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Finally, the Truth About How to Warm Up Chicken Sausage the Right Way

How to warm up chicken sausage

According to culinary expert Ryan, stovetop is the best way to warm chicken sausage. 

Quick and easy, but there’s a right way – medium heat for 2-3 minutes per side ensures even warming without drying out. Just a small amount of oil in the pan does the trick. 

No matter the method, pay close attention and use an instant-read thermometer to avoid overcooking. With the right technique, you can enjoy sausage without much fuss.

Key Takeaway

  • In the oven: Place sausages on a baking sheet and bake at 350°F for 15-20 minutes, flipping halfway through. This method ensures even heating throughout.
  • On the stovetop: Heat a skillet over medium heat and cook sausages for 2-3 minutes per side until heated through and lightly browned. Browning adds extra flavor.
  • Quickly in the microwave: Place sausages on a microwave-safe plate and microwave for 1-2 minutes, flipping halfway. To prevent overcooking on the outside, start with 1 minute and add more time if needed.

Methods for Warming Up Chicken Sausage

Oven Method

The oven creates gentle, even heat perfect for chicken sausage.

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F (1).
  2. Place sausages on a baking sheet.
  3. Bake for 15-20 minutes, flipping halfway.
  4. Use a food thermometer to check the internal temp reaches 165°F.

When I have a big crowd coming over, I like to bake multiple packs of sausage at once so they’re ready when guests arrive. The oven always does a great job keeping them moist and delicious.

Stovetop Method

For a single serving or two, the stovetop is quicker than preheating the oven.

  1. Heat a skillet over medium heat.
  2. Add sausages and cook 2-3 minutes per side until heated through.
  3. For extra moisture, simmer covered in broth for 8-10 minutes.

On busy mornings, I find this method is fast enough to enjoy a hot breakfast sandwich made with stovetop-warmed sausage. The broth simmers moisture into the sausage for ultimate tenderness and flavor.

Microwave Method

When seconds truly count, the microwave works well in a pinch.

  1. Place sausages on a plate and microwave 1-2 minutes, flipping halfway (2).
  2. Let stand for 1 minute before eating.

As a busy parent, I often reheat individual sausages this way for quick lunches. The key is to watch carefully and stop cooking as soon as the center is hot.

With a little practice, you’ll find the warming method that works best for your lifestyle and cooking needs. Most importantly, enjoy the great taste of chicken sausage!


Credit : Lets Foodie

Tips for Best Results

When reheating chicken sausage, following a few best practices will ensure the safest and most delicious results.

Safety Tips

Tip Details
Fully heat through Use a food thermometer to check the internal temperature reaches 165°F.
Follow packaging instructions Pre-cooked sausage labels will note proper reheating methods.
Monitor carefully Check frequently to avoid outside burning before the inside finishes cooking.

I’ve learned to always err on the side of fully cooking to 165°F for food safety. Consuming undercooked poultry poses risks we can easily avoid.

Cooking Tips

How to warm up chicken sausage

Tip Details
Cut thicker sausages Halving links lengthwise shortens reheating time for even results.
Brush with oil or sauce A coating helps retain moisture during reheating, especially for plain varieties.

The kids and I had a funny experience reheating thick sausage links whole – they came out perfectly warm on the outside but still frozen inside! Now I slice them in half to remedy that. A swipe of BBQ sauce also makes them extra tasty.

Always refer back to these tried and true methods for dependably delicious chicken sausage. With a little care, you can serve it warm and satisfying time after time.

Types of Sausages to Reheat

Many varieties of sausage can be reheated using these same basic methods. Just adjust the cook time as needed based on the specifics.

Common Types

Sausage Notes
Chicken A personal favorite – lean and mildly flavored.
Turkey A lighter alternative to pork with less fat.
Pork The classic – check fat content when reheating.
Beef or soy-based Usually thicker and richer – watch closely to avoid burning.

Over the years, I’ve found that these guidelines translate well to all kinds. The kids and I have experimented with reheating everything from chicken apple sausages to spicy chorizo links.

Factors to Consider

Consideration Impact on Reheat Time
Thickness Thicker sausages take longer to heat through than thin ones.
Fat content Higher fat sausages may need a shorter cook time to retain juiciness.
Links vs patties Patties generally reheat faster due to larger surface area.

With a little testing, you’ll get the hang of reading your sausage’s unique traits and adjusting methods accordingly. The variety keeps meal prep fun and interesting in our household. Overall, these sausages sure are versatile.


After many years of experimenting in my kitchen, I believe I’ve discovered the best methods for reheating chicken sausage to preserve its moist and flavorful qualities. 

Whether you opt for the hands-off oven approach or a quick stovetop reheat, following the guidelines outlined here will ensure your sausage is hot and delicious. 

In my home, these sausages have become a weeknight staple and family favorite thanks to their versatility. I hope you and your loved ones enjoy discovering the easy and satisfying ways to serve up chicken sausage. 

Above all, remember to have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment as every kitchen is different – the perfect process may vary slightly for yours.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my best chicken sausage reheating techniques with you. Have you developed any tricks of your own over the years for getting these sausages just right in your kitchen? 

I’d love to hear about your family’s favorite ways to prepare or customize them. Please feel free to share your own reheating methods or sausage stories in the comments. 

It’s always helpful to swap recipes and get new ideas from others in the sausage-loving community!



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