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How to Clean a Slide Coffee Maker Tray: 3 Easy Steps


It’s time to get yourself a slide coffee maker if you’re one of those individuals who enjoy a cup of coffee every morning but your machine always gives you a headache.

The coffee in these coffee makers flows down a tube into your cup, making them stand out.

The machine, however, quickly becomes filthy due to the sliding action. The coffee will start to taste disgusting and unpleasant if you don’t clean it regularly.

Now, in three simple stages, we’ll demonstrate how to clean a slide coffee maker tray. Happy brewing!

How to Clean a Slide Coffee Maker Tray?

Slide coffee maker
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If you have a coffee maker such as the Keurig K Duo that is placed in a slide coffee maker tray, maybe the tips below will be useful for you.

There are three simple steps to cleaning a slide coffee maker tray. Next, for 5 minutes, place the tray in a solution of half water and half dish soap.

After that, use a sponge to clean it. Finally, thoroughly rinse and dry the unit. It’s time to take your tray apart and give it a thorough cleaning if it’s stained, filthy, or simply doesn’t look very nice.

Quick and simple cleaning is enabled with slide coffee makers, which will keep your machine in great shape!

So there’s the answer – in three simple steps, how to clean a slide coffee maker tray. Try out these suggestions if your machine is always filthy. Have a nice morning drink of coffee!

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Tips for Cleaning Slide Coffee Maker trays

Keeping your machine in top working condition is important, so cleaning a slide coffee maker tray can be a chore. Here are simple tips that will help you accomplish your task:

  • Cleanly rinse all of the machine’s surfaces before letting it air dry.
  • Before thoroughly cleaning the exterior of the coffeemaker with a non-abrasive cleaner like espresso stain remover or dishwasher soap and warm water, wipe up any spills or residue with a dry cloth.
  • If your coffee maker has a water reservoir, drain it and use a moist cloth to clean the inside workings.
  • Descale the machine by following these procedures before cleaning. You are now prepared to quickly clean your slide coffee maker tray!

Every two weeks, the slide coffee maker tray should be cleaned with a wet cloth. The machine may have to be serviced if it begins to emit strange noises.

The slide coffee maker tray must be opened up and cleaned if it gets stained or filthy. The slide coffee maker tray may be kept vertically on a cabinet door when not in use.

Slide coffee maker tray usage:

  • Position the coffee maker so that the water reservoir is facing up on a work surface.
  • Insert your preferred ground coffee into the reservoir with just enough water to cover the grounds. Avoid overfilling since it can overflow once the brewing is finished. If extra water is required, top it off (up to 2 cups).
  • Ensure that one of the trays is securely seated in its holder at either end of the machine by sliding out or lifting it up (it should sit flush against both sides).
  • Set your machine to grind coarsely or finely in order to prepare one cup of coffee.
  • Press down on the brewing button to start Brewing after you’ve inserted the coffee cup and closed the lid.

Slide or lift out the tray after brewing is finished to dispose of it. Make sure the machine is properly plugged in and that there are no blockages in the piping before rinsing both trays with warm water and setting them aside to dry.


Keeping your coffee maker operating smoothly may be as simple as cleaning the slide coffee maker tray. To complete the task quickly and properly, follow these simple steps!

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