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Odor Control Trash Cans: Say Goodbye to Smells

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The smell of trash cans is unpleasant. This is a fact of life. The odor of some trash cans is more noticeable than others. good thing odor control trash can is a thing. The majority of people don’t even try to deal with smells. Among the best trash cans for odor control trash can, we found the simplehuman rectangular dual compartment step can with carbon filter to be the best. Its tight fitting…

Odor Control Trash Can #1: Simplehuman

Simplehuman is a company known for its attention to detail and high-quality products. There are more bells and whistles in the simplehuman dual compartment step can than you can imagine for a trashcan. It’s really quite amazing. The best trash can for odor control doesn’t just have an integrated “odorsorb” filter on the lid. The perfect trash can is made up of all the little things. Our opinion is that step cans are better than finicky and gimmicky automatic open trash cans.

The dual compartment is well thought out with a trash section and a blue bucket with a handle for recycling instead of bags. Plastic bags and other sheet plastics can’t be recycled easily and shouldn’t be recycled. You can recycle your plastic bags by taking them to your local grocery store. We will dispose of them in a container dedicated to them. You can still use bags for your recycling if you need them. Simplehuman makes trash bags that fit around the lip of the trashcan so they won’t slip off. They are available in opaque white, translucent blue, or clear. The trash can comes with a dispenser with which to put the 20 trash bags. Lastly, this trash can comes in three beautiful colors – stainless steel of course, black stainless steel, and rose gold stainless steel. I suppose this is perfect for accessorizing your iPhone.

Customer reviews and online reviews for this trash can were higher than those from its competitors. Although it isn’t cheap, it is generally considered to be a fair price given its build quality and features. We couldn’t be more in agreement. This is the best trash can on the market for dealing with odors.

Odor Control Trash Can Runner Up: Joseph Joseph 30002

The Joseph Joseph 30002 is a beautiful trash can available in graphite, white, and stainless steel. It has a recycling bin at the bottom that slides out, a composting bin nestled into the top along with the main trash opening, and a soft-close lid with a carbon filter. It has a lot in common with our top pick, but it doesn’t receive the same praise. It’s well liked and performs well, but the design isn’t quite as well thought out or user-friendly. Some noted some minor build quality issues, but these were rare and minor. Carbon filtering does a great job at removing odors with the lid tightly fitting. The stainless steel version of the simplehuman is unfortunately more expensive, but the graphite version is less expensive. If you don’t like the aesthetics of the SimpleHuman or prefer the more modern lines of the Joseph Joseph 30002, it is a good alternative to consider.

Worth Considering Odor Control Trash Can

A great option for eliminating odors coming from your kitchen trash can is the iTouchless stainless steel 13 gallon motion active trash can. With its motion activated lid, this trashcan is an excellent bargain, especially considering how convenient it can be. To help control odors, it has a carbon filter and a tight fitting lid. Although it doesn’t have dual chambers, it is still a 13 gallon trash can. There aren’t a lot of features built into the design of this trash can, despite the automatic lid’s high-tech wizardry. It gets good reviews from online reviewers and customers for its performance. If it meets your needs, it is a great purchase at a reasonable price.

What Can Help Cut Down on The Smell of a Trash Can

Baking soda is an excellent solution. If you have an odorous trash can, sprinkle some baking soda on top and if possible, down the sides. By adding baking soda, you should be able to absorb odors without masking them with another odor. In case you need more recommendation, we have small trash can on amazon you can check.


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