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4 Tips And Tricks To Maximize Space In A Restaurant Fridge, It’s Helpful! (2022)

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Tips and tricks to maximize space in a restaurant fridge

Why do we need to maximize space in a restaurant fridge? You will find the answer by read this article! A restaurant kitchen constantly experiences the hustle and bustle on a daily basis. Plenty of orders are coming in, and the chefs are busy meeting the demands. While too many things are happening simultaneously, one thing remains the same: the restaurant fridge should come with enough space and be organized in the best way possible.  

When the space in the restaurant fridge is optimal, this will affect food preparation as well as the storage of ingredients and produce. If you’re currently struggling to organize your 15 inch beverage refrigerator, worry not; there are surefire ways to achieve this. 

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Tips And Tricks To Maximize Space In A Restaurant Fridge

Maximize space in a restaurant fridge

Adopt The FIFO Strategy 

The FIFO strategy, otherwise known as the ‘first in, first out’ technique is applied in different industries. For instance, it’s a popular approach in inventory management. Since your restaurant makes use of inventory management in its own form, the FIFO strategy should be an effective way to maximize space in a restaurant fridge and monitor the shelf life of products.

Through this how to maximize space in a restaurant fridge way, you can organize the arrangement of ingredients inside the refrigeration while, at the same, maintaining food quality. Food and ingredient spoilage can be prevented. Newer items should be placed at the back of your refrigerator and freezer when you are stocking. There’s a lot of importance on the expiration dates, so ensure that these codes are clear and readable so everyone can understand which ones to use first. 

Place all the old ingredients in front as this will make it easier for all kitchen staff to access and consume first than the newer ones. Open items should always be used before new items are opened. Applying this method allows you to maximize space in a restaurant fridge and get the products moving without wasting money on spoilage. 

Get Organized With Storage Containers 

Stackable plastic or glass containers can help you stay organized. No matter how spacious your restaurant fridge is, some products come with bulky packaging and can create disarray inside. With the help of food storage containers, you can ensure to arrange ingredients and maximize internal storage in the fridge.

For condiments and ingredients that need to be stored in the ref, it’s best to place them
in airtight storage containers. They’re easily stacked, and you can be assured of their fresh quality. Use egg trays when stacking eggs. Whatever storage container you use make sure that they’re space-saving and improve the aesthetical value of your commercial fridge.

Create Labels For Everything 

A huge number of restaurants worldwide unintentionally commit this mistake. They overlook the importance of labels. Aside from maximizing space inside the fridge labels also make it easier for someone unfamiliar with your system to find things quickly, which is great for new staff who are still learning the ropes. Displaying food labels on the fridge will allow everyone to look for an item quickly and efficiently.

Also, this saves time when staff receives replenishment of stocks. Since there are labels in the fridge, they know where to place which. And even for reordering ingredients, managers can sort out and check which items are already out of stock. When labels are present inside the fridge, the proper segregation of ingredients allows for more space inside. 

The key is to train every kitchen staff to know how to follow the labels and organization ways of the commercial fridge. This should be part of their onboarding and training. Your date of manufacture or purchase should be included on this label, along with the use-by date. Everyone must follow these labeling rules to ensure system and order in the kitchen, this way is the most-common tom maximize space in a restaurant fridge

Create Spaces Between Items 

Sometimes, the way you arrange your produce and ingredients is the culprit as to why some or many of them spoil. Cold air needs to circulate in your commercial fridge and freezer. If your commercial fridge comes with a limited size and space, it’s a tempting practice just to force everything to fit inside. But this will only lead to food waste. 

If you really want to maximize space in a restaurant fridge, you need to allow some space between each product. For optimal refrigeration, your fridge requires about three to six inches between the walls and the food goods to make the most of the space. It’s the best strategy of maximize space in a restaurant fridge also to ensure the perfect temperature for storing your food.   


It is possible to make your fridge as aesthetically pleasing as the best closet when you use the right organizing products, a clear layout plan, and a categorization system. Hopefully, you’ve acquired valuable insights above so you can make your commercial fridge more space optimal. Following long-term tips can help you avoid food waste and save money by putting products in the right manner and strategies. So, can you tell me how you maximize space in a restaurant fridge?

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