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Culinary Torches: Ignite Your Culinary Adventures

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Best Culinary Torches

Are culinary torches necessary? Probably not.

However, it is a kitchen tool that you will enjoy using…

…the second you add one to your arsenal.

You can use butane-fueled gadgets to lightly brown sugar…

…on a crème brûlée, torch marshmallows, sear steaks & other proteins…

…cook meringues, melt cheese, roast peppers, and so much more.

Are you worried about holding such a powerful flame in your hands?

There’s no need to worry…

…because these torches all feature an anti-flare safety mechanism…

…that ensures the flame won’t come close to your hands.

You should have an idea of what you intend to use this torch for…

…before you buy it, as different models offer different flame strengths…

…maximum temperatures, and usability.

Words from Choi…

I was hesitant to spend money on a tool I’ll only use on the weekends for bbqing,

but if a propane bottle exploded and caught me on fire, my weekend would be ruined….

So I decided to go with this and I can tell it’s not cheaply made.

I’ve got two small bottles of propane down and no explosions.

Let’s jump right in!

  Our Top Choices for Culinary Torches  

You can fuel your next culinary adventure with these best culinary torches.

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Iwatani International PRO2 Culinary Butane Torch

Culinary torches
credits: amazon.com

Classic Japanese brand Iwatani has been making high-quality torches for decades.

To use this torch head, you’ll need to purchase…

…the brand’s proprietary butane canisters separately.

With each canister you will get about 100 minutes of burn time…

…which is plenty for the average home cook.

You can adjust the size and shape of the flame…

…at any time if you want to customize it.

The consistent and powerful strength of this flame is loved by reviewers. 

It is not necessary to continually replenish the fuel source…

…or to worry about the flame fading…

…because the source is directly attached to the head.


  • The torch head is directly connected to the fuel source
  • Despite the low price, the quality is still high


  • Need to buy the brand’s fuel tanks

Keep reading…

EurKitchen Butane Torch with Fuel Gauge

Culinary torches
credits: amazon.com

In order to torch a crème brûlée…

…you need a flame that’s strong enough to melt sugar…

…but you also need to be able to control…

…and maneuver the flame so that you do not burn the sugar…

…or warm the custard underneath.

The EurKitchen torch offers excellent control and strength…

…making it a natural choice for any crème brûlée fan.

The canister holds 12 grams of butane…

…and the convenient fuel gauge alerts you when you need to refill.

“When torching crème brulee, the best place to start is with an even level of turbinado sugar on top.” 

Gabrielle Draper, Pastry Chef and Associate Manager, R&D Technical Culinary Applications at Barry Callebaut

With this model, you can shoot up to 6 inches of fire…

…and the finger guard keeps you from getting burned by the hot flame.

Gas control knobs provide super consistent and steady flames…

…which are ideal when you’re melting down sugar for crème brûlée.

Browning must be even and consistent.

You can buy a version without the fuel gauge for a little less.


  • The fuel gauge lets you know when to refill
  • The canister can hold 12 grams of butane
  • Flame is 6 inches long and very steady


  • Will need to refill frequently if used often

Gibot Blow Torch Lighter

Culinary torches
credits: amazon.com

It’s a great idea to start with this model…

…which is less than $20, if you aren’t quite ready to invest in this kitchen purchase.

Start with a homemade crème brûlée or a few marshmallows…

…to get comfortable with the torch. 

Due to the model’s smaller size, you won’t need to worry…

…about excessively large flames, which can be intimidating for a first-time user.

The canister holds about 8-10 grams of butane…

…and needs to be refilled when it’s empty.

It churns out flames longer than 6 inches despite its height of just under 5 inches.

In terms of big batch torching, you may find it difficult…

…to continuously refill the comparatively small canister…

…but for a kitchen torching novice, this would be perfect.


  • Small and easy to handle
  • Great for beginners


  • No fuel gauge

Go on…

Jo Chef Refillable Butane Torch

Culinary torches
credits: amazon.com

Start with something approachable and easy to use…

…if you’re still getting used to using culinary torches at home.

You don’t need to order butane separately since this torch comes with it.

You can check the fuel gauge to see how much fuel is left in the canister…

…when it is time to refuel.

Multiple safety locks and an adjustable flame function…

…ensure that users of all skill levels are safe and protected from the flame.

If you would like to gift your friends a torch…

…this model arrives gift-ready, so go ahead and share the fire.


  • Fuel included
  • Safety lock
  • Adjustable flame


  • Requires frequent fuel refilling if used a lot

Last, but not least..

SearPro Multi-Use Cooking Torch

Culinary torches
credits: amazon.com

This torch is the top-of-the-line model with all the bells and whistles.

It has a super sleek design and a powerful flame, too.

Additionally, due to its compact size, it is easy to transport…

…making it an excellent camping or outdoor adventure accessory.

While it is super powerful, its variable fuel control allows you…

…to use it to cook delicate dishes like crème brûlée…

…and meringue as well as heavier tasks.

Use the full power flame for tasks like searing steaks

…roasting peppers, or lighting a campfire.

A torch like this is certainly pricey…

…but if you want something that can be used for anything…

…from toasting marshmallows to caramelizing ham, you should consider it.

Reviewers love using this high-powered torch…

…to finish off steaks and centerpiece proteins.

Although it costs nearly twice or three times…

…as much as some competitors…

…customers believe the investment is worth it and they love the product.


  • Extremely powerful flame
  • Fuel control allows small and large flames


  • Fuel sold separately


Sum Up!

Based on our review of all the products mentioned above…

…the Iwatani International PRO2 Culinary Butane Torch is our top pick…

…for the best culinary torch. 

Torches come with adjustable flame sizes and shapes.

This flame is also loved for its constant and powerful strength.   


We hope our guide to the best culinary torches gave you enough information…

…to make the right choice for your needs.

Using your preferred tool, you’ll be baking the perfect creme brulee and…

…other toasted goodies in no time!


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