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Can I Use Coffee Grinder For Nuts? 2 Fascinating Facts That You Should Know About It


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Can I use coffee grinder for nuts? It turns out that you can use your coffee grinder for more than just coffee beans. Coffee grinders work great for making things like nut butters and salad dressings.

The blades inside the coffee grinder are perfect for getting a good, even grind. Plus, the blades are sharp so they don’t overheat and they’re safe to use. Read this article until end to know more about can I use coffee grinder for nuts. In this blog, we also have an article about best rancilio rocky espresso coffee grinder that you might want to read about it.

Can I Use Coffee Grinder For Nuts

You might be wondering why in the world you would need a coffee grinder for nuts. So, can I use coffee grinder for nuts? The answer is simple. It’s a big yes! A coffee grinder is a great way to make your own nut butters.  If you are looking for a better option than buying pre-made nut butter at the store, then making it yourself with a hand crank or electric machine is the best way to go.

You will get perfectly even pieces of nut that are not too oily and have no lumps. This is much easier than slicing nuts by hand which could result in some oil being trapped in the final product. Below I will show you how to use coffee grinder to grind nuts

How to Grind Nuts in Your Coffee Grinder

  1. This is good news for you since crushing nuts in your coffee grinder is virtually as simple as grinding spices or coffee beans. Preparation for your coffee grinder blades is one of the main distinctions here, with a little amount of preparation going a long way.
  2. Using a coffee grinder to ground nuts is much like using a coffee grinder to grind other spices.
  3. Select the kind of nut you want to grind before beginning the process. Your product preparation will be heavily influenced by this factor. A pecan may not crumble as readily as a walnut if you’re grinding them, for example. Consider the nut’s firmness and density before grinding it in your coffee grinder.
  4. Before putting nuts in the coffee grinder, cut them in half or quarters. To ground nuts in your coffee grinder, this step isn’t strictly necessary, but slicing your nuts into halves or quarters will save your coffee grinder a lot of work. Adding a little preliminary effort to the mix can help the blades work less hard and last longer.
  5. Grind the nuts in tiny batches in the coffee grinder. During the grinding process, you will want to give space for the nuts in the coffee grinder chamber to move about. The grind will be more effective as well, as smaller quantities are easier to handle.
  6. Coarsely grind the nuts to your desired consistency. Using a coffee grinder, you may grind your nuts into a coarse powder or a batch of finely chopped nuts, depending on how efficient your grinder is. This is entirely up to you and your coffee grinder’s ability.
  7. If you know that a coffee grinder can grind more than just coffee, you may still be puzzled about how it does this. Finally, learning how to utilize your appliance can help you prepare meals more effectively.

Consideration Before Choosing Coffee Grinder

There are many different types of coffee grinders out there and they can be a little overwhelming. Here are some consideration before choosing coffee grinder: 


The size of your coffee grinder will influence the type of coffee grinder you choose. Depending on what you are planning to do with your coffee grinder, you’ll be able to narrow down your search.


Also known as durability, a coffee grinder should be designed to hold up under regular use.

Type of Blades

In addition to these considerations, consider the type of blades used in your coffee grinder when determining the best model for your needs. You’ll need to look at the number of cups and their sizes to determine the correct blade.

Cup Size

Another important feature to think about is the cup size of your coffee grinders. For instance, there are single cup and double cup coffee grinders available. Single cup grinders are great for small amounts of coffee while double cup grinders are better suited for larger quantities.


As mentioned previously, coffee grinders vary widely in price. However, price is not an issue if you don’t mind purchasing multiple coffee grinders to meet your various needs. It would be ideal to have coffee grinders that complement each other rather than having all kinds of different models.

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