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Nespresso Reusable Pods – 4 Amazing Things You Need To Know About Them

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Nespresso has done good to the world of coffee, one of them is the nespresso reusable pods. With their diverse assortment of capsules, this fantastic business has managed to convince the general public that coffee does not have a single flavor. They opened the way for the concept of “coffee for oneself,” and people began to be interested in the various options that a cup of coffee may provide.

The disadvantage of sticker pods is that they require restocking of the lids, making them less environmentally friendly. The big plus is that they can build up a lot more pressure and, as a result, a lot more crema. The latching caps, on the other hand, do not have to be closed. If you have any question, do nespresso capsule expire? You can find the answer in this blog too!

Some customers (like myself) who have been “disappointed with Nespresso” have begun to resort to traditional extraction systems for the sole purpose of brewing an excellent cup of coffee. However, there was an intermediate step in my situation, which was to utilize reusable Nespresso.

Where to Get Nespresso Reusable Pods?

Reusable Nespresso capsules are widely available for purchase, notably on Amazon. Plastic or stainless steel reusable pods are available. Personally, after having tested both, I would recommend stainless steel. They are significantly more powerful, and there is no doubt that they do not contain bisphenol A. (unlike plastic capsules).

Plastic capsules are more delicate, and they can bend under water pressure. It occurred to me, and while it did not break the machine, the misshapen pod was difficult to remove. A little tamper is included with some capsules. It’s a useful tool for making coffee that’s only partially brewed. It is not required (we may easily replace it with a cork, for example), but it is a pleasant addition.

Machines are no longer bothered by the use of Nespresso Reusable pods. Finally, until Nespresso was apprehended by the authorities, who ordered him to make his machines compatible with competing capsules, this was true. As a result, if your machine was built after 2010, you will not have any issues.

Do Nespresso Reusable Pods Give the Same Coffee as the Original Nespresso?

No, the coffee will not be the same. There are two reasons for this:

  • The coffee used to fill the capsules isn’t the same as the coffee used to make the capsules.
  • Compared to the original Nespresso capsules, reusable capsules can store around 0.5g less coffee. The capsules’ form is what causes them to contain less coffee.
  • These two things combine to produce a coffee that is similar but not identical.

Do We Save Money by Using Nespresso Reusable Capsules?

We do, in fact, save money. The shot of capsules you purchase will be swiftly repaid. A Nespresso pod will set you back about $0.35. (for 5.5g of coffee). So, if you drink three coffees every day for a year, you’ll have spent $ 383,25 on one individual.

If you buy 1 kg of ground coffee for $15 per kg and use a reusable capsule, you can prepare about 200 coffees (5g of coffee Per capsules). Each cup of coffee costs approximately $ 0.075. So, if you drink three coffees a day for a year, you’ll spend roughly $ 82 with a reusable capsule. The investment pays off immediately.

Another benefit is that you can select the type of coffee you desire. This presentation demonstrates that, in addition to the environmental benefit, utilizing reusable Nespresso capsules has a financial benefit. Looking for the best nespresso capsules? We have some reviews you can use as reference.

What is The Best Way to Use Nespresso Reusable Pods?

Fill the capsule halfway with coffee grounds. Personally, I purchased a little hand coffee grinder at the time. The coffee grinder appeals to us since we can fine-tune the coffee grind (making it easier to adapt for a good extraction) and because the coffee is freshly ground. A manual mill suitable for this purpose costs around $30.

The optimal coffee grind is the same fineness as espresso. It should not be too thin (to avoid obstructing the capsule) or too large (to avoid fouling the capsule) (the water will pass too easily). If you don’t have a grinder, you’ll have to experiment with different bags of ground coffee until you find one that suits you.

Pack the tamper inside the capsule as soon as it has been filled with coffee (or with a cork). If coffee is required, do not hesitate to use it. Close the capsule once the coffee is packed. She’s all set to go. The capsule is used in the same way as a regular capsule.

For many years, I haven’t used a reused Nespresso capsule. As a result, I entirely forgot how to set up my mill for this application.

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