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The Top 6 Best Leather Strops

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My fascination with wood carving led me to try it out…

…different leather strops for sharpening knives since then.

Good quality of leather strops is the key to good leather strops.

Do you know what are the best leather strops for your knives?

Let’s hear it from Mark who has some words about leather strops.

Leather strops

I have been manufacturing leathers all my life.

For shoes, bags, jackets, and many more!

I also export it to many places and it has given me…

…a good living for a long time.

What I have are cow leathers. During the pandemic,

….our selling turns very low. Now that not so much…

…traffic on the road, people are staying home…

…people no longer use leathers for fashion.

I have to think about the daily use of leather to keep my company run…

…also to feed my employees. Being frustrated because not…

…finding a good answer to that, I start to ponder outside my office.

I’m thinking about terrifying scenarios in my head.

Unpaid loans, having to let go of my employers,

furthermore, shutting down my company.

One of my employers sat next to me and start to pull out a strop.

He said “hey sir, do you happen to know what it is?

It’s my favorite thing in the world. My mother used to keep this all the. time.

It’s a knife strop, a horse leather one. Do you know how much it is?

May I sell it to you sir? Some of my cousins need some money,

,,,and I think you can help by buying this nice leather sir.”

I was stoned for some second and I think that it’s a good idea to…

…sell many types of leather strops!

I gave the guy some money without taking the strop…

…and instructed to make the same things like the guys’ strop.

He didn’t know that he is saving my life and career.

I ask him to go out for dinner. He really is a nice guy…

Do you know what type of leather is best for knife stropping?

Just like Mark’s employee, most people commonly, we use horse butt leather…

…for our practices because of its high success rate.

It is possible to use a simple leather strip or a loaded strop…

…for one of the best leather strops: a simple leather strops will suffice,

….while the loaded type will work better.

Loaded leather strops consist of stropping compound…

…on top of a base material, leather strops on hardboard,

…which makes it easier to use.

What is the best way to choose the finest leather strops…

…to care for your tools? Having the ability to apply…

…two different compounds to my knife and sharpen…

…it to perfection is what I really like about double-sided strops.

A larger strop can also be used to sharpen blades of any size,

…and a bigger leather stops surface lasts longer in general.

When it comes to choosing the strop,

I personally find paddle leather strops to be the simplest…

…to use since I can control the strokes of the blade completely.

With a leather strops on the top and no rubber bottom,

…wooden blocks with leather tops are nearly useless,

…especially if the top side is leather.

These blocks create slippery effects…

…when playing with knives that are highly dangerous.

Knives Plus Strop Block

One side of the block is coated with a green compound…

…and the other side is unstretched. If it is overused,

….you can revitalize it with olive oil, and it will last for a few more years.

Compounds with fine-grit are used to sharpen knives

…after they have already been sharpened with a compound..

…with a rougher texture. If you used this block to sharpen…

….dull blades, it wouldn’t be enough to do the job.

For experienced craftsmen, it is not very practical…

…unless you use it every day from the very first day.

On the other hand, it could be useful for children…

…who are learning how to carve wood.


  • With olive oil, leather can be easily rejuvenated for years to come.
  • If you already own a black compound strop, this would make a nice addition to your set.
  • Suitable for children’s toolsets.


  • It is more expensive than it is worth.
  • The machine cannot sharpen dull knives, so you’d have to use it regularly.
  • Not as practical as leather strips or paddle strops.

BeaverCraft LS1P1 Leather Strop 

The length of these leather strops is approximately 14.5 inches.

Leather strops made of this quality are very durable…

…and provide excellent protection from the elements.

The sharpener has a bigger blade than most,

…so it is better suited to longer blades.

Having a larger stropping material surface will enable….

…it to the last longer and is easy to hold with either hand.

BeaverCraft leather strops also come with a green honing paste,

…so you won’t have to buy it separately to complete your sharpening.


  • To begin, it has two sides with different surfaces, so you can choose which one you need at any given time.
  • Easy-to-use ergonomic handle.
  • It can be used for both larger and smaller blades.


