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What Size Range for Gas Range Stove Top with Griddle? 4 Best Brands You Need to Know


When you’re shopping for a gas range stove top with griddle, it’s important to be mindful of the cooktop size. There are four major brands with different cooktop sizes – so make sure to select the one that corresponds to your cooking needs.

For example, if you’re looking for a small cooktop, go for a stove top from a small-size range. If you’re looking for a medium cooktop, go for a range with a medium-size cooktop.

And finally, if you’re looking for a large cooktop, go for a range with a large cooktop. Once you have the cooktop size, be sure to read the reviews and our guide before making a purchase to make sure you’re getting the best gas range stove top for your needs.

Size Range for Gas Range Stove Top with Griddle

Gas range stove top with griddle
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Did you know, that recent studies, such as this one from Stanford University, have found that methane leaks associated with gas stoves and cooktops may pose health risks, particularly in the absence of adequate ventilation? So even if gas is an option for you, there are very good reasons to give it some second thought.

The cooktop size is something to keep in consideration when looking for a gas range stove top. Make sure to choose the cooktop that best suits your cooking requirements from the four major brands that provide various sizes.

For instance, choose a stovetop from a modest-size range if you need a small cooktop.

Choose a range with a medium-sized cooktop if you’re looking for a medium cooktop. Finally, choose a range with a large cooktop if you’re looking for a huge cooktop.

To ensure you’re receiving the greatest gas range stove top for your needs after determining the size of the cooktop, check the reviews before making a purchase.

30 in.

The 30-inch range is preferred by most people when it comes to cooking at home. This is due to the fact that it is the ideal size for compact kitchens, taking up little to no counter space.

Overall, for anyone wishing to update their current kitchen setup, a nice 30-inch gas range might be a terrific option.

48 in.

Many gas ranges in the 48-inch size range are available, however, consumers often pick one to increase their cooking space. This is due to the fact that professional gas ranges (which employ griddles) need more space than conventional cooktop units.

A 48-inch range, on average, has more than enough surface area to cook all of the food items that a customer needs to prepare at once. Furthermore, they frequently favor this size because it requires less counter space than 60 or even 66-inch ranges.

60 in.

60 inches is unquestionably significant in the context of the range. Not only is it difficult to find one in stores, but even when you do, they are frequently rather pricey.

Additionally, while gas ranges undoubtedly serve as the focal point of your kitchen, you shouldn’t undervalue their value when it comes to preparing huge meals.


Any cook must select the ideal gas range stove top and griddle. Each brand has a unique style and design in addition to having a different size range.

Here, we’ll cover four of the most well-known brands along with the range of griddle and stovetop sizes that they provide. Before making a purchase, make sure to read the reviews and compare prices.


ZLINE gives an elevated luxury experience with market-leading kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures, taking inspiration from the elegance of Lake Tahoe.

ZLINE takes great pleasure in every aspect of its design, from the exquisite hand-crafted details of its designer finishes to their professional ranges’ top-notch functionality.

Each item is designed to work together smoothly to improve your living.


The gas ranges from THOR Kitchen are workhorses with expert features and functionality. These ranges bring the thunder and elevate your cuisine with twin burners, continuous grates, and an industrial convection fan.


The Empava Appliances is a family-run firm that was established on sound business principles and the belief in honest, moral commerce.

Empava specializes in providing large kitchen equipment and baths, including freestanding bathtubs, whirlpool air bathtubs, attractive range hoods, gas ranges, gas cooktops, and ovens. They are quite proud of our shop and the top equipment we carry.


In order to give consumers worldwide easy access to leisurely and colorful lifestyles, TRIFECTE focuses in home and kitchen appliances. It provides gas cooktops with reliable gas burners, secure thermocouple devices, and user-friendly construction.

TRIFECTE answers quickly and bases its decisions on the demands of the user thanks to its user-focused service.


You’re in luck if you’re seeking for a gas range stove top with griddle that will look great in your kitchen. Our blog has examined four of the most well-liked brands and described the various size ranges for gas range stove top with griddle.

You can choose the ideal stove top for your kitchen by reading this blog and making an informed decision on which brand to purchase!

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