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Craft the Perfect Iced Coffee with Nespresso Pods

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Learn how to make Nespresso Iced Coffee on this page! You will find a step by step tutorial showing you how to make iced coffee using the Nespresso machine.

You will need the following ingredients to make iced coffee with your Nespresso machine: a gourmet coffee capsule, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, or chocolate shavings according to your taste. Additionally, you will need an Aeroccino milk frother or your Nespresso machine’s steam nozzle, or the Lattissima Plus machine. Using a Nespresso iced coffee is very easy and only takes 5 minutes. But first let’s take a moment to understand what a Nespresso iced coffee is.

What Is A Nespresso Iced Coffee?

With a Nespresso iced coffee, you can prepare a cold beverage using cold or hot brewed coffee, using a Nespresso machine and pods that are compatible with Nespresso Original machines like the Gourmesso. A delicious iced coffee can be made much faster this way. In case you are looking for best Nespresso machine, we have a list you can check.

How To Make Nespresso Iced Coffee

You can easily make a latte macchiato with your Nespresso Machine by following six simple steps. It involves selecting a Gourmesso coffee capsule, brewing your espresso, frothing your milk and mixing it with your iced coffee, then finishing it with cinnamon, nutmeg, or chocolate shavings according to your taste.

  • The Milk and Spice Iced Coffee recipe is a simple one loved by many, and will guide you on how to make a delicious iced coffee.
  • Gourmesso coffee capsule (we recommend the Honduras Pura Forte) to brew 3 oz (80 ml) of espresso
  • 5 oz. (150 ml) of cold milk
  • Cinnamon, nutmeg, or chocolate shavings according to taste

You Will Need

  • One tall glass (12 oz/350 ml)
  • If you have an Aeroccino machine, you can use the steam nozzle, or if you have a Lattissima Plus, you can use the steam nozzle
  • Choosing a Gourmesso capsule and inserting it into your Nespresso machine is the first step
  • Use your Nespresso machine’s espresso button to pull your espresso shot (1.5 oz/80 ml) into a cappuccino cup and add sugar to taste
  • The espresso should be poured into a tall glass (12oz/35) filled with crushed ice/ice cubes
  • Prepare 5 oz. (150 ml) of cold milk froth using the steam nozzle of your Nespresso machine or the Aeroccino milk frother (hold down for 5 seconds and wait until the light goes blue and is now chilling the milk)
  • Once the blue light is gone, pour the chilled milk to the iced coffee and top it with a few spoonful’s of froth
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon, nutmeg or chocolate shavings to finish
  • It’s ready! You can now enjoy your personalized iced coffee

What Nespresso Compatible Blend Is The Best For Making An Iced Coffee?

Honduras Pura Forte is specifically designed to create the perfect iced coffee with your Nespresso machine. This dark roast blend with an intensity of 9 contains subtle notes of dark chocolate that perfectly meshes with the milk.

Which Other Gourmesso Blends Do We Recommend?

Decaf Peru Dolce presents subtle hints of chocolate that develops as it cools. It’s the perfect choice in case you want it in decaf, since it works well in milk-based drinks.

Late Nite Lemur is our strongest and darkest roast espresso, with an intensity of 12. It’s the perfect choice when you want a strong and concentrated coffee, and works well in milk-based drinks.

Original Nespresso Iced Coffee

  • You’re best off using espresso capsules (40ml) for original Nespresso. Pour them over ice in a tumbler or a highball glass; I recommend a regular tumbler.
  • It’s best to start with a few ice cubes (three or four should be fine, but more if the cubes are particularly small).
  • Pour ice cubes over your shot of espresso after loading your Nespresso machine with a capsule of your choice. After that, your drink will be cold and ready to enjoy.
  • You may find this drink a bit too intense, but you can adjust the taste by adding water or cold milk. Add no more than 90ml of liquid, or you’ll end up with a horrible cup of coffee-flavoured water.

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