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Horsetail Tea, Super 6 Benefits of This Beverage

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What Is Horsetail Tea

Horsetail has been utilized by people all across the world for thousands of years. This plant was, in fact, one of the earliest herbs that mankind learnt to produce! The ancient Chinese named it “Jian Zi,” or “horse hair plant,” because its long hairs resembled horsehair. They were also aware that horses were known to consume these plants when grazing on pastures. However, it is now known as EquiSed, which translates to “equine sedative” in Latin.

The term “horsetail” is derived from the Greek words “equos” (horse) and “seta” (a bristle-like appendage). This name is appropriate since certain species have bristles similar to those seen on a horse’s tail. Other species have small spines instead of longer hairs. These plants can grow up to 3 feet tall, however they are most usually 1 foot tall. Most horsetails prefer full sun, but may tolerate partial shade if the conditions are favorable.

What Is Horsetail Anyway

Many herbalists recommend horsetail for digestive issues such as stomach ulcers, intestinal gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and indigestion. Horsetail is a well-known fern that has been used as a herbal medicine since the Greek and Roman Empires. It is said to have a variety of therapeutic qualities and is commonly used to promote skin, hair, and bone health. Horsetail is most commonly consume as tea, which is produced by steeping the dry herb in hot water, although it is also available in capsule and tincture form.

Health Benefits of Horsetail

Horsetail offers several health advantages. Let us go through them in more depth below:

Horsetail Tea Can Improves Immunity

Horsetail extract contains antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics, which means it may protect our immune system against the invasion of foreign diseases and chemicals. This is especially useful if you have been injured or are recuperating from an illness, because infections may be considerably more severe when they assault an already compromised immune system.

Anti-Inflammation Treatment

Adding horsetail tea to your health regimen can help alleviate swelling and inflammation if you experience it frequently due to injury, arthritis, gout, or any other condition. The compounds found in this herb can alleviate those symptoms in a short period of time.

Bones Are Strengthened.

Silicon is one of the rarest minerals required by our bodies, and there are very few readily available sources of it in our diet, which is why it is frequently found in supplement form. Horsetail, on the other hand, contains naturally high amounts of silicon, which is important in maintaining bone mineral density and integrity as we age. If you are at high risk of osteoporosis or already have bone deterioration, adding horsetail to your diet is a simple way to halt the decline and, in some circumstances, reverse it!

Horsetail Tea Can Improves Cognition

Horsetail has been shown to increase cognitive abilities in laboratory studies because of the increase in neural pathway efficiency when free radicals are eliminated from the system. Horsetail protects against cognitive disorders as you age, and this means it’s also a brain-boosting herb.

Horsetail Tea Can Help Respiratory Problems

If you have respiratory problems, such as congestion or recurrent colds, drinking horsetail tea can be a great remedy. It serves as an expectorant, cleaning out mucus and phlegm where germs might lodge and develop, as well as strengthening the immune system and reducing inflammation, resulting in respiratory comfort.

Horsetail Tea Can Care The Skin

The Horsetail extract is a unique and complex mixture of several powerful skin care agents, which can be found in various creams and organic beauty products. Horsetail extract contains all the necessary components to help you achieve your goals of reducing redness in your skin, reducing inflammation, and preventing premature aging.

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