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Small House Trash Can Ideas: Space-Saving Solutions

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Small house trash can could be a big problem. When it comes to the stinky kitchen trash can, a tiny home or even a small home presents storage challenges. Here are some tips for dealing with small house trash can. Tiny houses are in vogue, with many Americans choosing to live in homes under 600 square feet. There are, however, several challenges associated with downsizing.

Your kitchen will be the place where you feel the pinch the most. You’ll have to find a way to store your kitchen recycling and trash cans, which are commonly overlooked in tiny house designs. When your kitchen is small, consider one of these four ideas for small house trash can.

Small House Trash Can Idea #1: Pull-out Cans

By hiding your recycling and trash cans in a drawer, you can make the most of the limited space. To hide the trash can in your kitchen, you can pick any cabinet you want.

You could create a separate cabinet for your trash can if you don’t want to give up one of your kitchen cabinets. Make a trash can cover out of a piece of furniture that is old and unused. Due to its restricted dimensions, tiny houses on wheels are better suited for custom built-ins.

Small House Trash Can Idea #2: Use the Dead Corner

Regardless of how big or tiny your kitchen is, there is one area that is frequently overlooked. You forget about the corners because they become a dead space. It’s an odd location that isn’t ideal for keeping goods.

So why not repurpose this unused area into a home for your trash can? You can build a corner cabinet and then install a rack that will automatically open the cabinet door and bring out the garbage can.

Small House Trash Can Idea #3: Go Smaller

The size of your trash can should be changed if you have a small kitchen with limited space. If you get a smaller trash can, you’ll have to empty it more frequently.

There is more information on this site about having your trash removed (similar services are available in most cities; also useful during the downsizing phase).

In addition to being smaller, the trash can will also take up less space. The cabinet door can be hung to the back of the cabinet or you can put it in a cabinet. You could also hang it under the overhang of your countertop.

Small House Trash Can Idea #4: Make It Mobile

When you’re confined to a small space, it can quickly feel cramped when you can’t easily move objects in your way, somewhere else. You can fix this problem by getting a trash can with wheels. Place your trash can away in an area that has plenty of space for it. Once it’s out, wheel it to where you’re working, like cleaning the composting toilet.

It is also possible to do the opposite of what we just described. Place the trash can in an area that serves as multifunctional storage, such as in front of your onboard water tank that you don’t need to access very often.

If you need to access that area of the kitchen, move the can(s) out of the way. After you’re done, wheel the trash can back into place.

Get Creative with Your Kitchen Recycling and Trash Cans

Having a trash can in your kitchen is essential. Try one of these four ideas to get creative with placement. You can find helpful information on designing, building, and traveling in a tiny house in our Resources (tab above).  In case you need more recommendation, we have small trash can on amazon you can check.


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