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How To Use A Margarita Machine? 4 Superb Guides To Use It

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How to use a margarita machine? Margaritas are a favorite drink to have on a hot summer day. The best part of this drink is that it is so easy to make. It only takes three ingredients: tequila, triple sec, and lime.

The best part is that you can make a margarita machine do all the work for you. Read this article until end to know more about how to use it. In this blog, we also have an article about best margarita machines from margaritaville that you might want to read about it.

How To Use A Margarita Machine

Maintain the Ice Reservoir

Your ice reservoir stores ice for your margaritas before it is shaved down for your delectable beverages. Although it just takes a second, securing your ice reservoir to your machine is critical for the remainder of the operation to operate properly. Remove the reservoir’s cover and twist or force the reservoir into position (depending on the type).

Now it’s time to add your ice! Remove the ice from the freezer approximately ten minutes before putting it to the reservoir to ensure that the cubes are not too tough to break apart. Add the cubes to the reservoir and secure the top in place.

Organize Your Blending Jar

Now is the moment to get out your preferred margarita recipe! Remove the blending jar from the machine and fill it with your favorite margarita mix and alcohol, or lime juice, simple syrup, and alcohol, or just add the margarita mix for an alcohol-free variation. Whatever ingredients you use, avoid overfilling the jar to prevent the mixture from dripping all over your countertops. Once the jar is filled, replace the lid and re-insert it into the machine.

Preparation of Margaritas

Your machine is now configured; all that remains is for you to make your beverages! To begin shaving your ice, press the “Shave ‘n Blend” button; after the ice is shaved, the machine will automatically drop the shavings into your drink combination.

If you want a thicker margarita, the procedure is little more manual. Using the “Shave Only” button, gradually add ice until you reach the desired quantity. After that, choose “Blend Only” to include the ice shavings into your drink mixture. Continue blending for thinner margaritas!

Serve Your Beverages

When the drinks have reached the desired consistency, remove the blending jar from the margarita machine, open the lid, and pour!

Of course, margaritas aren’t the only beverage that your margarita machine can create! Make a slushie with juice instead of margarita mix and booze, or a smoothie with fruit – the choices are unlimited.

If you’re planning a party and want to include a margarita machine, consider Party Pony Trailers! Not only do we have margarita machines, but your party attendees will be wowed by a blue trailer that doubles as a bar. Give us a call now to start planning your next celebration!

How Many Drinks Can a Margarita Machine Produce?

The majority of ordinary machines produce 5 gallons (640 ounces). A normal serving size (whether in a margarita glass or a plastic cup) is 8 oz, therefore the machine will create around 80 serves. A dual machine can accommodate two flavors, with bowls ranging from 3-5 gallons each side.

Please keep in mind that these are estimations for alcoholic drinks. If you use the mix to create slushies or other frozen beverages without alcohol, each batch will provide around 60 servings.

How many people can one machine serve?

This is, of course, contingent on how many drinks each person consumes and the length of the party. Here are some basic rules to follow:

  • You will utilize 1-2 mixes/batches for up to 50 guests.
  • You will need 3-4 mixes/batches for 50-100 people.
  • You will need 4-5 mixes/batches for 100-150 people.
  • You will need 5-6 mixes/batches for 150-200 people.

Please keep in mind that this is depending on the amount of people who will be consuming margaritas. Only a percentage of your customers will drink margaritas if you also provide other beverages. So, use our party drink calculator to figure out how much alcohol to serve at your party.

How long does it take for a frozen margarita machine?

This changes depending on the machine. Most machines freeze in an hour or two, but others might take up to four hours. You may expedite the procedure by having the ingredients cool but not frozen before placing them in the machine. If you offer the start time of your party, we can ensure that your machine is ready to serve frozen ‘ritas when the first visitor comes!

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