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Outdoor Trash Can Guide: Choose Wisely

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Your life will be made easier if you have a good trash can. To avoid spills, prevent animals, and control odors, choose one of the best outdoor trash can.

Do I Need to Buy an Outdoor Trash Can?

You must take the trash somewhere when you empty an indoor trash can. Depending on where you live, there may be a separate trash can for each family. However, if you live in an apartment, there might be a communal area. In this case, you won’t need to buy any.

Each city or town has its own guidelines regarding the use of garbage cans. In some areas, they are even available! For more information, contact your landlord or real estate agent.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Trash Can

Here are the top details you need to consider when choosing an outdoor trash can for your home. Consider how much capacity you need. The trash collectors will remove the trash from between your trash if you make sure that your trash will fit between them.

How Many Gallons Is an Outdoor Trash Can?

The size of outdoor trash cans varies from 10 to 35 gallons. The more people in your family and the more trash you throw away, the bigger your trash can should be. Depending on the material of your trash can, it will last longer. In addition to plastic and metal, wicker is also available.

The Wicker option is the least durable. Metal is the most durable and the easiest to clean. Under stress, plastic may chip or crack, so if it becomes too heavy, it can break. Plastic, however, is a good option if you want something durable but a little cheaper.

It needs to withstand animals, rodents, and bad weather since it will be outside. Windy weather can cause the trash can to topple. Animals can break into the garbage can. Consider whether the trash can has a lid, and even better if it locks. Choose one with good balance so it won’t tip over.

Rubbermaid Brute 32 Gal. w/Lid

The lid is not attached, which makes it difficult to move.

Our best overall award went to the Toter Blackstone. By being versatile, flexible, and mobile, it beat the competition. When you first see the Toter, you’ll notice that it is taller than other garbage cans, measuring 37.5 inches in height. In our testing, we found that the taller and funnel-like profile increased the chances of trash bags being secured. We also noticed that the barrel lists forward when fully loaded with trash. This design choice provided stability by absorbing bumps and shocks without tipping.

Animals getting into your trash is the next biggest headache after tipping over. There is no way to secure the lid of the Blackstone. The swinging lid makes it easier to open with one hand, and, since it’s attached, you’ll never lose it. A single bungee cord can turn this garbage can into a critter-proof fortress. Simply hook the cord onto the handles on the back and stretch it to the ones on the front.

With its ergonomic design and rugged construction, we believe the Toter Blackstone will suit most households. The price is higher than most models, but you get quality in return.

Wheeled vs No Wheels

A family of four produces around 80 pounds of garbage per week, so why wouldn’t you want a trash barrel with wheels? Simplicity is the best answer. Normally, wheeled trash cans do not have handles or smooth bottoms that can be used to drag them or carry them. So if one wheel or axle fails, it’s game over. It is also cheaper to buy a garbage can without wheels. If you intend to use it for storage, it makes sense to get one. In case you need more recommendation, we have small trash can on amazon you can check.

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