch is a kitchen utensil which is designed to apply even, high heat to a variety of foods for finishing purposes.”

Mary McMahon, author from delightedcooking.com

How To Use A Cooking Torch

  1. Check that your nozzle is clean. The nozzle of the blow torch will get filthy if you or others use it often. If there are food particles blocking the nozzle, it may result in poor aim. You may also wind up with terrible taste if you get fragments of old food on the dish you’re cooking. You may clean the nozzle with a towel or dish cloth if it is filthy.
  2. Aim the torch away from you. The torch, including your other hand, should be directed away from your body. Second and third degree burns are relatively uncommon when using a kitchen torch. In addition, to prevent setting oneself on fire, make sure you are wearing proper clothes and that it is not in the path of the flame.
  3. Sweep the brush in a slow, sweeping motion. To properly torch your food, carefully move the torch back and forth over the area you wish to grill or char. If you just direct the torch in one location, you will most likely burn your meal.
  4. Turn the gas off. When you’re through torching, switch off the hands-free mode and then turn off the gas on your torch. After you’ve switched off the gas, you may put your torch away. If you are not using the hands-free version, press and hold the ‘on’ button for a few seconds before turning off the torch.

Consideration before buying cooking torch

Before purchasing a torch, consider certain things as given below. These factors will help you select the right model:

  • Size: Most people think that a bigger capacity means better performance. However, this is not always true. A big torch may burn more but it won’t provide enough heat. So, look at the size of the torch. Compare the capacities of different torches. If you need high heat, then go for a larger torch. But if you don’t require much heat, then get a smaller one.
  • Capacity: The second thing to think about when you purchase a torch is its capacity. What do I mean by capacity? Well, how much food should you cook in one sitting? If the capacity is low, then you might end up wasting a lot of time. How much food can you fit in a large capacity torch? Most people find it difficult to answer this question. It depends upon the type of food you plan to prepare. When using a torch, you must keep track of the number of servings that you would like to cook. This will ensure that you are able to carry out all your tasks without missing any.
  • Flame Power: The third thing to consider is the flame power of the torch. How strong is the flame? As mentioned above, there are two types of torches – single-flame and double-flame torches. While most single-flame torches have medium flame power, double-flame torches can give off higher flame. So check the flame power before making the purchase.
  • Safety Feature: Safety is another important factor you should consider. Be careful when using a torch. Don’t leave the torch unattended when you are not using it. Always check the safety mechanism. Make sure the switch is turned off and the torch isn’t exposed to liquids. Also check whether the torch has a childproof cap. If yes, make sure the cap is properly fastened. And lastly, always follow the instructions provided in the manual. They contain vital information about how to operate the torch safely.
  • Material: You must also pay attention to the material used to manufacture the torch. Look at the quality of materials used in manufacturing the torch. Is it made of stainless steel or aluminum? Stainless steel is considered best because it doesn’t rust. Aluminum tends to oxidize over time. So, if possible, buy a torch made of stainless steel.
  • Price: Cooking torch prices differ depending on their size, shape, flame power, capacity, and other factors. For example, the price of a 16 oz. torch range from $10 to $20. On average, they cost around $12.50. So, budget well and spend wisely!

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