  • The blade needs to be cleaned after every sharpening because it gets dirty more easily.
  • When you use carving knives only, it might be too large.

HUTSULS Double-Sided Strop Paddle

When sharpening, these leather strops are 14 inches long,

…with two sides, to provide complete treatment of the blade.

With it, you will receive a leather strop for honing your blade.

Honing can be done by applying the green blend to either…

…the rougher or smoother side of the paddle.

Strops are very easy to use, although the handle…

…is not as comfortable as BeaferCraft’s.

This strop features two stropping blends,

…but I recommend that you use only one side (the smoother side) for honing.

The stop arrived in a box that can be used to store it,

…protect the leather, and ensure long-term use.


  • It has two sides and comes with a knife polishing compound.
  • A large paddle is useful for knives with larger blades.
  • To protect it, it should be stored in the box it arrives in.


  • The paddle is not the most comfortable to use.
  • The green compound is not very durable, and the surface is difficult to recover after it has been applied.

SHANZU Leather Sharpening Strop 

One-sided leather strops made from quality…

…cowhide leather is typically more durable…

… then those that are similar in price and quality.

The knife sharpening stropping is designed…

…to help you finish sharpening the blade…

…after it has been sharpened with a stone or sandpaper.

It has a green compound for polishing and anti-slip mats…

…on the bottom, so while you use it, it will not slip.

Since it is non-slippery, it is quite practical to use.

It is 10 inches long and can be used for chisels,

…carving and whittling knives, and pocket knives.


  • The leather is durable and of good quality.
  • Polishing compound in green.
  • Non-slip rubber on the bottom.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Larger knives may not be as practical.
  • A stone or sandpaper must be used to pre-sharpen the blade.

BeaverCraft Stropping Leather Strop For Sharpening Knife LS2P1

Good quality leather is essential to blade stropping.

The key to the best knife strop is the leather used…

…if the leather is of poor quality,

…not even the best stropping compound will help.

This BeaverCraft strop is made…

…with a vegetable-tanned leather strap,

…using one of the best techniques for strops.

With its soft and lightweight nature,

…the strop is easy to carry around with you whenever you need to sharpen.

The product is of good quality and very durable.

The leather strop is cheaper than any other option,

…and you can make your own block or paddle…

…by sticking the leather in a DIY project…

…and making your own best leather strop…

…for knives, according to your tastes.

With the included green stropping compound,

…you get everything you need in a small starter-pack,

…that can easily be taken on the go.


  • You can carry this 8-inch device with you anywhere.
  • The price was excellent.
  • High-quality, genuine leather that is extremely durable.
  • For stropping, the green compound is included.


  • Not suitable for large tools.
  • The wooden block or paddle are not included; you will need to make your own.

Leather Strop Block 3 Inch By 8

The product is ready to use right out of the box.

While it is still warm, the greens blend is already applied…

…to the vegetable suede leather.

The blend is evenly spread across the surface…

…of the block, with no lumps or spots.

On top of the wooden block, the leather…

…is vegetable-tanned cowhide, useful for knives of all shapes and sizes.

The block is 3*8 inches, making it easy to hold with an average hand.

During manufacturing, the green compound

….has already been absorbed into the leather layer.

The blend itself does not come with the block,

…so you would need to purchase it separately for future use.


  • Thick and tanned leather strops of good quality.
  • During the manufacturing process, the green compound is spread evenly.
  • I find it convenient to use when I need to sharpen a knife quickly.


  • There are sharp edges on the block that make it difficult to hold.
  • The block is too large for hands smaller than average.
  • Reapplying compound should be purchased separately.

Let’s Compare It Together

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Sum Up!

There are several leather strops types you can find.

There’s cowhide, horse, and an eco-friendly strop.

The harsher the suede side of the strop, the better it is!

Most people said that the horse leather strop is the best!


But what do you think?

Do you have some leather strops at home?

Have you compared it all by yourself?

Let us know your point of view by dropping a comment down below.

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