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Steak Knives Selection Guide: Cut with Precision

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The Benefits Of A Good Steak Knives

In our culture, steak knives have a unique place.

You have grown up to see those late-night newsletters, who stated boldly…

…”We are going to throw a set of steak knives if you call now.”

It appears like there’s been a promise of a series of steak knives.

The steak meal is the “low-key luxury” we call today.

Although it’s a very accessible food in its entirety, it is nevertheless unusual.

It feels like a great event when you are sitting with your friend to savor a few steaks.

But there are few better methods to make people feel more treasured than…

…by feeding them a delicious steak if you are having people for meals.

Steak knives
credit: ebay.com

A nice steak knife is good to grasp on (comfortably snuggled into the…

…user’s hand), it will be good to use, and it will look fantastic.

You want your decoration to match and you want to look strong…

…imposing and physically impressive, too. It could even generate a discussion…

…and you would like this dialogue to be “which one did you get?”…

…Steak knives are, of course, not only for customers or members of the family.

You also want to make sure that you use a knife to improve the flavour…

…texture, and not damage the meat by shredding it brutally.

It will inevitably lose its juiciness if you put a terrible blade to a chunk of meat.

In here, we also have an article about what are steak knives used for

…that you might want to read about it.

Before looking at top picks of the best steak knives…

…maybe it would be better if we heard a story from my friend about…

…the great benefits of this steak knives.

Here’s the Jessica’s story…

Living life as a housewife is fun…

we are always in a situation where we can make food.

Lately my son often asks for steak to be made.

I had a feeling that some cooking utensil was missing, and yes I knew it!

I need steak knives to make the cooking process easier.

but I do not know the details and advantages of each product.

Of course, the use of steak knives that is not suitable will interfere…

with the cooking process. Finally I decided to read an article on the internet…

about steak knives, after I understand the advantages…

and disadvantages of each product, I ended up choosing one.

And now my kitchen knives collection is complete to help kitchen work!

Happiness is having a rare steak, a bottle of whiskey, and a dog to eat the rare steak.”

Johnny Carson. Writer.

Our Top Picks For Steak Knives

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Let’s begin…

Gladiator Series 8-Piece Steak Knives Set

This 8-piece stainless steel steak knife set comes with a vivid…

…red handle from Dalstrong’s beautiful Gladiator series.

The colorful knife set is balanced, slices like butter, and is…

…an instantly displayed part in your kitchen with pride.


  • The blades are made of extremely sharp, full-size, imported German stainless steel, Thyssenkrupp high carbon.
  • With these blades you’ll receive clean, straight cuts, hand sharpened to 14-16 degrees per side, heat carefully processed and perfectly sharpened.
  • Intelligent design and engineering make this a collection which proudly enhances its beautiful knife block.
  • A great gift for steak lovers and home cooks.


  • This is not a clamping blade, as opposed to some other possibilities available, so remember to decide whether to acquire this set.
  • I am a big fan, however some people might like something more subtle, while it’s vivid red finish. Fortunately, instead of the red handles, you also have this collection in attractive white presentation. Whatever you choose, the aesthetic and amazing performance will repay you.

Gladiator Series Straight-Edge Steak Knives Set

We have a smaller version with a white ABS handle and a hollow edge…

…blade for the above mentioned 8-piece Gladiator Series knife kit.

A more compact and amazing version with the same presentation and quality.


  • This knife set boasts a very sharp blade, sharpened to 14-16 degrees per side, skillfully heat treated and perfectly sharpened.
  • As a pared-down version of the larger set, it offers incredible quality at an accessible price. 
  • It just looks fantastic.


  • The set includes 4 steak cnives only; check out the upper 8-piece block if you are seeking for a bigger set in Dalstrong’s Gladiator Series.
  • Unlike the set above, this set does not include the wooden block.

look for another product…

Shadow Black Series Steak Knives Set (4) – NSF Certified

For several reasons, Dalstrong’s Shadow Black series is my favorite personal favorite…

…not the least of which is an unbelievable, smart, futuristic design and colour.

At 58+ Rockwell, it’s as powerful as it appears, with a raster-sharp high-carbon…

…stainless steel blade. And your palm is fitted with the unusual geometry…

…of the handle, which is inspired by the Nighthawk Stealth Fighter F-117.

