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How Long Do Electric Ranges Last? 4 Superb Steps To Increase The Lifespan Of This Kitchen Appliance


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How long do electric ranges last? Electric ranges last for a long time, and they are very convenient to use.

The lifespan of an electric range will depend on the quality and the care that is given to it. To find out more about it, read this article until end to know more about it. In this blog, we also have an article about best double oven electric ranges on amazon that you might want to read about it.

How Long Do Electric Ranges Last

While gas ranges tend to last an average of 15 years, electric ones average about 13. To maintain your stove and oven, be sure to clean them regularly.

How To Prolong The Life Span Of The Electric Range

The electric range is an appliance that is used to cook food. The life span of an electric range can be prolonged by using the following steps:

  1. Cleaning : It is important to clean the surfaces in your kitchen daily. This includes wiping down countertops, stove tops, sink basins, and cupboards. Use soap and water when cleaning your appliances. Make sure that you wipe off any grease or oil from cooking utensils such as pots and pans. Never use harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia to clean these items. They may damage your kitchen equipment.
  2. Protect: Avoid placing hot objects directly onto the surface of the kitchen equipment. Also, make sure not to place anything too heavy on top of your oven. If there is a piece of furniture sitting on top of the refrigerator or microwave, remove it immediately.
  3. Repair: When repairing your appliances , first check whether there is a problem with its wiring. If so, replace the part immediately before continuing with repair. A damaged wire could cause a fire if there is another short circuit.
  4. Maintenance : Regular maintenance of your kitchen equipments will ensure its longevity. You should also keep track of how much electricity it consumes, and then compare to the manufacturer’s specifications.

How To Clean Your Electric Range

Cleaning your electric range is a simple process that will make your stove look like new. Here are the guides to do it :

  1. Start at the bottom : Remove all the dishes and utensils from your electric range. Then spray some degreaser on its base. After that, wash it thoroughly with warm water and detergent. Dry completely. Do remember to dry it well. A damp range is likely to rust.
  2. Wipe up : Next, wipe the entire surface of your electric range with a sponge soaked in warm water and dish washing liquid. Be careful not to apply the chemical on areas where you have cooked. Doing so would leave stains. Instead, wait till you finish the rest of the cleaning process.
  3. Scrub : Now scrub all the spots that need attention. Remember to avoid getting water on the heating element. Apply a little bit of pressure while doing so. Keep away from the door handles. Wiping up any spills here will prevent them from rusting.
  4. Rinse : Rinse off the cleaning agent with cold water. Don’t forget to rinse off the outer parts of the stove as well. If necessary, follow step 1 again.
  5. Dry : Finally, dry the range thoroughly after rinsing it with cold water. Let it air-dry naturally, or use paper towels.

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