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3 Best Pineapple Corer Reviews Worth To Buy on Amazon!

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If you’re seeking for the best pineapple corer on the market today…

go no further than the list below.

Pineapples are a popular tropical fruit that is juicy, sweet, and tangy.

It’s a fruit that’s high in important nutrients like potassium and magnesium…

…among others. However, we can all agree that cutting this fruit is a pain.

Cleaning the prickly and rough external skin, as well as the tough core and…

…round eyes, is challenging. Instead, we purchase canned pineapples.

Pineapple corer
credit: bakingbites.com

However, canned pineapples have a high amount of…

…added sugar, making them unhealthy to take on a daily basis.

The good news is that you can enjoy freshly cut pineapples…

…at home with the help of the best pineapple corer without…

…having to go through any arduous cutting and slicing.

A pineapple corer is a cylindrical rod with a blade at one end that is…

…used to twist and chop pineapples. It will quickly cut your pineapple.

They are effective in that they save both time and energy.

Our Top Picks of Pineapple Corer on Amazon For You!

Newness Focus On Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer


  • De-coring in just 30 seconds
  • Sharp serrated blade
  • Stainless steel construct
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Serrated blade turns dull faster
  • Only for medium-sized pineapples

This pineapple corer is the most important kitchen tool you’ll ever own.

This corer, which is made of high-quality stainless steel rod and…

…a sharp serrated stainless steel blade, makes slicing pineapple a snap.

The corer’s knob is constructed of plastic and has an ergonomic design.

It provides a strong grasp on the hand, making twisting simpler. The knob…

…may be removed, and the entire corer can be washed in the dishwasher.

Thanks to its sharp serrated blade, this corer can de-core a pineapple in just 30 seconds.

The time required is significantly less than that required by other pineapple corers.

The blade is 1.87 mm thick, making it both robust and durable.

The best feature about this corer is how efficiently it de-cores the pineapple.

It cuts right through the flesh’s edge.

Before looking to the next list of the best pineapple corer…

…maybe it would be better if we heard a story from my friend about…

…the great benefits of this pineapple corer.

Here’s the Maria’s story…

Living life as a housewife is fun…

we are always in a situation where we can make a food.

Lately my son often asks for pineapple to be made.

I had a feeling that some cooking utensil was missing, and yes I knew it!

I need pineapple corer to make the process easier.

but I do not know the details and advantages of each product.

Of course, the use of pineapple corer that is not suitable will interfere…

with the cooking process. Finally I decided to read an article on the internet…

about it, after I understand the advantages…

and disadvantages of each product, I ended up choosing one.

And now i have pineapple corer to help my kitchen work!

Pineapple reduces swelling.”

Olivia Culpo. American fashion influencer.

SameTech Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer


  • Comes with a wedger
  • Sharp medium-sized blades
  • Ergonomic ratcheting handle


  • Not for large pineapples
  • Wedger blades made of plastic

This pineapple corer from SameTech is guaranteed to blow people’s minds.

It’s not only great for slicing pineapples cleanly, but it can also…

…dice them into little cubes with the help of a removable wedger.

Cubed pineapples are fantastic for fruit salads…

…and with this pineapple corer, you can get them quickly.

It includes a sturdy, sharp stainless steel blade…

…that can easily slice through medium to tiny pineapples.

It includes a textured plastic ergonomic and ratcheting…

…handle that is comfortable to grip and does not slip.

The high-quality plastic can tolerate repeated twisting and turning without deteriorating.

Because the blade is so sharp, it only takes a little push to twist it.

The knob and wedger are both bright yellow, giving it a pleasing appearance.

keep reading…

OXO Good Grips Simple Pineapple Corer & Slicer


  • Measurement markings
  • Ratcheting handle
  • Sharp medium-sized blade
  • Detachable parts


  • Not for large-sized pineapples
  • Not as good as stainless steel corer

OXO Good Grips’ pineapple corer & slicer boasts a basic design with practical functions.

It’s an excellent choice for individuals on a tight budget.

With its very sharp medium-sized blade, this corer can coring…

…practically all sizes of pineapples with ease.

This corer’s components are detachable, making cleaning a breeze.

It incorporates a ratcheting knob to make twisting easier…

…and to provide a pleasant grip while doing so.

The measuring markers that come with the corer are a standout feature of this corer.

Before you core the pineapple, measure it to…

…ensure you don’t pierce the bottom of the shell.

You can use the shell to serve beverages or desserts in the future.

Focus on!

How To Choose A Good Pineapple

Before you choose your pineapple, you should know that there are four…

…different types: red Spanish, queen, abacaxi, and smooth cayenne.

Smooth cayenne is the most prevalent type on the market, and it is also the most popular.

It has little acid, is juicy, and is as smooth as its name implies, with little fiber.

It’s also the simplest to chop into bite-sized pieces.

The other three varieties are a rare find on the global market.

  • Check the color: Check the color of the bottom of your pineapple to see if it’s a good one. Keep it aside for additional inspection if it’s green or yellow. However, if it’s brown, avoid it because it’s of poor quality.
  • The outer texture: You can tell a few things about the nicest and ripe pineapple hue by its texture, even if you can’t give a clear-cut color. If the pineal is wrinkled, stay away from it because it’s rotten. If it feels mushy, let it alone, but if it’s too firm and green, pluck it for later use.
  • Check the smell: Smell the bottom of the pineapple, where all of the sugar is produced. Take it home if it has a pleasant odor because it is ready. Don’t buy them if they’re overly ripe and mushy. You can smell them and they have a fermented smell to them.
  • Check its frond in the middle: Checking the crown leaves is another way to see if your pineapple is ready. There are leaves in the midst of the crown that indicate ripeness. Gently tug on it; if it readily releases, you’ve found the best pineapple for you. If it doesn’t, don’t worry about it.

here’s the thing…

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Pineapple Corer?

We all know that pineapple has numerous health benefits…

…so everybody who has easy access to it should consume it.

Before you buy a corer, as with any other kitchen tool…

…there are a few things to think about.

Pineapple corer
credit: avon.com

The Blade

It’s ideal to invest on a pineapple corer with a sharp blade for simple cutting.

Remember that if you cut the pineapple with a lot of force…

…you’ll likely lose a lot of the pineapple’s juices as well.

Furthermore, if your blade is blunt, it will rip your fruit instead…

…of cutting it, leaving you with nothing but fragments of fruit and fluids.

Its Handles

It is your responsibility to twist the blade’s handle multiple…

…times in order to make good cuts. As a result, a pineapple…

…corer with ergonomic handles that provide a solid grip is essential.

You may also have a decent pineapple corer that…

…does not require twisting, but make sure it has great grips in this instance.

The Material

We all want long-lasting kitchen utensils.

You should select an item made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Because you’ll be cutting a relatively firm fruit, stainless steel…

…is a fantastic choice because it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Plastic models should be avoided if at all feasible…

…as they do not last. It only takes one or two uses for it to become stale.

Go For a Sturdy Construction

When it comes to its duties, you want something that can withstand some strain.

This will decide whether or not you are able to create visually beautiful cuts.

And finally…

Sum Up

Kitchen equipment such as a pineapple corer or a cherry…

…pitter are vital since they allow us to save time and energy.

The goods listed above are among the best available.


Pineapple corers operate in the same way that apple peelers and corers do.

They’re easy to use and can come in handy if you’re constantly eating pineapples.

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