Picture your guests sitting down and receiving this very unique set of steak

…knives for dinner. Start immediate dialogue.


  • Elegant, sophisticated, futuristic look thanks to its black non-reflective titanium-nitride coating.
  • Hand sharpened to 16-18° per side.
  • Ergonomic handle shape makes this great knife fun and comfortable to operate.
  • Light and compact, but sacrificing none of its power.


  • The titanium cover does require a little bit of extra care when it comes to sharpening the steel.
  • Some folks are not crazy about the Shadow Black Series’s distinctive look.

make your decision now…

Shogun Series Steak Knife Set 4

This knife set is a smart, robust addition to a well-known series of shoguns…

…from Dalstrong, including a powerful high-carbon, stainless steel blade…

…a high-end G10 handle and a gorgeous blade pattern from the Tsunami Rose.

Looks fantastic, works like a dream.


  • Precision forged from
  • a single piece of 66-layered damascus high-carbon stainless steel cladding.
  • Sharpened to a staggering 8 -12°degree angle per side.
  • Tapered bolster provides a natural and comfortable pinch grip.
  • This is another magnificent knife with the Shogun series Tsunami rose pattern, with friends and family asking all of you about it.


  • If you like a cleaner-looking design, look into the Crusader Series.

pay attention with…

What To Look For In A Steak Knife – Buying Guide

Steak knives
credit: ebay.com

A few crucial factors must be taken into account to determine which steak

…knives to buy. However, we have a particular usage in mind as opposed…

…to other catch-all kitchens like the chef’s cup, a paring knife or a tool knife.

This is a knife specifically designed to be cut into a steak, and we must thus…

…steer our mind in this direction.


Sharpness is one of the most important concerns. We want to make sure that we…

…buy a sharp, retained blade, strong and durable in order to resist continuous…

…sharpening over the years. Also, look for a full blade of tang.

It’s vital to have a complete tang for your safety and longevity.


Steak knives
credit: chefsmandala.com

Material quality must also be considered. For instance, you will get far better…

…and endure lot longer by a high carbon stainless steel knife blade. They have…

…their own tits to consider. Ceramic blades, stainless steel blades, forged knives.

I didn’t have a second thought for the longest time, steak knives.

I thought you were a completely utilitarian creature; you just purchased the…

cheapest thing you could find in the shop and you only picked another set after…

…that stopped being good. I’m sure now, why this is a horrible idea, it’s evident to you.

You can buy a flickery, low quality steak knives everywhere, possibly at a very good…

…price. But if you skimp on quality, you will always find yourself buying them.

A decent set of steak knives last for years with the right amount of care.

Keep going…


It is crucial to consider comfort, just like with any knife.

At the dinner table you are going to use these cubes, and you want to make…

…sure that they are a great overall restaurant experience.

You want them to be nice and easy to control, which…

…helps to share an overall pleasure with individuals.

Comfort goes hand in hand with safety, and not only that.

A comfortable and easy handle does not only save discomfort…

…but also increases the precision and maneuverableness…

…of the knife, which makes dining pleasant and safe. Plastic handle…

…handle for packaging, handle for stainless steel, they are all variables.


Steak knives
credit: picclick.com

Finally, we are absolutely reluctant to concentrate…

…exclusively on the functional elements of the steak knives.

These are knives you will share with guests, so you want…

…them to look attractive and trendy, of course.

You want them to ignite talk so that they seem as nice as anything else on your table.

This could sound superficial, but looks should also be taken into account.

Sum Up

How long will the knives of steak last? There is offline way of answering…

…this issue, of course, but for many, if not one, years a good quality set of steak

…knives which have been properly stored, cared for, sharpened and fashioned.

Choose one of the sets above to make sure that your steak knives get…

…the maximum value.


It is vital to wash your blades as regularly as conventional knives. It is important.

You may easily put it in the dishwasher if your steak knives has a wooden handle…

…but if you have a stainless steel handle, it is good to wash your handle with.

However, the evidence shows that cleaning your steak knives hand-washing…

…will sharpen them longer in the long term, as high heat and chemicals on the…

…dishwasher can break down the blade and its sharpness.

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