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5 Best Syrup Dispenser Reviews on Amazon!

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We found that the Good Cook Glass Syrup Dispenser is the…

…best syrup dispenser after more than 11 hours of study and testing.

It comes in a 12-ounce glass with a thumb-controlled…

…spring-loaded tab that allows you to adjust the amount of each pour.

A curved handle provides a secure grip, and the broad…

…mouth makes cleaning with a stick sponge a breeze.

Syrup dispenser
creidt: ebay.com

Choosing the one might be the difference between…

…sticky fingers and a uniform, smooth pour every time.

Why bother with spouts that are unequal and create…

…more side drips than a melted ice cream cone?

The spout design/construction was scrutinized for no clogging and consistent…

…pouring, as well as food safety, size, convenience of use, and cleanliness.

Continue reading to learn more about the Good Cook Glass Syrup…

…Dispenser and other available syrup dispensers.

Our Top Picks of Syrup Dispenser on Amazon!

Good Cook Glass Syrup Dispenser


  • Best on a budget
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • Detachable spout lid for a thorough clean


  • Lid is not airtight
  • Opening may be too small for larger sugar grains

The design of this glass syrup dispenser is fantastic, with a 12-ounce glass body coupled…

…to a spring-loaded tab plastic top that you open and close with your thumb.

The more syrup is dispensed the further back your thumb is pulled.

It has a thick curved handle with rounded sides for a secure grip when pouring.

Using a stick sponge to dig deep into the crevasses and remove all of the…

…extra maple syrup, this glass syrup dispenser is very easy to clean.

It also has a retractable spout lid for easier cleaning.

Congratulations on being BPA-free, a common ingredient found in plastics…

…that has been linked to health problems, particularly in pregnant women.

Before looking to the next list, maybe it would be better if we heard

a story from my friend about the great benefits of this tools.

Here’s the Angel’s story…

Living life as a housewife is fun…

we are always in a situation where we can make food.

Lately my son often asks for syrup to be made.

I had a feeling that some cooking utensil was missing, and yes I knew it!

I need syrup dispenser to make the process easier.

but I do not know the details and advantages of each product.

Of course, the use of syrup dispenser that is not suitable will interfere…

with the cooking process. Finally I decided to read an article on the internet…

about it, after I understand the advantages…

and disadvantages of each product, I ended up choosing one.

And now i have syrup dispenser to help my kitchen work!

In the morning I drink a big glass of water with lemon, a pinch of baking soda and maple syrup.”

Camille Rowe. French–American model

HunniBi Honey Syrup Dispenser


  • Easy gravity-fed system with bottom stopper
  • Lead-free and easy to clean
  • Intuitive handle release


  • High cost, compared to some others
  • Bottom may clog with irregular cleaning
  • Hole may be too small for thicker liquids (e.g. raw honey)

The design of this HunniBi syrup dispenser is fantastic. Honey is forced…

…to pour out of the bottom by a chrome-plated top release handle.

The honey will not flow if you return the release handle to its original position.

This helps to prevent dripping on the side. A bottom stopper…

…like our #5 selection #5 Le Creuset PG1085-0567 Stoneware Syrup Dispenser…

…produces an airtight seal to keep your syrup fresh, which more…

…ornamental pieces like our #5 choose #5 Le Creuset PG1085-0567…

…Stoneware Syrup Dispenser don’t match. Although the flow control on this 5.5″…

…thick glass syrup dispenser is great, the 8-ounce capacity is on the tiny side.

As a result, it’s better suited to smaller families.

keep going…

Thunder Group GLTWSY014 Syrup Dispenser


  • Easy to control the amount poured
  • Sturdy zinc top and glass construction
  • Accommodates all types of syrups and juices


  • Not airtight
  • Some users reporting light leaking
  • Rubber gaskets are not dishwasher safe

It’s really simple to use this glass syrup dispenser.

An open curved handle is comfortable to hold, and a pullback tab…

…like the #1 selection Good Cook Syrup Dispenser…

…helps control the amount of liquid flowing from the spout.

This is ideal for folks who want to pour small or large amounts of liquid.

It’s well-protected against wear thanks to a cast zinc top, a robust pull tab…

…and thick glass. It can be washed in the dishwasher, but the rubber gaskets…

…must be removed to avoid melting, especially on the bottom rack.

When it comes to capacity, this syrup dispenser falls somewhere…

…in the middle of our top two choices (9.6 ounces).

EhomeA2Z Syrup Dispenser


  • Strong tempered cast-zinc construction
  • Ergonomic and easy one-handed operation
  • Good for all kinds of syrup (e.g. maple and honey)


  • High cost, compared to some picks on list
  • Screwing top too tightly could cut into gasket
  • Hand washing preferred over dishwasher to not degrade the material

This syrup dispenser is well-designed, with a spout that opens and shuts millimeter…

…to-millimeter, allowing customers to pour just the right amount of syrup.

Dripping on the sides may be avoided if the container was turned upright in time.

A curved stainless steel handle and thumb tab make one-handed usage a breeze.

It’s also small enough to put on a table without taking…

…too much attention, measuring 6 inches by 4 inches by 3 inches.

Sugar and heavy maple syrup were distributed with…

…a straight, uniform pour and no clogging during the tests.

This syrup dispenser is easy to clean and top-rack dishwasher safe thanks to a…

…removable aluminum top and rubber gasket. In our opinion, this makes it a winner.

Tablecraft HJ1280 Syrup Dispenser


  • Easy to use, controlled design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ergonomically designed handle and thumb press


  • May be too small for some people
  • Not enough space between handle and jar

With a top thumb tab that opens the spout as narrow or as broad as possible for…

…a controlled pour, this 3.75” by 2.5” by 4.75” syrup dispenser is a breeze to use.

It works just as well for serving tea or soaking pancakes. During testing, the spout’s…

…nickel-plated steel top opened effortlessly, with no blockage or irregular flows.

We like this syrup dispenser for more rarely use in homes…

…or small offices because of its smaller than typical 6-ounce capacity.

The fact that it can be washed in the dishwasher is a plus.

It’s also simple to scrub with a stick sponge thanks to…

…the removable top cover and large container mouth.

here’s the thing…

Best Syrup Dispenser Buyer’s Guide

Syrup dispenser
credit: ebay.com
  • Design and Construction: Using amply sized spouts with thumb tab-equipped lids to control the amount poured, our favorite syrup dispensers allow for easy and controlled pouring. The larger the pour, the further back the tab is pulled.
  • Food Safety: Look for syrup dispensers that are free of lead and BPA, a chemical additive found in plastics that has been linked to health problems, particularly in pregnant women.
  • Size: The capacity of the syrup dispensers on our list range from six to 18.6 ounces. Most residential needs, in our opinion, are covered by six to twelve ounces, while 12 ounces and up are better left for professional or restaurant use.
  • Ease of Cleaning: We like syrup dispensers with broad lips since they’re easier to clean with a stick sponge. Syrup dispensers with removable gaskets and top lids are ideal for a more thorough handwash. Any dispenser that can be used in a top-rack dishwasher gets bonus points.

and finally…

Sum Up

What additional brands would you suggest? We particularly enjoyed the…

…American Metalcraft Beehive Syrup Dispenser, even if it didn’t make our list.

With a total capacity of six ounces, its ridged glass and side spring…

…flap cover are exceptionally comfortable to grip and use.


What’s the best way to keep syrup warm? We recommend heating…

…maple syrup in the microwave for 30 to 60 seconds on high.

The amount of time in the microwave will vary depending on how cold your syrup is.

We love how versatile it is, as it is as delicious over stacks…

…of pancakes or blended with ice cream.

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