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Prosumer Coffee Grinder – 3 Important Things to Note About The Burr

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If you want to get the most out of your prosumer espresso machine, you need also acquire a prosumer coffee grinder. Purchasing a high-end espresso machine and coupling it with a low-cost grinder is akin to purchasing a Ferrari and installing a Kia engine.

Prosumer Coffee Grinder

Choosing a grinder is almost as important as choosing an espresso machine when it comes to producing quality coffee at home. This is not the place to cut corners and save money. You’re looking for a grinder that can produce fluffy, uniform, and clump-free ground coffee, and here are nine options.

The Ceado E37S Quick Set, a feature-packed grinder built on a large set of 83 mm flat stainless steel burrs capable of grinding 5 g/s with remarkably low retention, is my overall favorite this year. It may easily work in a small cafe as one of the fastest grinders in its class.

Ceado has made some amazing advancements in recent years, such as the Quick Set gear, which is now standard on the E37S. Its smooth step-less adjustment is made possible by a heavy-duty brass worm gear, making it easy to dial in espresso and make macro adjustments between espresso and filter.

How to Choose the Best Prosumer Coffee Grinder

You might be shocked to hear that picking an espresso machine can be just as difficult as selecting a grinder. Grind quality, workflow efficiency, and pricing are all influenced by a variety of factors. This in-depth buyer’s guide will lead you through each one.

It’s All About The Burrs.

Your coffee grinder’s burrs are its heart. The quality of your ground coffee is greatly determined by its size, shape, and material. Looking for best coffee grinders recommendation? we have a list you can check.

Burr Shape

There are two types of burrs: flat and conical, and there is a lot of dispute about which is better. Flat burrs are stacked horizontally on top of one another, and the distance between them sets the grind size. Conical burrs grind vertically, one inside the other. (The geometry of flat burrs makes it easier to line them accurately, resulting in higher consistency.) However, heavy use can cause them to heat up more, though residential users should not be concerned.

Because gravity is on their side, conical burr grinders often have lesser grind retention and may grind at lower rpm. This means less popcorning and a quieter operation. Some professionals, including David Schomer of Seattle’s Espresso Vivace, recommend a conical burr set for a fuller espresso shot (I prefer conical burrs because they produce micro-particles that add flavor and body to the shot compared to flat burrs).

Some coffee lovers insist that the burr forms have different flavors. Brighter coffees benefit from a conical burr grinder, whereas deeper chocolate notes benefit from flat burrs. However, there is little data to back this up.

Burr Material

The burr material has the most impact on durability and lifetime. At the prosumer level, most grinders have hardened steel burrs, whereas lower-end burr coffee grinders do not. Titanium burrs or titanium nitride-coated burrs are more expensive options. These materials have no effect on the quality of the grind, but they should last a lot longer.

Burr Size

Finally, let’s discuss scale. Though it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that bigger is always better. This isn’t always the case. Larger burrs grind more quickly, which is advantageous in a commercial setting. In a domestic environment, however, the alignment of the burrs has a considerably bigger impact on quality than the size.

What Do You Like to Brew?

When we talk about prosumer coffee grinders, we’re referring to grinders that are designed to work with prosumer espresso machines. If you frequently drink filter coffee, however, you should either look for a grinder that can handle any brew method or set aside money for two grinders.

Most prosumer coffee grinders can grind for filter or espresso, however some are difficult to adjust between the two settings.

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